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  1. Looking for places to ride closer than ncnp and bosco beach . I live and Willow Springs North Carolina any help would be appreciated
  2. danoyz450f

    Gas octane

    Thanks for the IMF it is greatly appreciated
  3. danoyz450f

    Gas octane

    I have been using stabilizer for the winter should I continue
  4. danoyz450f

    Gas octane

    Thanks for the Information guys. How long is to long For ethanol I
  5. danoyz450f

    Gas octane

    I have a stock 2013 YZ 450 F I have been running 91 octane with no ethanol. I can't find anything higher out of the pumps in my area .should I go with a race fuel or is 91good I don't hear any detonation
  6. danoyz450f


    Love. Yz s 2013 yz450f
  7. danoyz450f

    Show Off Your 450

    this is my therapist
  8. danoyz450f

    2.0 radiator cap

    thanks guys that helps i had my suspicions. I went with Evans coolant and a stock 1.1 cap so far so good thanks again
  9. i have a 2013 yz450f. is it safe to use a 2.0 radiator cap.or is it to much for the cooling system