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  1. I did that shit for 25k miles and got annoyed with just swapping wheels. Don't do a front end swap, it's unnecessary and you'll hate it. SM wheels are expensive new, and overpriced used. In my local market, it pretty much evens out to buy either bike and buy the second set of wheels. S wheels are about $500 used Are you in CA? You should just buy my DRZ
  2. Highly doubt
  3. My friends have a Skydio. It's pretty slow and they always carry 5 or so batteries so it can't be that long lasting. It does a good job avoiding trees though.
  4. The lever pull got softer, it behaves just like the Magura now. My complaints are just about the lack of adjustment, present on any stock hydraulic clutch I've seen on dirt bikes. The Oberon couldn't have solved this, and I have nothing bad to say about it. I sent them an email anyway, not complaining about anything, just asking if they have any ideas on adjustment. I kind of doubt it. It would require at least a different lever, able to preload the cylinder and adjust lever starting position. Don't think they sell anything like that, but I'll update with their response.
  5. Lever pull got softer. Still wish I could widen the bite zone and preload the cylinder to get rid of that first inch of useless travel.
  6. Thanks guys, going to keep the ratio 32:1 and work on the jetting. Just got some BR8ES plugs (didn't have any BR9ES in stock), and ordered a 340 main, 32.5 and 30 pilot.
  7. Glad you're still here, that is gnarly!
  8. That might be changing too, the new KX450 is SOHC, just like the Austrian bikes. Less rotating mass.
  9. Thanks for the pics! Very useful. You have some tall bar risers, I need some of those too. A hose with a 90° bend up top that would fit the slave cylinder would be helpful.
  10. What handguards are you using? It's crowded with my Cycra Probends right now, and the Clake is even larger. What do you mean? I had all these complaints about hydraulic clutches even before I bought the bike, or replaced the Magura with Oberon. Are you not worried your Magura slave will fail? If the Oberon continues to have a slightly firmer pull, I would still favor it over possibly being left without a clutch. And I'll update if the clutch pull changes, still haven't ridden with the Oberon yet.
  11. So how do you get the wrench to go away? I noticed it at 1 hr, and did my valve check. Not sure how or why it went away. 7 more hours and it'll be back on the dash for an oil change.
  12. Installed it, but haven't ridden with it yet. Didn't use a crush washer because the stock setup didn't use one. The pull seems slightly harder than the Magura, but I'll see tomorrow. Definitely still miss the cable clutch on my DRZ. More adjustable and a way softer pull. The lever is adjusted as far out as possible and at it's end, there's an inch of travel before it starts disengaging the clutch. And whole bite zone is is very small. This could be tiring and make slipping the clutch tough. Might look into adding a Clake One.
  13. Got my Oberon today. The circlip on the inside, holing in that ball, was not fully clipped in. I pushed it down and snapped it in, and the clip scratched the 'barrel' or whatever it's called. It's normal for the ball to be rattling around, right? Once it's pressurized I figure that will go away.
  14. Nothing good can come from it, and it takes 2 seconds to cover up.