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  1. Praneeth143

    Suzuki drz400sm rear sprocket need help!!

    Thank you guys I think the JTR822 has the correct internal diameter as said by Aive1 cuz the original drz sprocket didnot fit the internal diameter but only by a small amount though . Aimara , My carb is the Mikuni BSR36 pics attached below , it originally had the air pump motor underneath the carb I recently removed it and installed the JD jet kit with the 3x3 mod
  2. Praneeth143

    Suzuki drz400sm rear sprocket need help!!

    Thank you guys for such a quick reply how do I find out whether it is a cush hub , but I know that it has pieces of rubber inbetween the sprocket hub and the wheel and most probably the bike is an import from japan cuz it had all the solenoid stuff and the air pump connected in the bottom of the carb , so is mine a cush hub
  3. Praneeth143

    Drz 400sm backfiring problems

    Is the bike on choke when it is in the video or does it idle like that normally , if it does that when idling normally (without choke) my best bet if the air fuel mixture srew setting
  4. Hello guys , I have a suzuki drz400sm which is a 2009 model recently I purchased a rear sprocket which was a JT 41T , but I found that it did not fit to the rear sprocket hub of the bike and my drz has got the EXCEL TAKASAGO rims in it . How can I find one that fits and what sprocket brands and where can I buy it . I have attached pics of the current setup , please help me
  5. Praneeth143

    Help Needed

    150ron bike looks real good
  6. Praneeth143

    Help Needed

    Wow , I really didnot think that I would get replies to my topic in such a short time and thank you guys for all the advice Hinsky , 150ron , ohiodrz400sm And hinsky , I m not quite sure about the tail light because it already had the tail tidy kit when I got it but it still does have the solenoid on it and in sri lanka we donot have official dealers for sportsbikes these types of bikes are all personal imports which almost all of them are deassembled into parts in another country , imported into the country as parts and reassembled in the counrty to avoid the astronimical taxes in the country , so it hard to find what model it is , and no more bikes than 450cc are allowed on the road Anyway thank you guys for the advice and ill be going with mobil 1 because although motul is available in the country its much harder to find so mobil 1 is my best bet Thak you guys again and ill be sure to keep in touch✌️✌
  7. Praneeth143

    Help Needed

    Hello , Im new to this forum and typically new into the DRZ400 scene. I have a few questions , 1)I recently purchased a 2010 DRZ400SM its got a full fmf powercore system on it and it does not have the 3x3 air box mod in it , so is there any way i could findout whether the bike has been rejetted and if its not is it necessary to rejet it ? 2)Is it ok if I use Mobil 1 Racing 4T full synthetic oil in it because in my local I do not have access to silikone , yamalube , shell rotella t6 ,etc or all the other known good stuff , the only known good stuff that I can find is Mobil 1 Racing 4T and Motul 300v Thanks✌✌