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  1. R1peacock

    YZ250FX Lowering Question

    Thanks for your response. RP
  2. R1peacock

    Calming the YZ250FX (throttle tamer, etc.)

    I got back into riding recently after a layoff (marriage, kids, etc.). I love my new bike but find it difficult to control the throttle response. I’ve owned several Honda and Kawasaki MX bikes over the years and have ridden several newer KTM, Honda and Kawasaki 4 stroke EFI models recently and never experienced the throttle being so touchy as with the FX. I found the FX hard to ride slow. The other bikes (all modern 4 strokes) had more of a delayed throttle response. The throttle on my FX was either “all or nothing”. The free play is within spec. Maybe I need to just buy a tuner and play around with other maps. RP
  3. I recently got back into riding after nearly a 20 year layoff (marriage, kids, etc). I’m looking at getting my new YZ250FX lowered 1 inch. I would like to get a spacer added to the rear shock rather than going the lowering link route. I weigh 180-185 pounds without gear and will be riding trails only (no racing). Anyone with a similar weight have experience lowering their bike 1 inch for trail riding? Did you need to change your spring rates or valving. Any recommendations on who I should contact - approximate costs? Thanks for the feedback....... RP
  4. R1peacock

    250F and FX Maps Topic (Pinned to Top)

    Thank You. This is what I’m looking for and I’m sure others as well. RP
  5. I saw over on the WR 450 page that they have a “WR Maps” thread pinned to the top of their page where everyone posts different maps they’re running. Can we start a similar thread on this page and get it pinned to the top for a quick “one thread” reference. It would be nice to have a quick reference like that for the 250. I just purchased a 2019 YZ250FX and would like to see some maps that everyone is running on their bike. RP
  6. Great, thanks for replying to my post. Im hoping my daugher likes this ride better than AOAA. RP
  7. I live in Maryland so for the most part I’m trailering 2-3 hours on average to ride. MD is horrible if you ride anything motorized. In the last 12 years nearly every area has been closed or governed so much its not worth to ride. The state recently purchased and closed a 2000 acre private riding location in Garrett County. The state will ruin that place in the end - after of course they do their 2-5 year study. (sorry for the rant)..... I took my kids to AOAA last week and that place kicked our butt - way too many rocks for a family ride. FYI if you ever go to AOAA make sure you take a GPS or iPhone with a mapping application. I thought their trail markings were horrible other than the “pink and black take me home” signs. For our next ride I’m looking at Peters Mill and Taskers Gap. Looking at the map and YouTube there seems to be a few decent trails that are rated “easy”. I downloaded the brochure and map for the area. Does anyone have any advice on what trail numbers we should ride (maybe a decent multi-mile loop) and what trails to avoid. I have a YZ250FX, my son rides a KLX140L and my daughter rides a TRX250x. We are not out to do anything technical - we just want to ride and not work too hard. It took us all 3 days to recover from AOAA..... Any insight on other “family” riding areas in the VA/PA region is greatly appreciated. RP
  8. Time Left: 23 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    I just purchased a new 2019 YZ250FX and removed the stock OEM pipe and silencer. The dealer assembled the bike a few days before I picked it up. The bike had zero ride time with the pipe and silencer attached. I only started the bike 3 times for a few minutes in my driveway to compare the sound before I swapped out the pipe and silencer the same day I brought the bike home. The original mounting hardware will be included (as shown in the pic). If you need a new replacement part (or unrestricted WR upgrade) contact me via Private Message at “R1Peacock”. $335.00 shipped to your location (lower U.S. only). Paypal accepted.


  9. I just picked up a 2019 YZ250FX and had the dealer load the more slippery condition MAP setting as a starting point. With all the rain we have gotten this year most of the trails I’m riding include mud and and wet roots to loose doll head and football size rocks. No doubt for now the snappy throttle can be a bit much in the more technical stuff. I was able to handle the bike well this past weekend without whiskey throttling into the trees but would love to calm the throttle response down a bit more until I get a little more experience on the bike. I’ve seen several on here say to install a throttle tamer - (is everyone referring to the G2 Dirt Tamer with the 400 Cam?). It doesn’t look like G2 makes lock on grip options for the YZ250FX throttle tube - what grips are everyone using once you install the Dirt Tamer? Is there other Grip / Cam options that could produce a similar calming throttle response - possibly ODI with a different Cam or is the G2 Dirt Tamer the only option? I’m looking to also buy a GYTR Tuner but wanted to start with the throttle. Greatly appreciate everyone’s feedback. RP
  10. R1peacock

    8oz or 10oz flywheel weight for 03 cr250r

    Did you read the Stealthy Website? Honda CR 250 03-07 Flywheel Weight For reduced stalling and a smoother, more controlled and tractable power delivery use a Steahly flywheel weight. Most riders will ride better and longer with our flywheels, just like Ryan Hughes did with his win at the inaugural Las Vegas Enduro Cross. The 2003 to 2007 CR flywheel weights that add 6, 8, and 10 ounces are very easy to install. The installation of the 12 ounce is a little more involved because you must grind down a small flange on the inside of the ignition cover. The 6, 8, and 10 ounce need no modifications. A Dyno test by Dirtrider Downunder Magazine on a 07 CR 250 showed an increase of 1.13 horse power at top end and an increase of 3.67 HP / 2.09 ft-lbs of torque at low-mid range. We recommend adding 10 ounces for most intermediate trail riders and less aggressive MX riders. 8 ounces for aggressive trail riders and intermediate MX riders. 12 ounces for casual trail riders or very technical terrain. RP
  11. R1peacock

    TPI bikes

    I don’t have a TPI but have heard people say they use the kickstart (at least on the 2018) for the first startup on cold mornings. RP
  12.  Looks like I’ll be getting a 2019 - suppose to be delivered by the end of the month.  Keep in touch, I’m interested in the WR muffler.  I need to keep the neighbors happy.



  13. What year is your FX? I watched a few YouTube videos on the Akropovic line of exhaust. Their website does not show any products for a 2018 YZ250fx. Other sites like Revzilla also say the slip on does not fit the 2018 YZ 250fx? There are a couple videos on YouTube showing the slip on with a 2018 WR250f. I love the sound..... RP
  14. Thanks, I may have to pick up a WR Muffler to keep the neighbors happy. Rocky Mountain has them for $430.00 which is the cheapest I can find at the moment online. I don’t mind losing a little performance on the days I lug around the trails close to home. Better than not riding at all...... RP
  15. Looking at picking up a 2018/19 YZ250FX. I know this bike is rather loud stock and I’ve seen a couple YouTube videos talking about the various exhaust options. I just wanted some clarification from actual owners on what is the most quietest option for this bike. I plan to mostly ride at legitimate riding parks in PA and on private land in MD. I don’t really care about slight performance impacts since I’m not racing. All areas require a spark arrestor. I’ve seen some say to use the FMF 4.1 and othes say to use the Q4 with the 1 1/8 inch quiet core insert. I realize its impossible to make this bike super quiet but every little bit helps. MD is not a supportive state for ORV use. Every county has pretty strict noise restrictions making it hard to find areas to ride anywhere in the state - even if you own 20 acres. Any insight on quieting the bike down a bit is greatly appreciated. Thank You, RP