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  1. Daleslad

    Winter maintenance

    Hi I had a similar but more persistent problem a year or so ago. Never really got to the bottom of it. You know where you can definitely say, yep! That’s the problem. But what I did find after a lot of time consuming investigations was a plug cap shorting out after a fairly long run when hot (only found it by running on a dyno in low light! Could see the spark!) to be honest I’m not entirely satisfied with the idle speed yet & it still occasionally stalls but will fire up again easily whereas before it wouldn’t start up until it had cooled a little. Hope you get it sorted…
  2. Daleslad

    Are DRZ's also expensive in your area?

    Check this out for some answers …https://adventurebikerider.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=47171 [emoji106]
  3. Daleslad

    Suzuki DRZ400S NEW IN UK

    Hi, The DRZ is no longer available in the UK. Think the last registration was about 2007 so you can only buy 2nd hand over here. I don’t know the details but I imagine you’d have issues importing a new one from the USA.
  4. Daleslad

    Are these supermoto wheels a good buy?

    I paid over £400 for my wheels/tyres second hand so these look like a good buy…
  5. Daleslad

    Carb sucking air?

  6. Daleslad

    Is Suzuki ever going to updat the DRZ?

    Yeah, but it’s a shame they don’t produce for the UK market…
  7. Daleslad


    Sorry not sure about that but I’m sure it’d do no harm if you simply removed the inner speedo cable?
  8. Daleslad


    I had a similar problem when I fitted sm wheels to mine which meant the speedo read incorrectly because of the smaller wheel. I bought a Garmin GPS unit & use that as a speedo.
  9. Daleslad

    2001 DRZ 400 good price or bad ?

    Hi for comparison I can tell you I paid £1300 two years ago for my 2001 DRZ 400e. As to wether it’s worth it you must either trust what you can see & hear yourself or arrange for someone who knows these bikes to take a look at it for you. If it’s what the guy says it is & the oil & filters have been changed regularly then it’s probably a reasonable deal. Good luck[emoji106]
  10. Daleslad

    DRZ-400 Engine done for?

    Interesting as my engine has a similar extraneous noise but runs fine otherwise so I’d be interested too. Mine’s a 2001 400e with considerably less miles on it…
  11. Daleslad

    Are DRZ's also expensive in your area?

    I get your point but you’re lucky as Suzuki don’t sell them new in the UK anymore so we can only buy old used bikes…
  12. Daleslad

    Is it safe to ride? Tire problems.

    If you’re not going far then take it easy. Looks like tyres maybe over inflated…
  13. Daleslad

    Died on the freeway??

    This is interesting as apart from the 'shorting' coil & plug cap (which I think dealt with an idling fault my bike also had) the fuel in the oil is the only other fault that was found by my garage. I worried for a while thinking that it would leave me stranded & the bike stopped again a couple of times but fired up straight away. Since then it's been ok & I just ride it without worrying. Suggest you do the same mate…
  14. Daleslad

    Died on the freeway??

    I'd be really interested to learn what they find mate…