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  1. R1peacock

    valve adjustment gone bad

    Google “Ticking noise after valve adjustment on dirt bike”. Plenty of talk about the subject in other forums and videos on Youtube. Could be a valve out of spec needing to be rechecked (get another set of feeler gauges to make sure).
  2. R1peacock

    Anderson down!

    Why was Anderson so apologetic 2 weeks ago? Just sounded weird to me why he was apologizing for not riding good.
  3. R1peacock

    Anderson down!

    Is Chris Loredo still Anderson’s mechanic? Saw something on another forum and it said Anderson was riding a scooter and broke his arm and has rib injuries.
  4. R1peacock

    Anderson down!

    Time to sign Dean Wilson......
  5. R1peacock

    Maryland Riders

    Don’t worry a few weeks ago Mayor Pugh brought up the topic again of building a dirt bike park in the city for all of the unfortunate youths - we can all ride there..... That lady is brainless. She has also made other great quotes in recent weeks like “We need laws that make it illegal for criminals to own guns” and “Juvenile violence is no longer accepted in the city”. Imagine a dirt bike park in the city..... It will be the premise for a new sequel of Mad Max.
  6. R1peacock

    2019 YZ250FX Rear Shock Nitrogen

    My shop asked me if I had a preferred pressure setting. They recommended 145-165psi and said the preferred baseline numbers would be printed in my manual. Thats how I noticed in the 2019 FX manual those items are omitted but in the 2016 manual the rear shock specifications are more detailed.
  7. R1peacock

    2019 YZ250FX Rear Shock Nitrogen

    Thanks, My 2019 YZ250FXK manual (top picture) omitted that line item in the specifications - spring rates are also omitted in the new manual. I have a 2016 YZ250FG manual (bottom picture) and the STD Gas Pressure is listed as 139.4 psi.
  8. I’ve been thinking about the next bike for my son and the KX100 was on the top of the list. Keep me posted if you don’t mind on how the bike does in tighter stuff and how it does overall. My son has a 140L now and while that bike surprisingly does well on trails and can lug down low - its not a race bike like the KX100. RP
  9. Guys, sorry to bring up a question that has been beaten to death..... Trying to look for clarification. Im doing some work on my rear shock and a local suspension shop that can refill the nitrogen asked me about the pressure settings and what I preferred. I’m looking for the recommended nitrogen pressure for the rear shock. Plenty of talk on here and elsewhere with people saying stock is 142-145 and rebuilt is 165ish. Where are these numbers coming from? I looked at my manual and don’t see specific numbers. I have a pdf manual that I indexed and electronically searched for the term “nitrogen” and nothing came back talking about pressure recommendations. Is the 142-145 industry standards or does someone actually have something from Yamaha. RP
  10. R1peacock


    Best video of crash..... https://dirtbikemagazine.com/amp/justin-barcia-huge-a2-crash-tailbone-injury-suspected/
  11. The only real issue I see with a 2 stroke in the woods with a young rider is the the lack of protection on the front pipe. I’ve never looked to see if anyone makes a good pipe guard for the smaller 2 strokes. Might want to consider buying one of those dent removers. Best and safest I’ve seen is the Hydra-Force. They have an adapter for 85cc pipes, etc. Company is in the UK but they ship to the U.S. https://www.hydra-force.co.uk/
  12. There is a group of videos on Youtube by Shadetree Surgeon (entertaining......). He took a stock KX100 and made it into a trail capable bike for his girlfriend (different pipe, different sprockets, flywheel weight), etc.... look for the videos - below is one of the first in the series.
  13. R1peacock


    Depends on the level of bruising. My wife slipped hiking 2 years ago and came down on a rock from a height of 2 1/2 feet. Diagnosis was a bruised tailbone. She was unable to drive for more than 2 weeks and was in pain when just sitting for 3 months. Looked like Barcia came off the bike and fell from a greater height. I can’t see him being able to sustain downward pressure or the seat smacking him on his back side in the whoops. Maybe he gets an injection to lessen the pain. Is that allowed in the rules? Straight from WebMD: A tailbone injury can be very painful and slow to heal. Healing time for an injured tailbone depends on the severity of the injury. If you have a fracture, healing can take between 8 to 12 weeks. If your tailbone injury is a bruise, healing takes about 4 weeks. In rare cases, symptoms do not improve. Injection of a steroid medicine may be tried. Surgery to remove part of the tailbone may be discussed at some point, but not until 6 months or more after the injury.
  14. R1peacock


    Everything I’ve read says bruised tailbone. No word yet if he will be able to ride next weekend. RP
  15. I have a 2019 YZ250FX and would love to give that a shot - I like doing as much of my own work as possible. I don’t race so I don’t mind in there is some performance loss. Which kits from Zeta did you use? I assume you had to disassemble the rear shock and release the gas, right? What about the front forks, how far to you need to diassemble them - can everything be done with common garage DIY tools or do you need some specialty tools. Hopefully there is a YouTube video on this - seems easy but I’d hate to get too deep into this and get stuck.