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  1. 02YZ426

    KX500 ignition question

    I have a 1986 KX500 that I would like to update the entire ignition system for reliability and now is the perfect time since my flywheel is no good. I have a source for the entire electrical from a 2000 model, I know on a Honda you can interchange but will this work on my 1986? thanks
  2. 02YZ426

    How to get more power/speed out of a pw50

    QT shaft, what years are direct fit? I have a 2014 model. I'm assuming the QT shaft is a different ratio? Thanks.
  3. 02YZ426

    DT200 Rebuild Video!

    I've owned 3 of these machines up here in Canada. One was a 1991 blue just like yours, a 1995 and a 1996. They were my favorite steet enduros. They make ok power, very light and handle great. You need an FMF exhaust system front to back on that , a nice shiney nickle pipe like I had. It added a few HP. I dont think they make them anymore though.
  4. 02YZ426

    KTM 50 Senior engine let go

    Thanks for the replies. I took a gamble and went the Marton & Slator route to try and keep the costs down. Heres the big list Crankshaft, crank bearings, piston, rings, cylinder, head, gaskets, seals and clutch basket. Now I hope for the best LOL.
  5. 02YZ426

    KTM 50 Senior engine let go

    Id like to.... but it needs so many parts its not worth it. We just bought the bike too now its a pile of scrap
  6. 02YZ426

    KTM 50 Senior engine let go

    Martin and Slater make reputable parts?
  7. 02YZ426

    KTM 50 Senior engine let go

    To sum it up, rod bearing seized, small chunk out of the cylinder I was looking on Ebay and there seems to be alot of reasonably priced "no name" replacement parts. Are these I assume Chinese parts? And should I stay away from them? thanks
  8. I just picked this up 3 weeks ago for our 6 year old, its still haning around +3 degress here in Ontario and snow has just melted... the little guy cant wait and wants to ride NOW lol. Bike is a stock 2006 SX Senior. Is it safe to let him rip around the field or will I scuff up the cylinder?? I quickly ran it yesterday and the plug is buring perfect at this point. Also I have PJ1 full synthetic competition oil, is that ok for now? Thanks !!!!!!!!!
  9. 02YZ426

    torrent for Anaheim 2010?

    come on people seed!!!
  10. 02YZ426

    2 questions motor rebuild

    without the washer the 2 gears align perfectly with each other but the wear marks do not. So Im going to leave the washer there but dont like the fact its not supposed to be there. Thanks for your help.
  11. 02YZ426

    2 questions motor rebuild

    Its the gear that bolts directly to the crankshaft. The washer spaces between the bearing and gear, thus aligning the wear marks on the gear to match
  12. 02YZ426

    2 questions motor rebuild

    I have a mystery washer in this bottom end This washer only seems to fit the shaft behind the crankshaft drive gear but the manual doesnt show one there, nor the parts book. If I dont have the washer behind the gear the wear marks dont line up on both gears so I put it there anyway. This washer definitely came from the clutch side case because when I turned the motor over to take the crank case bolts out it fell on the bench. What has me baffled is that the crank gear lines up better without the washer there, but definitely had to be there because of the wear marks on the gears. I bought this bike new so nobody has messed with this before. Is it possible it was a mistake from the factory?
  13. 02YZ426

    2 questions motor rebuild

    I will measure it tomorrow then and see what it is... Pretty sure it has to be out of spec. Can't see any amount of play in a rod bearing being good. It will oviously always have some side play but up and down can't be normal I wouldn't think
  14. 02YZ426

    2 questions motor rebuild

    The rod has play up and down .003 on the needle bearing. Its the only play I can find so far
  15. 02YZ426

    2 questions motor rebuild

    So maybe the rod bearing is still good. hmmmm. well already ordered a new crank assembly. When the motor was together if I put it at TDC and rocked it back and forth I could hear the clunk clunk. Now that the cylinder is off I dont hear it anymore. Just noticed the endplay. Guess I will keep tearing into it... hope I find my noise lol.