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  1. So i have been woods racing for 4 years now and started in c and now im in a class. The first couple yeats i have been riding my yz250x. A year ago i picked up a yz125 and have been racing that in A class i usually place top 20 overall but im just not doing as good as i want in my class. I am racing in open class. I have very similar lap times on the 125 and 250. I am very comfortable on the 125 and it works great for me and i love it. I am more comfotable going at race pace on the 125 at the moment and uaually a couple seconds faster on the 125 in practice. Im just wonering what you guys think if i should move up to the 250 now or just rip the 125. Thanks
  2. Josh the squash

    Laser Engraving Dirtbike Parts

    I will be using all my machines i personally own. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Hello everyone, so I have been riding dirtbikes for many years now. I currently do welding and laser engraving for my main job. I am toying with the idea of doing some stuff in the dirtbike industry. some things that I have done so far are cerakote then laser engraved clutch covers and ive machined out some titanium brake reservoir caps out of titanium and then laser engraved them. also thinking about some aluminum or titanium axle blocks. do you guys think its something that would make a little money or it would be a waste of time? also how do I get people to buy them? here are some pictures of stuff ive done so far.
  4. Josh the squash

    Titanium brake cap

    No i didnt mean to post it twice i couldnt get the picture to post and then i posted it again and i dont know how to delete it. Could you tell me how to so i dont have 2 posts on here
  5. Josh the squash

    Titanium brake cap

    Made this for my yz125
  6. Josh the squash

    2001 yz 125 build

    Well I have about ten hours on the bike and was comparing lap times to my 250 and I’m actually faster on my 125. Then I set the bike up for woods and went though the forks. Also make some gas tank brackets so I could mount my large gas tank on it. Going riding today and then racing it next weekend. Here’s some pictures of me racing my 250 and pictures of my 250 also. Sorry about the extra three pictures of some welds and my girlfriend lol. I can’t delete them for some reason lol
  7. Josh the squash

    2001 yz 125 build

    Have a after market pipe and silencer?
  8. Josh the squash

    2001 yz 125 build

    Okay thanks! Good to know.
  9. Josh the squash

    Yz125 bogs

    Okay, so I have a 2000 yz125 that I recently rebuilt the engine on. I bought the bike blown up and not running so I don't know how it used to run. After the rebuild I ran heat cycles and rode the bike and broke it in and it ran perfect once I started riding it hard it rad great for a day then it started bogging at about 3/4 throttle then once I got to full throttle it went away. The more I rode it the worse it got. To the point when I got it to full throttle it would just bog and almost felt like it was "skipping" or trying go go. It would cut in and out of going and boging really fast. Then I rode it down the road and eased on the throttle all the way to full and it didn't bog or cut out. I tried putting a leaner main jet in the carb and didn't do anything. Plus it's 20 degrees out here in Michigan so I wouldn't thing jetting is the problem. Maybe I didn't check the reeds good enough or something electrical. Also I took the tank off and the ignition coil was loose and about to fall off the bike and the spark plug looks cardboard brown. I tightened the bolts o the cool and thought that was the problem for sure but it wasn't. Put it all back together and still didn't work right. Also tried unplugging the kill switch. Need some help.
  10. Josh the squash

    2001 yz 125 build

    I forgot to post this earlier but instead of spending $75 on a new water pump shaft I laser welded the shaft where grooves had formed and had one of my classmates machine off the excess weld material with a laithe to make the shaft smooth. (I am in training right now to become a laser welder lol)
  11. Josh the squash

    2001 yz 125 build

    Good idea, thanks for the reminder. I'll weld on up out of aluminum. Sounds like fun! What do you mean before I hurt myself? Why would I paint the air box, I'm not some 12 year old trying to make my bike look "cool" haha. The paint would scrape off after a ride. I think maybe some air box graphics would clean up the look. And would actually last.
  12. Josh the squash

    2001 yz 125 build

    Thanks, I'm still working out some jetting issues it bogs and loads up sometimes so I'm going to lean it out and see what that does. What all do you need to do to your bike ?
  13. Josh the squash

    2001 yz 125 build

    This thing runs good
  14. Josh the squash

    2001 yz 125 build

    Yes it does. it runs great. i just had to take the water pump back out because it is leaking out the weep hole so i am replacing the seals but it rips other than that. The total cost of this build for me was just under $1600.
  15. Josh the squash

    2001 yz 125 build

    First I made a bolt for my airfilter cage because I didn't have one for this bike. Then a nice brown box from motosport arrived with a brand new cylinder. Got it all hooked up on the bike with a vertex piston. I will probably start the bike tomorrow because I need to let the air filter dry and bring the correct spark plug over before I start the bike up