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  1. HansLanda

    Motion Pro Throttle Cable

    Try to get a quote from Buchanan Spoke and Rim in Azusa, CA. Not sure of their prices, but they do make custom cables. Who knows, could be cheaper.
  2. HansLanda

    2019 Honda CRF45L to DRZ434 comparison

    Agreed, but you cannot discount the hype behind this bike and the loyalty of Honda buyers. I think sales will be decent. But I believe the oil change is 600 mi and valve check is 1800 mi.
  3. HansLanda

    Motion Pro Cables...

    2 throttle and 1 clutch cable all broke in under a year on my DRZ. Kept them lubed. Only buying OEM now.
  4. HansLanda

    4 stroke / 2 stroke

    4T - Road, supermoto track 2T - Off road, motocross track Maybe I'll get 250f for MX someday, but not anytime soon.
  5. HansLanda

    DRZ400 Handbrake

    You can get an OX Brake for cheap. It's a cable lever that attaches to back of your rear master cylinder. It's a much cheaper way to make a rear brake, but only one lever/pedal can use it at a time.
  6. HansLanda

    Hiding Spot for Insurance & Registration?

    Ziplock taped inside your airbox. Or your wallet. Insurance and registration are not large documents.
  7. HansLanda

    2019 Honda CRF45L to DRZ434 comparison

    989 mi currently. Oil and filter - 15 hrs (~500 mi) Valve check and fuel filter - 30 hrs Many claim they stretch the valve check interval because they don't move.
  8. HansLanda

    SM Rotors needed - moving target

    Black rims, gold hubs, wit da carbon pipes...
  9. HansLanda

    2019 Honda CRF45L to DRZ434 comparison

    Forgot to mention the tiny tank for this 'longer distance' bike. I'm just very critical of Honda's because I think they're a bit overrated.
  10. HansLanda

    2019 Honda CRF45L to DRZ434 comparison

    I just can't get over the price.. Must just be the cost of passing emissions and adding lights on a 450f, which is already an expensive model. I'm usually able to find an alternate bike to almost any Honda I would prefer. For this cash I would rather get a Beta or Husky. The maintenance interval is disappointing honestly. The excuses for its weight are that it's not a race bike, but a longer distance dual sport. Everyone says the KTM/Husky/Beta bikes are race bikes with plates. But the difference in oil change and valve check intervals aren't that different. Not to fault them for trying though. The 1.5 or 2nd gen is usually a bit better. I am looking forward to Yamaha getting a WR450F road legal. Hopefully they use this time to notice Honda's shortcomings and find a nice spot for their bike in the market. The WR250R was no beast, but it was damn bulletproof, and the valves never move. I don't really want to dualsport my FE501, and I want my dedicated off-road bike to be a green sticker YZ250, so I'm not quite in the market for a 450 dualsport. But if Yamaha knocks it out the park with one, I would take a good look at it. But they are the masters of building a 1.5 gen bike with much fewer issues than the 1st gen.
  11. YES (4). They should be free!
  12. HansLanda

    Husqvarna title type

    You guys are so preoccupied with whether you could, you didn't stop to think if you should! FS450 on road sounds like an awful time, even if you do get it titled and converted.
  13. HansLanda

    SM Rotors needed - moving target

    Stock MC, stock caliper, Galfer sintered HH pads, Galfer steel brake line. I felt an increase in stopping power for sure. But that could be due to the amount of radial and axial play from my old stock rotor. The rivets were getting too loose and the rotor was thinning - the reason for the EBC upgrade. So I cannot compare it directly to a good condition stock rotor.
  14. HansLanda

    SM Rotors needed - moving target

    You'll like it. Probably the best looking DRZ rotor, other than a Beringer. However the carrier is not gold like the product photo, the whole thing is silver.
  15. HansLanda

    SM Rotors needed - moving target

    I bought an EBC 310mm wave rotor a while ago. Nice piece. EBC PN MD6247C