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  1. Kx250FRiDeR651

    Video: Cliff from Havasu flips out at The Snake Pit

    Was Cliff the pilot?
  2. Kx250FRiDeR651

    copper city road, wells cabin directions

    Could be from crazy winds? Unfortunately there are a lot of scum bags that visit this area of desert in Barstow and dont care about vandalizing stuff since its in the middle of the desert with no-one to see.
  3. Kx250FRiDeR651

    Post a pic of your 2 strokes

    Just picked this 07' used on craigslist for a good deal. It was bone stock, the guy didn't even wash it, needed a little TLC that they neglected. Since I sold my plated wr450f for a good price i had some cash i felt like putting into it to fix it up. Still gotta get the suspension rebuilt and set up to my weight. Has mystery sususpention set up that feels weird. I think i wanna put a desert tank on it for longer rides too then i'll be super stoked ha. But I haven't ridden dirt in a long long time. The last several years I've only ridden a supermoto on the street, so it feels super sketchy to ride like I'm a total noob haha. From going to a fast expert class rider, riding every single weekend, to a super beginner class old dad ride once every few months maybe rider is a weird feeling
  4. Kx250FRiDeR651

    What is this part?

    Muffler bearing
  5. Kx250FRiDeR651

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Got the rest of the stuff to finish my bike enough to go riding (fixing up a used 07 yz250 i got off craigslist). Going to the desert tommorow to cruise around. Went to Chaparral today and bought new f/r desert tires and tubes for my new wheel set. I was shopping around and found f/r Galfer wave rotors, brake pads, sprocket, and a rear brake caliper guard that fit my bike.
  6. Kx250FRiDeR651

    Tickle Suspended

    LMAOOOOOOO.... Did the stuff he took, can you even benefit from it for racing? Or is this one of those bummer stories that its a banned substance even though it doesn't really help you get an advantage. Kinda like marijuana, that stuff just makes you hungry and relaxed yet its banned all over the place and people have ruined their career for smoking a joint (ex: jeff emig, nick diaz in mma)
  7. Kx250FRiDeR651

    Cycra Racing Rebound Handguards

  8. Kx250FRiDeR651

    Tusk Impact Complete Wheel Kit

    .black rim, white hub. black spokes
  9. Kx250FRiDeR651

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Ha nice. I just installed mine last night. That makes me feel better. I dont ride track either anymore, just go out to the desert and cruise easy enough that I'm not gunna get too injured if I crash. (Got kids and wife to take care of)
  10. Kx250FRiDeR651

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Ya dang. I just bought the Tusk billet ones. Im pretty sure they aren't that much different then all the ones you see on amazon and eBay, probably all made in the same factory. They are freaking huge and thick compared to the 07' stock ones. I haven't ridden with them on but now am a bit nervous its gunna change the already comfy riding position. We'll see next weekend I guess. My biggest fear is them snapping in half after a hard landing etc since they are billet/aluminum as ive always bought steel IMS pegs in the past.
  11. Kx250FRiDeR651

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Put a promoto billet kick stand on. Its nice a flush and super duper easy to install on my 07' Although it is a tad long as I've read numerous times.
  12. Kx250FRiDeR651

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Weird. I bought the arrow brand. It’s a red one and was $32 bucks. Used their 1/4” T50 staples. I have a cheap 3 gallon electric air compressor. Loaded it up, connected the air and boom! Was going straight through the new seat cover and into the seat pan. Even befor I got the air powered I used a standard heavy duty hand held staple gun. Were u pressing down firmly Against the plastic pan? Some of the staples actually went in too good and went right through the seat cover and deep into the plastic, was hard to pry out when re doing the spot. The only time the staples got folded up was if I accidentally didn’t press it against the plastic good enough
  13. Kx250FRiDeR651

    copper city road, wells cabin directions

    Wells cabin is cool. Our group spent the night inside that thing around 2001ish due to such crazy wind and everything getting trashed and sand blasted. Had a generator and lights all set up. It was like a creepy, yet cozy home. Fire place worked perfect, although desert mice were running out of the fire place haha
  14. Kx250FRiDeR651

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Just bought a pneumatic staple gun at home depot, used some 1/4" staples and installed a seat cover. So much better then a hand powered staple gun. Serviced the tranny with some 80w bel ray gear saver and finished it off with a new magnetic drain plug. (previous owner left gunky oil when he sold it) Have another package coming in a few days so i'll be adding more stuff soon and will post pics. Bike is coming out nice.