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  1. He gets his stuff from AF1 https://www.af1racing.com/store/Scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=171
  2. Maybe you can manage it then, but in my opinion it is best in the canyons or track. Not saying I don't love the bike, my friend has one and it's a blast. Just research the engine number to make sure you have the good sealant, and if you can handle the maintenance schedule, go for it. I'm not an expert on this bike though, there are Aprilia forums with much more info.
  3. No it is not a good daily. The maintenance is very frequent, and parts can be expensive since it's a discontinued Italian bike. It's basically a race bike with a plate, better for weekend or track use. Research what year or engine number the bike you're interested in is. Google "orange sealant." They had issues with engine sealant that was not durable enough. I would recommend a KTM SMC690 or Husqvarna 701.
  4. Sorry @Diverdown I guess I'll never learn
  5. It looks like they pressed it from the bottom, they said it was just very stuck. I think I will ask a suspension shop if they can do it for me. I know they will be careful. Yes I had a great ride. About 10 bikes warned me of cops near Cooks Corner, but I didn't see any. I also went to Holy Jim and did the dirt climb a few times.
  6. I got the cylinder plated, thanks a lot @2 STOKE YZ DOC! Last big thing I needed was the steering stem pressed out from the lower triple clamp so I can start powder coating. The shop took a stab at it, but didn't complete the job because they were afraid of bending the clamp or breaking it. I asked them to soak it in PB Blaster overnight and try again, on the understanding that they would stop before breaking anything. They called and said the job was done, but a bearing broke. No big deal, it wasn't that great of a bearing anyway. Went to pick up the part today, and the lip of the steering stem was almost completely gone. They said the circlip and bearing broke from the force, and the lip of the stem mostly broke. They said I could still run the stem, but didn't recommend it. And of course they don't want to replace anything for me. This is pretty damn annoying but thankfully I can get a new stem on ebay for under $30. The bad part is I will need the lower clamp pressed out again! I don't want to risk them breaking another stem of mine.
  7. At a minimum I would only recommend Warp9. They're Chinese too I believe. My friends have cheaped out on Chinese ebay wheels and two have had bent rear rims. Some people talk down on Warp9, but everyone I've seen run them hard on track have been satisfied. Dubya is great as well, and stock SM wheels are Excel.
  8. Is that "TOP" text a sticker?
  9. Haha thanks, I do know better but I'm too impatient. It was a really small spill but it could have been bad for the knee. I'm gonna take it slower.
  10. I had a really minor dirt spill and my new DRC pegs bent. Really disappointed, it was their first drop and it was almost nothing. Can anyone recommend some good, wide steel ones for when these take a shit?
  11. http://www.drz-italia.com/smf/index.php?topic=12516.0
  12. Looks like an RM tank and shrouds to me
  13. I slowly drilled a head off one of my stripped carb screws when my easy out bit didn't work. Thankfully it was a chamfered bore anyway, so I didn't drill away any of the carb body.