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  1. nsky

    problem bike/wont start.

    Sorry, for late reply been a busy week. I installed a new battery because friend had one of same size. that didn't do anything. Took off starter clutch cover and inspected gears all looked fine, no metal shavings. the start bit shaped gear from starter motor also looked fine. Tried starting bike with cover and clutch gear out to see if starter spins. Also tried skipping the relays in this configuration and still no spinning. the only thing I have left is to take the exhaust off to be able to remove starter motor. but in order to do so I have to take left radiator off so I Can remove exhaust head bolts and tube, as the tube on my bike is solid all the way to were the muffler is slipped on. I cleaned all the terminals that I could find, rechecked wires. do you guys have any options? Also taking it to a shop is outa the question. They charge 110$ an hour, and have a lot of hidden fee's, and take 6 hours to change jetting set on my friends 450yz. They are also the type to say everything's broken and needs to be replaced.
  2. nsky

    problem bike/wont start.

    ok will do that and tell you the results tomarrow
  3. nsky

    problem bike/wont start.

    Found it and mine is a 8mm but negitive from battery is tight and that bold is clean.
  4. nsky

    problem bike/wont start.

    tried that but starter wouldn't turn. but if i wait a bit like 30 min the bike will start up no problems. the positive to starter is secure bolt and nut look new. the washers between them and the started are a bit corroded.fuses are all still good. and can i ask were the ground to engine is? i assume its the one your talking about. they say its a 6mm bolt near rear of engine but i cant seem to find it only wires going into engine i can find are 2 groups of 3 near shifter.
  5. nsky

    Carb questions, bike wont run.

    I made a separate post called problem bike/wont start its near the top. but like its weird if i let bike sit for a while it will turn and start but after that its back to the same click. battery is sitting at 12.8-13volts and hitting 14+when on so i know its charging. i checked all the connections and fuses i could find. battery terminals are tight. the battery only drops like.4volts when starting then goes right back up. the relays are only pushing .4 to .5 volts through them when i hit starter button. which makes sense since battery losing that much. i don't think its to rich because while running i tuned the idle to the slowest i can go with out dieing. choke has no effect on helping it start right now. i held clutch switch closed by hand and shocked the heck outta my self. so i know that current is passing through there. but I did what another post said and tapped on the solenoid with a rubber mallet. and then it fired up within a split second. turned off after about a min of letting ti idle then it wouldn't start again. tried the method of putting bike in first slightly holding clutch and rolling it forward and then that one took about 3 times and it fired up but i cant get it to start again. none of the methods of fixing it are consistent.
  6. nsky

    Carb questions, bike wont run.

    i tested the 3 yellow wires every one says to check they are all reading 2-3ohms. the relays are all reading battery volts. I'm just stumped
  7. nsky

    Used DRZ400 or DR650?

    I have a DRZs converted to sm. I take that thing any were I can find, dirt, trails washed out gullys, and sand. I haven't had a 650 sized bike, I've mostly been around 125 to 450 dirtbikes. but you can take the drz any were you are brave enough or have the skill to go. Also it cruises fine at 85mph for me(and i don't have a wind screen or hand guards. It is easy to flick around side to side and when i took my MSF course with it all the instructors loved it. I know my post isnt as helpfull as others but Just wanted to let you know the drz can do it all, it just doesn't do it the absolute best.its a jack off all trades, i can ride with my crotch rocket friend or my dirt friends but i can go to both worlds and back.
  8. Ok so the bike wont electric start, just re jetted but bike push starts fine. when i push the starter button i get one audible click coming from back of the bike. Yes its in neutral, the clutch is pulled and kick stand is up. still just get one click. battery is fully charged., reading 12.8 -13.2 with bike off and with key on it reads 12.8-13. battery has also started bike before. The headlight doesn't dim when i try and start the bike, I have found if I put bike in first gear and push forward about a foot, stop then hold in clutch, and press started bike will start to turn but its weak and not enough to fire the engine then the audible click. neutral again just gives me the one click. I took the clutch switch appart and connected the wire ends and boom bike fired right up first try. Turned off bike via kill switch and tried it again to make sure. Back to the single click again and cant get the bike to fire with clutch switch loop completed after the first try. the starter relays read the same as the battery with key on and off. even tried the screwdriver across the 2 relays. it still gave me one click but did shock the screw driver as i accidentally rubbed it across the 2 as i was pulling it off. Ive checked all the conections and battery terminals for being secure and tight. im wondering if the starters bad and just not turning or getting stuck. Other than that I'm outa ideas Edit: tested the 3 yellow wires ppl say to check with the starter all of them in any combo are reading 2-3ohms with bike off.
  9. nsky

    Carb questions, bike wont run.

    so I tried a push start first and bike fired up no problem. and it was a brisk jog. throttle response is was crisper and the unburnt fuel smell is gone. My problem now is it still wont electric start. kick stand was deleted by last owner, and the clutch switch is good. but when i try to start it it just clicks. one click per starter button push. guess im gona have to start a new post.
  10. nsky

    Carb questions, bike wont run.

    Did do the O-ring mod. But haven't gotten to ride with the jet kit and O-ring mod because I wont start. the list of issues was before the jetting. air boot and all the rubber clamps are properly on and secure. I'm going to have to loosen them to rotate carb to access the screw as I didn't get the extended one. But I will try to go leaner or richer here in a few hours after work. I'm wondering if this still doesn't work if I should take main back to 160 and keep pilot at 42, might have to change clip settings but most ppl say 3 works fine.
  11. So finally got my jetting kit and time to install it. I have Yoshi exhaust, bb434, fcr-mx 39mm carb. I live above 4000ft in New Mexico, and the temp is usually over 80degrees in spring-fall seasons. after reading these forums I installed red needle to clip 3, a 150main jet(smallest that came in kit, and a 42 or 45 pilot jet(which ever came in the kit),and fuel screw to 2 turns. The original jets were 160main, 45 pilot and needle clip at 2 from top, fuel screw to 3and1/2turns. The problem with the bike is that it would idle for about 10 seconds then die, no matter how high idle was set. would backfire after every shutoff, would bog down on every take off, and exhaust had a slight unburnt fuel smell while running more than i'm used to smelling with my 450's. Now after I installed new jets bike started for about 10 seconds then shut off and wont start any more. fuel is in tank and is getting to carb. starter is turning. I even tried turning throttle a bit to start it after it wouldn't start the first 5 times. So now I'm wondering if the bike was always a bit lean and I was wrong in suspecting a rich condition. will try turning fuel screw open more on starting and a push start, and am I correct in the assumption that I need a bit off a leaner jetting due to the altitude and big bore kit or should I try and move main to like a 165 and pilot to the 45 or 50?
  12. nsky

    DRZ E to SM conversion

    I know used sm rims go for around 700. new around 1000. the drz specific forum has a few guys selling rims once in a while. my bike i bought was converted to sm by a previous owner. he went the extra mile with forks, rims, and a few other things. But its possible and easy just takes time. As far as how it handles, ive never ridden any other sm bike before my drz, but I love it. Smooth fun to play around with, responsive. you might be able to drade your e for a sm. But for ease Id say trade. If your sentimental Id say convert. Hope this helps a little bit. You might also get more replies if you move it to drz specific post.
  13. nsky

    im about to buy new tires

    I have ridden with the maxis desert tires on front and back of my 426 yammi. do great in the dirt and clay type areas. Sand dune style areas they work but arnt the best. But spent about 3 afternoons on the street with em tuning the bike just up and down the road real quick to see how it handled and changed but noticed the knobs were wearing down at a pretty quick rate. more on the back than the front. My opinion if you do 80% road you will be replacing back tire more often than normal.
  14. nsky

    DirtRacks Rear Cargo Rack

    love this thing