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  1. Blinker and hi beam indicator.
  2. That's what I thought, they don't sell the correct one for mine in the US yet... So annoying.
  3. You guys have a hard time picking one (1) mod.
  4. @mikewedge What ignition cover is that?
  5. HansLanda

    A2 Track Map

    I'll be sitting at first base again! Can't decide who to pick for fantasy though.
  6. HansLanda

    Best looking footpegs on the market

    Lots of angles for the CNC to cut, tapped threads for each tooth, anodizing, good fitment. I don't like it either, but $135 doesn't seem crazy to me.Last pegs I bought were some DRC’s for my DRZ, which were about $50. They bent on their first minor drop. Granted, a DRZ is a heavy bike, but they should hold up to a small drop no problem.
  7. HansLanda

    Bolts stuck in petrol tank.

    I used JB WaterWeld. Working well. I was hoping OP would use TankWeld, because it’s meant for this application and I’d like to see how it does.
  8. HansLanda

    why would the dealership recommend me the fc350?

    Snow bikes are tough on the engine, so I would say FE501, or maybe FX450. I think there is a guy here with a 501 sled.
  9. HansLanda

    why would the dealership recommend me the fc350?

    Husky and KTM require their dealers to stock every single model, so they’re right, he could have seen you as an opportunity to get rid of it. I think that’s why these dealers always have good sales on last year’s models, they need to make room for a lot of bikes due to their manufacturer agreement. If you seem indecisive about buying, sometimes salesmen will suggest buying a bike they know you don’t want. It challenges your motivation to leave with what you came for. They’ll say, “I know you like that FE350, but why not get the FC350? It’s powerful and more affordable.” Which causes your brain to think, “Hell no! I came for an FE, and that’s what I’m going to get! Sign me up!”
  10. HansLanda

    Does anyone else keep their bike in the house?

    My dirtybikes stay in my living room. Stupid HOA says no recreational vehicles in the “carport.” They made it very clear it is not a garage. I don’t mind that much, but washing after every ride is annoying.
  11. HansLanda

    Brake and Clutch Levers

    I got Zetas on my DRZ so I could adjust the reach. They are better than stock of course but I wasn't very impressed with the way they flopped around in the perch. I'm sure Chinese ones would have been about the same for less. ASVs are holding up well on my MX bike. I got the rotator clamp to add vertical deflection. ProTaper, FLO, and ARC are also great levers.
  12. Ah, sounds like you've never met a vegan crossfitter!
  13. HansLanda

    2017 Husky SM Left side fork bottom tube.

    Parts diagrams sell the inner stanchion and axle lug together. But if you call a KTM or Husky dealer, they can help you find the WP part number and buy just the stanchion. Take your fork apart and have a good shop unscrew the stanchion from the lug. You can do it yourself as well, but it can be difficult. Then all you need is a fork seal kit and an oring for the lug.