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  1. goblin127

    Best oil for XR650L

    And here I was worried about hiting 14k. oilchange every 1 to1.5 k mostly mobil,specto or valv.
  2. goblin127

    saddle bags xr650l

    I have the wolfman beta bags. Check them out. Four years on them with no wear in sight.
  3. goblin127

    48 tooth sproket

    Go with a 14/48 if your not worried about the highway, and you will be much better off.
  4. goblin127

    What Helmet to get... if you wear glasses?

    I've got the simpson gs3mx with flip up shield. Very happy!
  5. goblin127

    jetting for Mikuni flatside on XR600R

    Nice pics and vidio. Thanx!
  6. goblin127

    starting my xrl

    You were just way to lean as suspected. I had the same problem,It got better with Daves mods,but wasn't totally under control untill I went with a diff carb. Having a new battery this season has made an improvement.
  7. goblin127

    Top speed of an XR650L

    85 with 14/48 and just over 90 with15/48 mikuni flatslide and full XRs only pipe. 150ft Inotice alittle headshake over 80.
  8. goblin127

    2003 XR650L tire upgrade

    tkc 80 140/18 with no fit problems.
  9. goblin127

    All Hail Meta Moderator MartinFan!!

    thanx! for stepin up to the plate.
  10. goblin127

    Is the L still a good bike?

    All to often the truth.
  11. goblin127

    XR's Only Carb?

    I have the XRs only Mikuni flatslide non pumper and I am very happy with it. It was set up by them for my elevation. Of course I had to try and put larger jets in it from the start,but went right back to where they had it set and its been better than the stock carb ever since.
  12. goblin127

    DynoJet Kit for your 650L or 650R Review It

    I installed the kit on my L shortly after I bought the bike,then because of this forum I found out about Daves mods so I tried them and I was happier with them. I then went with a mikuni flat slide that I prefer over all.
  13. goblin127

    XR650L oil downtube question

    those things are a real pain in the ass. Last time I looked back at 5k there wasn't a speck of crap in it.
  14. goblin127

    jetting xrl honda dealer says you guys say

    A 60 pilot is to big. 55/160 should be perfect with that pipe. 13t is pretty low.
  15. goblin127

    2006 xr650L in the Desert mods help

    go over to fourstrokes.com and check for Daves mods and do them. I would of kept the stock baffle in and bought one of those cheap slip ons if I were you. Better than that though would be a full system from XRs only and maybe one of there carbs. Check for Daves mods.