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  1. CRF50Racer

    Best Exaust for 07 Crf50

    not much.... just a little...
  2. CRF50Racer


    Looking for a stock set of CRF50 plastics with graphics.. please let me know prices if you have any
  3. CRF50Racer

    Best Exaust for 07 Crf50

    if you want, you can always cut out the spark arrestor in the stock pipe... did that to my girlfriends xr50 along with UNI airfilter... runs really nice now.
  4. CRF50Racer

    Special tools to get clutch off? xr70

    here you go... this is exactly what you need http://www.hondatrailbikes.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=505
  5. CRF50Racer

    boiling over.

    Just one suggestion.... MIGHT be the gead gasket... just had to change mine on my 04 KX250F.. they kid i got it from took excelent care of it... but it could have happened just from not tightening the head studs enough... Had no milky colored oil either.... hope it helps
  6. CRF50Racer


    stock CRF50 plastics with graphics... Any for sale? Please let me know prices. Thanks guys
  7. CRF50Racer

    PIt bike and another?

    its all in the signature!
  8. CRF50Racer

    XR.50.Com, good or bad???

    ahh... here it is... did a search... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=248055&highlight=holeshot+scammed
  9. CRF50Racer

    XR.50.Com, good or bad???

    um.... a lot of people have had problems with them... its on this forum somewhere...
  10. CRF50Racer

    I wish my 70 looked like this!!

    all that and still only an 88... that seems kinda odd to me...
  11. CRF50Racer

    kx100 jet sizes

    on kawasaki.com those are the jet sizes it says came in the bike
  12. CRF50Racer

    Powering down a KX??

    My recommendation would be just to teach her not to gas it hard... other wise she might get used to having the limiter on there... Also, if she tries to climb any hills, she will need to be using the powerband...... good luck!
  13. CRF50Racer

    pipe for kx 125

    depends on what you use the bike for... every pipe is designed to give different kinds of power.
  14. CRF50Racer

    tb 88cc bbk vs. stock klx110 motor

    110's have more speed, due to the taller gearing... The 88cc kit will produce more power, and have better acceleration... 88cc BBK it is
  15. CRF50Racer

    Is this shock worth anything?

    I have a good idea what to use it for... a really cool paper weight.. seriousely... trash it