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  1. Thanks for the input all. Got the carb back in and gave it a quick run to check oil level. It's either way over filled or there's gas in it. I can't smell gas, but I'm not going to risk it, I'll change the oil.
  2. Frickin' dealer mechanic. Got it back from it's 6,000km service and just discovered the petcock has been on prime since. 4 days. I have the carb off to swap a jet out so I can't start it to see if the oil level is up - should I just change the oil anyway? It's a 2017 so presumably the float and seals are in good order. Got doused in gas when I pulled the fuel line from a nearly full clarke tank - that was my way of noticing the petcock. Sheesh.
  3. I have tried combinations of fuel screw and idle screw and nothing has solved it yet.
  4. Thanks to the OP for this thread. I have experienced the same performance issues and now I have a bead on why. I also find that the bike stalls going downhill - clutch in, and also when I chop the throttle when slipping the clutch on single track. This didn't happen until after the JD kit install. I'll be swapping out my 25pj for the stock 22.5pj now to see if that will remedy things.
  5. Brilliant! I found one of those on my garage floor as well, but I have two bikes, bicycles and all sorts of other gear in there so I had no clue what it was from. Thanks for solving my mystery!
  6. Mission accomplished. 200kms from station to station and it used 9 litres to do it . It was pretty much a gravel highway the whole way - a bit of a disappointment, but still way better than riding pavement. I have an app for my phone call TopoMaps. It's quite robust. No turn by turn though. I have a TomTom GPS, but I find the GPS in the iPhone is more accurate - within a couple meters usually. I can make KML files in Google Earth and import them to TopoMaps, but the app is loaded with tons of roads and trails. Google Maps works well for the street and it's turn by turn is more robust than the TomTom. I really only use the TomTom when I'm travelling outside my cell coverage area. (TopoMaps doesn't need cell service)
  7. Thanks for the heads up on the gas station! I figured the distance between the gas stations I saw was about 190 kms. I think I can make about 230 with the Clarke based on the mileage I've been getting and assuming I can get all but around a litre of fuel out (a conservative estimate to be safe), so I'm not too worried. Only if I take a wrong turn ...
  8. In-Shuck-ch FRS from Harrison then back down the FSR on the west side of Fraser Canyon. I know I can do the Fraser Canyon, but I'm not sure of the Harrison/Lillooet side.
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows how much gas is left in the Clarke tank (3.9 gallon/14.75L) after running out - including the reserve. I have the stock petcock in it. I'm trying to figure out what the net capacity of the tank is. I know my bike's average mileage and I am trying to calculate it's range. Thanks in advance!
  10. I just got the RSM! Whaaaa!
  11. My 2017 S - the clutch engages about 1cm off the grip making it really difficult to slip the clutch, i.e., I can't pull the clutch in and keep fingers on the grip behind the lever because the clutch won't completely disengage. I've done some reading around for fixes on this and the only solution I have found so far is to replace the clutch arm on the engine with the shorter clutch arm found on the DR650. I can't help wondering on that fix if it would be possible to inadvertently spin the clutch release camshaft too far and damage the mechanism by doing so. Those posts were a bit dated (2008, 2009) so I am wondering if anyone has come up with another fix in the mean time. Worth noting perhaps; I am using a RSM medium lever. Edit: I just went to a nearby dealer to check out the price on getting an arm but in speaking to service advisor I found out this mod doesn't work. I looked at an arm on DR on the showroom floor and there is, visually at least, no difference between the arm on a DR and a DRZ. He told me two customers had tried this mod this spring and both reported that there was no discernible difference in the actuation or feel of the clutch. Perhaps this used to work when there was a difference in length between the DR arm and the DRZ arm.
  12. My lips are sealed
  13. Where did you buy them?
  14. I think you will have to loosen the throttle cables to spin it if you do it this way. When I jetted mine I removed the bolts from the subframe and spread it about an inch for a bit more working space. Also, if you remove the rectifier you can take the carb out easier by going down and out instead of straight out. Next time I mess with the jets or float bowl I am going to leave it place and spin it instead, but as was said above, the first time you have to drill the plug out and it's going to be way easier with the carb off the bike. Also, to get the stock float bowl screws out - use vice grips to loosen them first - which also require the carb be off the bike. That's a noob's take on it (I jetted mine about a month ago).
  15. Ok, I'll definitely check that out. I did have it die once because there was fine gravel jammed in the stand that kept it from traveling all the way up.