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  1. Go to someone that does radiators. I've tried welding them....they are crazy thin. It wasn't pretty. I guess you could try 'Devcon' or something similar if you're desperate.
  2. I'd say weight, strength and torque reaction would all be issues. Shaftie street bikes (at least the ones I've ridden/owned) have terrible torque reaction, the rear goes up and down like...well.... you know what.....they also run through a fairly small universal joint, which is weaker when on a big angle (like a long travel dirt bike would do) and weigh a ton. And the rear hub is a big part of it, so lotsa unsprung weight too.
  3. If it has a drum, then there should be an adjuster. Make sure the backing plate is aligned in the slot on the swingarm properly; If it is, the adjuster is on the end of the rod coming from the brake pedal that runs along the top of the swingarm to the brake arm. If you can't get enough adjustment out of the adjuster you can take the brake arm off and turn it forwards one spline to get more adjustment.
  4. If you want to put this into perspective, look up head injuries and football. Or any contact sport for that matter. Hell, I've been knocked out more often from falling off a horse than anything. Many of us have a few permanent injuries to limbs and stuff, but it doesn't stop us enjoying life. In fact I'd go as far as saying us lot get way more enjoyment from life than any bubble wrapped couch potato ever has.
  5. If your tire shops use a machine like ours, it won't work anyhow.... I'm gonna do the mtb pump thing too when I do My next revalve.
  6. 250 four stroke of some sort. They make plenty of power compared to old stuff like the kdx etc. and are way easier to ride. Enough to haul 220bs around too.
  7. I'd do the 21 just because of tires, I believe it was a pretty common conversion back in the day. The stock shock length seems to be 17.5, 15's would be pretty short, probably drop it around 3-3.5"once you account for the angle, and they only had about 7 1/2 inches of travel stock. You may be better getting the seat re-shaped.
  8. One of My old four strokes I used a bmx brake lever and cable to do this. It worked just fine.
  9. Ipone filter oil , mostly because i get it at a good price, but it seems to work just fine. Don't forget to squeeze out the excess after you put it on.... Engine oil is too thin, and will run to the bottom of the filter after a while.
  10. i was kinda thinking maybe cam timing too, but as the heads off now he can't tell. Or they simply didn't account for the higher lift/longer duration of the cams. I wonder why it was rebuilt last time? I have an old GPZ turbo...which suffered much the same thing, it was due to a high lift cam and the guy who put the head together for me (i was being lazy...) forgot to account for the lift when setting the spring heights....coil bound them and ripped off the bumps in the keepers that go into the valve groove after an hour of so running. Maybe this should go in the 'engineering and tech' section.
  11. Usually over-revving if everything else is intact. Are the keepers still in place? And is the spring unbroken? Is there marks on thhhe piston where the other exhaust valve has been contacting? kinda hard to see in the pic.
  12. Maybe, but I'm thinking you should really replace those seals anyway if they're that old. Just grab 'em with some pliers and pull them off, which will squash them of course. I don't know a way to get them off so they're re-usable.
  13. On e-bay too, colored one's; valve stem thingees
  14. Yeh, that's the way I've always seen it done. And done it. 'Cept the tightened to rim bit. I flipped my front tyre yesterday and re-fitted it with the washer inside and 2 nuts outside, it just doesn't seem right somehow. Dammit, I'm gonna follow this up some more....some of our suppliers do m/c tubes...I'll try to get something from one of the factories myself.
  15. I had the same issues last summer (it's winter here now) if fact even had heat stroke a couple of times....I put it down to lack of fitness, riding time (first dirtbike in 30ish years) and being a fat b*stard. And I hate the heat so I hide from it too much. Do it more, try to get fit, hydrate and just spend more time being hot.