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  1. Looks good --- enjoy riding RP
  2. Check out the website Rider Planet and choose a state and select the map view. There are a couple riding parks / mx tracks that also have some woods trails in VA/WV not too far from the MD line. There isn't much in Maryland maybe (Wicomico Park) and PA riding parks would be mostly north of Hershey. Biggest concern would be age restrictions. State land is age restricted - each state varies. Most of the riding parks also have age restrictions. Rider Planet contains details and links to the individual riding areas where you can inquire more about prices and any restrictions. RP
  3. Can you change the plastics? I'm not feeling the yellow..... RP
  4. BBR sells a 26mm carb kit that includes the manifold adapter. I'm thinking about additional mods for my son's 140L as well. http://www.bbrmotorsports.com/Products/Products.aspx?Prod=420-KLX-1401 RP
  5. I've seen a couple people on the forum asking about KLX plastics, compatible plastics off other Kawasaki models, etc. Just wanted to share a picture of my son's 2018 KLX 140L. He just got it for Christmas and we are gradually in the process of doing some changes to it. The first change was the front fender. The stock KLX fender was a bit different looking than a KX. A 2018 KX 100 fender bolted right up and adds a little more clearance. The only slight modification was the washers needed to be upsized to account for larger holes in the plastic. To provide the proper clearance on the rear of the fender when turning, 1 additional washer was needed on the rear mounting bolts. Once the weather warms, the next mod is a replacement of the stock fork springs and rear shock spring. The KLX 140L is a great little bike for a beginner and with a few inexpensive modifications you can enhance the fun factor a bit without going crazy.
  6. Have you looked in the OEM section on Rocky Mountain ATV-MC? They sell all of the OEM parts and plastics and have Kawasaki schematics and part numbers for everything. You can try to cross reference part numbers between the KLX110 and KLX140L to see if anything matches. The prices for the OEM original plastics and decals are not that bad. To me I'd rather just buy the OEM plastic knowing its going to fit and match the color 100%. Rocky Mountain's prices are lower on the OEM parts than the dealer and other "Kawasaki Parts Online Stores" I just replaced the front fender on a new 2018 KLX140L with an OEM of a 2018 KX100. It was actually cheaper and it looks way better than the original KLX140L fender. It bolted right up. You need larger washers since the 4 fender holes are a bit bigger. The only modification is the rear 2 nuts that hold the fender to the forks require an extra washer. Adding the extra washers to the rear provides the needed clearance since the fender is longer. Other than the washers it matches up fine. RP
  7. The bike is very cold blooded. Keep trying full choke with a bit of throttle. My son got a 2018 for Christmas and its barely gotten into the teens since then. Once its warm (5-8) minutes it starts and runs without any problem. RP
  8. My son got a Kawasaki KLX 140L for christmas. Its his first bike and I know he will out grow it in no time and be on a KX 100 soon enough. The rear shock on the "140L" has compression and rebound adjustability but only has 7.1 inches or 180.34mm of travel. The owners manual details the compression and rebound settings but did not mention anything about recommended sag measurements. I've always gone with race sag equalling 1/3 of the available travel with a bit of +/- variance. So on a KTM 300 having 11.1 inches of travel that equals +/- 100mm of recommended race sag as a baseline. With the same 1/3 rationale the KLX 140L with 7.1 inches of travel would come to +/- 60mm of race sag. Does this sound correct? I haven't measured the stock settings yet since its been in the teens outside with colder weather expected much of this week. Greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks..... RP
  9. Just picked up a KLX 140L for my son for Christmas. Its his first bike which I know he will outgrow quick. I needed to get a more calmer bike since its his first. The KLX by design has a sloping seat - Has anyone ever found any aftermarket seat options that are more flat (similar to a KX 85). Didn't know if any of the seat companies could take the current seat and flatten it out a bit. RP
  10. Seeing the reaction of my son and daughter on Christmas morning was the best gift I could ever receive. A family trip back to the dealer for some new riding boots and gear is next. Maybe some warm weather too - it was 12 degrees today. RP
  11. Yes, most riders in Maryland have to find a place to ride in PA or WV. RP
  12. The sport is being killed in Maryland due to every county over the past 5-10 years enacting strict sound ordinance laws. You basically can't make a noise in excess of 65db during the day and 55db in the evening without permission of your neighbors. You can have 10-20 acres of land and it still requires written permission of the neighboring land owners even if their physical residence is 1/2 mile from where you are actually riding - its based on the property lines. Few parents purchase their kids small ATVs or 50cc bikes to start learning how to ride due to the hassle of dealing with surrounding neighbors. Lawn mowers, chain saws, etc. are exempt -- the laws only pertain to ATVs, dirt bikes, trail bikes or similar vehicles defined by law. Maryland's strict ORV laws have made it difficult to enjoy riding. There are also few public land areas to ride unlike other states. RP
  13. If the specs are true the KX100 is 34.3 inches and the YZ125 is 38.4 inches at the seat. A good suspension shop can lower the bike a bit and you can shave the seat down. Both would likely amount to a reduction of 2 - 2 1/2 inches. To make the bike more mellow you can add a flywheel weight 7-11 ounces described at https://www.steahlyoffroad.com/yamaha-yz-125-2005-2016-flywheel-weight-833 Rumor has it (since 2017) Yamaha will be releasing the YZ125x in 2019 in America which will have the same changes as the YZ250x making it more suitable in the woods. The YZ125x is already available in South Africa and Asia. Rich P.
  14. You will get split opinons on here --- people saying go 250x and others 250fx. I'd get some seat time on both if possible. Check out the NC Forum and see if anyone close by your house has a bike you can ride. Otherwise you are going to have to wing it and take what everyone else says which often may not be what is best for you...... Check out these Youtube Channels "Oni" and "Dirt Bike Channel" and look back on past videos. Both have done rides / comparisons on both the 250x and 250fx (both side with the 250x and give some good points why). Lots of others out there that have done comparisons and sided with the 250x in the end. Some say the 250fx just feels a bit heavy and not as lively as the 250x. I'm old school and just like simplicity - the 2 stroke motor is so simple to work on and way cheaper to own if you compare cost over 3-4 years. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCckcAZi0GIWMKVTjy-SUGoQ https://m.youtube.com/user/kylebrothersen Rich P.
  15. Check out RepairManual.com. I did a quick search and found the below manual for your year and model. http://www.repairmanual.com/product/2004-2010-ktm-250-300-two-stroke-service-manual/ Rich P.