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  1. Please show a pic when you get the seat back. Travis from MotoSeat contacted me so please post your results. Are you adding height to the entire seat or are you also getting the contour of the low section changed. I wanted to change the shape of the seat so its more like a KX85/100 seat for my son. I know it won’t be exact but a bit of improvement will go a long way. Thanks for sharing...... RP
  2. I saw that after I posted this topic on another forum. I’m buying another seat and sending it there as well. Thanks..... RP
  3. Guys, Gals If you are like me you really like the KLX 140/140L/140G lineup. Its the perfect starter bike for a kid and is pretty fun for the adult rider as well to jump on the smaller platform. Yes the suspension is a bit soft but at least we have a few options upgrading by changing out the stock springs or by swapping out the suspension totally with the KX 85/100. There is no secret the seat could use a modern less sloping "taller" design. The problem is it does not seem that any decent seat manufacturers have a current foam mold or is willing to create a mold because they feel the ROI just isn't there. That being said what if we could go to a seat shop showing an initial order of 50-100 seats? They may see that they can make their money back on the investment of a new mold, etc. I did the same thing on a Bass Boat Forum a few years ago and got an initial order for a specific part that wasn't currently offered and it worked. If anyone knows another way to get this in front of Kawasaki 140 owners let me know (other forums, etc.). How many people want a Tall seat for their 140/140L/140G? I don't mind being the liaison with one of the seat shops and showing them the demand based on this post. This may be the only way to get a new seat option started. RP
  4. My son has a KLX140L and I want to stiffen up the suspension a bit since the stock suspension is a bit soft. I dont want to swap out everything with the KX 85/100 suspension since its his beginner bike. I’ve seen people talking about replacing the stock fork springs and shock spring with more stiffer ones sold by BBR. How many of you have done this? Its a simple swap but wanted to make sure it was even worth spending the money. Is there a better route to go besides the BBR springs — anyone else make even stiffer springs that provide good results? I’d like to keep the bike as a play bike for him even when he moves to a larger KX100, etc. next year. RP
  5. I wanted to get my daughter a pair of the Alpinestars Stella Tech 3 boots. I’ve read reviews and it seems some say they fit true and others say they’re a bit big. My daughter normally wears a 7 1/2 Nike. Not sure if size 7 would fit ok with thicker socks or if she should go with size 8. I don’t want the size 8 to be too big though with thinner socks. Now I know why I limit buying clothes for my wife...... What are some of you experincing with these boots? Thank You..... RP
  6. So much for CycleTrader being accurate. Thanks, That one isn’t listed but its nearly 1,700 miles from my house. RP
  7. So I’ve been going back and forth for months (buy a 2018 or wait for 2019). I checked with 2 Yamaha dealers and they both said that the YZ250x is all but sold out nationwide. Both said they can’t even get one now to sell. I checked on CycleTrader and nationwide its showing only 12 are available. How accurate is CycleTrader? Is all dealer inventory somehow connected to CycleTrader? When will the 2019’s be in dealers? RP
  8. Maybe look into a Stealthy Flywheel Weight or heavier Flywheel to manage the power better for a tight woods trail environment. Its cheaper than many other mods. The Stealthy website has recommendations based on what you are looking for...... https://www.steahlyoffroad.com/ RP
  9. What bike do you have now? What type of riding area (woods or wide open desert trails)? The 450 is a lot of bike. Too often everyone thinks more is better. If you are not in a position to really use the bike to its fullest potential you are hurting your riding ability. A 450 will wear you out. A stock or slightly modded 250 2 stroke on the trail like a YZ 250x or KTM 250xc has more than enough power for most of the riders on this forum. Ride what you can really handle and become a better rider in the end. More CCs won’t improve your skills. RP
  10. So about 6 months ago there were rumors floating around about Yamaha creating a new 2 stroke model and possibly updating the YZ250x. At that time most said the rumors (were just that) and false because no way a manufacturer like Yamaha would spend money on R&D for a new 2 stroke model or make major updates on older models. In recent weeks did we see the “new model” with the new YZ65 - is there a possibility the YZ250x is next and will see improvements and updates other than plastic, graphics and colored rims? I was at a Yamaha dealership last week talking with several members of the staff and they all said the YZ65 was the direct result of Yamaha realizing there was missed opportunity in the youth market. I asked about the YZ250x rumors and was told “just like the missed opportunity in the youth market, Yamaha is aware of similar missed opportunitiy in the Enduro / GNCC market segment - there is a high likelyhood of additinal changes coming from Yamaha in 2019”. Most of this is likely hype and speculation. Has anyone else however heard anything that is legitimate? What might 2019 bring? RP
  11. You are correct...... Last year reputable leaks with specific details started in February and the official release was March 20th. Just seeing if anyone has heard any early talk. http://www.ktm.com/news/int/ktm-announces-groundbreaking--2-stroke-fuel-injection-enduro-machines/ RP
  12. This time last year news about the TPI models started coming out of KTM. Has anyone heard anything concrete about the upcoming 2019 Enduro lineup for the U.S. market? I suspect the 250 xcw TPI will be updated a bit based on what has been seen with the current 2018 model. Any other possibilities - will an updated 250 xcw TPI be available immediately? Will KTM have additional U.S. models with TPI? What’s the expected support for continuing the carbureted 150, 250 and 300 models. RP
  13. Every state is different. You need to check with your local Motor Vehicle Administration. In Maryland if you have a certified bill of sale but no title, you can complete an “Affidavit of Ownership” and apply for a new title. The insurance company will ultimately need proof of ownership (in my case in Maryland its an MVA Title). Sample Below.... http://www.mva.maryland.gov/_resources/docs/VR-450.pdf RP
  14. Pick up a Battery Tender JR. 800. It allows you to select from traditional acid and lithium battery. Never worry about a dead battery again. Plug it in when not riding and forget about it. https://www.amazon.com/Battery-Tender-Lithium-Charger-Maintainer/dp/B06Y5F392M RP
  15. I purchased my daughter (16yo) a 2018 Honda TRX250 ATV and my son (14yo) a 2018 Kawasaki KLX140L for Christmas. Progressive quoted me $337 per year for full coverage (Liability and Comprehensive) for both. RP