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  1. HansLanda

    Random pics.

    I crash a lot so I have a Crash Test Hobbies Assassin. Supposed to be unbreakable, but here I am on my second one. Built it much better this time. All my Lipos went bad and I'm waiting for the prices to drop to stock back up, they're almost double the cost of 1-2 years ago when I last checked! There are some sweet slopes down the street from me, people are always paragliding right over the ocean. I've been brushing up on the simulator so I don't crash into the ocean! Let's see your planes!
  2. Someone here suggested BR8ES for trails. When I fouled my last BR9EG, all I had left were these 8s. No one stocks the 9s near me, need to order them. Also switched to Maxima 927, very clean burn and smells nice.
  3. HansLanda

    Random pics.

    That’s sick. Get a plane, they’re way more fun. Gliders are great too if you have somewhere to slope fly. It’s just you vs nature, trying to stay up.
  4. Bike stopped running due to unplugged connector on coil - no spark. Crimped it snug again and it's running strong. BR8ES plug looks good.
  5. HansLanda

    should I get a KTM or husky FE450

    Husky! Replace the slave cylinder with Brembo seals first thing.
  6. Gorman track today with [mention=504703]Savage422[/mention] taking pics. Bike was running great, but at the end of the day starting misfiring. I figured I fouled a plug, but it wouldn't start with a new one in. Hopefully not low compression for some reason, it's only on 26 hours.
  7. I think it's for ignition, like a key delete. Just a guess. You can leave it unplugged, or use this dongle if you don't want an exposed connection. https://slavensracing.com/shop/canistersolenoid-valve-removal-dongle/
  8. HansLanda

    Is a FE350 ok for a new dirt bike rider?

    I think it could work out for you. Personally I would recommend a used Japanese bike to start with. They're cheaper, easier to maintain, and you can make most of your money back if you sell it (compared to a brand new bike). You have some nice bikes, so you better get used to dropping your brand new $11k bike a lot. Thankfully you're not completely new to bikes, but you need to learn lots of new skills. Traction, clutch control, body positioning... But after a while you'll be able to control the bike decently. I don't think the 350's power will get you into too much trouble. If you stick with dirt, the FE350 will last you a long time. Not talking just durability, but you can continue to challenge yourself a ton with this bike. But since it's your friend asking you get into this, not your own initiative, my advice would be get a cheaper bike to test the waters with. Buy quality gear! I highly recommend knee braces.
  9. HansLanda

    First rebuild started

    You can find a used one for less? Not many good ones on ebay right now however. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=yz125+pro+circuit&_sacat=0&rt=nc&LH_ItemCondition=4
  10. HansLanda

    First rebuild started

    Ah, gotcha, bad fitment. In that case, I would send it in. Pacific does great work. Don't want your bike sucking down some dirt.
  11. HansLanda

    First rebuild started

    Get a wire wheel on your drill, and some polish and clean it up. The dents are no big deal. You could cover them up with a pipe guard, or get them repaired by Pacific like you said. Not sure how to DIY, but there are videos on Youtube.
  12. HansLanda

    2001 yz125 kick start axle issue

    Buy a new OEM shaft!
  13. HansLanda

    Team Scream Mods Update

    I'd guess a late 90s YZ400F or 426.
  14. HansLanda

    First rebuild started

    They're working well for me! A bit annoying to install, and is must come off to mess with your rear brake. But I like them a lot. Almost didn't need to get any powdercoating with those covering the boot rub spots!