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  1. Why is there a woman with her chest out the headliner to this???
  2. Oh ya,,,,, don't mod the air box.... Makes no difference
  3. 14 KTM 500xcw[emoji869][emoji869]
  4. Stock carb works fine.... Just pick up the JD jet kit.... adjust to float height and you'll be great..
  5. Get a husky TX or a KTM XC.... Best forks you'll ever ride outta the box.... Plus the clutch is light.... Brakes rock.... Throw on a headlight from motominded and live happily ever after!!!🤙🤘🤘
  6. Yep that's exactly what mine was doing to
  7. Hey just a slightly off topic question I recently just tore my carb apart from my 18 tx300 and it was shocking how bad the float was off..... How does that happen??
  8. That's awesome!!! I would love to put one on my TX, but at $960 just for a LHRB seemed a lil steep.... Did you find yours at a better price?? Cheers
  9. I would NOT recommend saber for a modern 2 stroke..... Amsoil themselves have said it has not been tested at that ratio for these bikes stay with dominator
  10. Hey guys... I'm in the area and would love to hit some awesome singletrack... I ride a 18 TX 300.... So fun fast and Flowing is awesome as is Tough technical switchbacks!! Shoot me a text 719 651 3189 thanks
  11. You guys got a 2014 KTM 500 xc-w just installed the .50 Fork Springs and 8.6 shock spring was wondering if I could get any tips on preload settings or clicker settings that work in woods and trail rides
  12. Hey guys I just picked up 2014 500 xc-w and was wondering if you guys could comment on if 150/70 18" Attack 2 would fit in swing arm of the 500, thanks
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