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  1. Any updates on the new seat. Please take pics so we can see the design changes. Thanks RP
  2. I purchased a 2018 KX 85/100 OEM fender off Rocky Mountain and replaced the fender on my son’s 2018 KLX140L. You will need to add 1 addtional washer on the rear 2 fasteners to make the fender clear the shrouds when turning. Fender looks great..... if you look further down the KLX 140 forums I posted a picture of my son’s bike earlier this year. found it... RP
  3. I did my research before I purchased my son’s 2018 140L prior to Christmas and found several dealers with bikes in stock. I went back and forth between the dealers and was able to get the OTD price including (taxes, fees, state required registration fee, etc.) for $100 less than the original MSRP. I feel like I got a good deal considering it was only a $3300 +/- purchase. Cycle Trader has a number of the 140G bikes available. All States https://www.cycletrader.com/KLX-140G-Kawasaki-Motorcycles/motorcycles-for-sale?type=Motorcycle|356953&make=Kawasaki|2318344&model=KLX|764857969&trim=140G|39060&sort=distance%3Aasc& Idaho Only https://www.cycletrader.com/Idaho-KLX-140G-Kawasaki-Motorcycles/motorcycles-for-sale?type=Motorcycle|356953&make=Kawasaki|2318344&model=KLX|764857969&trim=140G|39060&state=Idaho|ID&sort=distance%3Aasc& You can also check within a specific mile radius on the Kawasaki web site for dealers with a 140G in stock. https://www.kawasaki.com/shoppingtools/viewinventory/2019-KLX140G https://www.kawasaki.com/ShoppingTools/ViewInventory/2018-KLX140G RP
  4. I’ve seen levers on eBay. Not sure of the quality, I came across them searching for “KLX140L shorty brake and clutch lever”. RP.
  5. Any updates on this? I would really like to see what the new seat looks like....... Thanks. RP
  6. How long until the new 2019 models reach dealers in the U.S.? RP
  7. Any updates on your new seat - pics please once you put it back on your bike. I contacted Motoseats but would like to see what they did with your build...... thanks RP
  8. Last year KTM held their new model press release for new Enduro and MX models the first week of May. Has anyone heard anything on when the 2019 new model press release will be held? I’ve been monitoring the KTM website “news” section for updates but thus far everything is quiet. RP
  9. .
  10. Please show a pic when you get the seat back. Travis from MotoSeat contacted me so please post your results. Are you adding height to the entire seat or are you also getting the contour of the low section changed. I wanted to change the shape of the seat so its more like a KX85/100 seat for my son. I know it won’t be exact but a bit of improvement will go a long way. Thanks for sharing...... RP
  11. I saw that after I posted this topic on another forum. I’m buying another seat and sending it there as well. Thanks..... RP
  12. Guys, Gals If you are like me you really like the KLX 140/140L/140G lineup. Its the perfect starter bike for a kid and is pretty fun for the adult rider as well to jump on the smaller platform. Yes the suspension is a bit soft but at least we have a few options upgrading by changing out the stock springs or by swapping out the suspension totally with the KX 85/100. There is no secret the seat could use a modern less sloping "taller" design. The problem is it does not seem that any decent seat manufacturers have a current foam mold or is willing to create a mold because they feel the ROI just isn't there. That being said what if we could go to a seat shop showing an initial order of 50-100 seats? They may see that they can make their money back on the investment of a new mold, etc. I did the same thing on a Bass Boat Forum a few years ago and got an initial order for a specific part that wasn't currently offered and it worked. If anyone knows another way to get this in front of Kawasaki 140 owners let me know (other forums, etc.). How many people want a Tall seat for their 140/140L/140G? I don't mind being the liaison with one of the seat shops and showing them the demand based on this post. This may be the only way to get a new seat option started. RP
  13. My son has a KLX140L and I want to stiffen up the suspension a bit since the stock suspension is a bit soft. I dont want to swap out everything with the KX 85/100 suspension since its his beginner bike. I’ve seen people talking about replacing the stock fork springs and shock spring with more stiffer ones sold by BBR. How many of you have done this? Its a simple swap but wanted to make sure it was even worth spending the money. Is there a better route to go besides the BBR springs — anyone else make even stiffer springs that provide good results? I’d like to keep the bike as a play bike for him even when he moves to a larger KX100, etc. next year. RP
  14. I wanted to get my daughter a pair of the Alpinestars Stella Tech 3 boots. I’ve read reviews and it seems some say they fit true and others say they’re a bit big. My daughter normally wears a 7 1/2 Nike. Not sure if size 7 would fit ok with thicker socks or if she should go with size 8. I don’t want the size 8 to be too big though with thinner socks. Now I know why I limit buying clothes for my wife...... What are some of you experincing with these boots? Thank You..... RP
  15. So much for CycleTrader being accurate. Thanks, That one isn’t listed but its nearly 1,700 miles from my house. RP