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  1. My 2000 KX 250. Last pic of her in one piece since she’ll be torn to pieces starting tomorrow for some much needed winter downtime to overhaul it.
  2. What are the dimensions for this Mikuni carb (16001-1677)? I'm not home so I don't have it available to measure myself and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I just need the mm of each of the two sides of the carb that connects to the engine side and air boot side.
  3. .
  4. I don't actually own the bike. It's this dudes bike that wants me to do some work on it. But I'll ask him for pics of the bike. I'm not too familiar with the older ones when it comes to identifying
  5. What makes you say that?
  6. I figured it wasn't stock but wasn't sure. Can you identify from the pics? I'm not home this weekend with it so I can't take a look at it.
  7. Anyone know where to get a carb rebuild kit for the 88 KX 125? It's got a mikuni carb on it, don't know anything else about it. Anyone know where to find one? I've searched multiple places and no one seems to carry them for that year.
  8. Motosport has to be my preference due to the amazing customer support and super fast shipping times. Place an order on Monday and it'll get to me Tuesday or latest on Wednesday without any extra fees but then again I live in Utah and I think they're based out of Vegas, correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Like I've said, I have a 2000 KX 250. Known for being one of the worst years, but it out performs every other 250 I've ridden and like I said, hasn't had ANY issues. Just go for it. Even if it doesn't suit you you'd be able to sell it for double.
  10. I would snag that bike up real quick. I bought a used '00 KX 250 for literally the same price (I'm jealous) with unknown hours and I haven't done any rebuilds on the engine. I had it little more than a year and probably put on about 50+ hours since I got it. I would do a thorough walk around and obviously test ride it. Those bikes usually go for $3000 plus here in Utah so I'd hop on that deal but be cautious. Edit: as far as maintenance I haven't owned one so I wouldn't know from personal experience but Kawasaki in general is very reputable with their products. Depending on your riding style and whether you race or not, that'll determine the maintenance requirements. That's also a really clean looking bike so make sure the seller isn't trying to hide anything..
  11. Alright thank you guys for all the info. I'm gonna most likely send my crank to be rebuilt with OEM parts, replate the cylinder if needed, get a forged piston, and everything else oem. I wanna go all oem but some of you guys seem set on forged so I'll give it a shot. Thanks for all the help! Edit: one more question- what brand is best for forged pistons? Wiseco? That'd be the only thing I'd rebuild aftermarket vs. oem.
  12. Looking to rebuild my top and bottom end soon on my '00 KX 250. Guy previous to me didn't track the hours or the maintenance so I have no clue when the rebuild is due (been riding it for a couple of hours per month since last June, with only basic preventative maintenance...), although I WILL be installing an hour meter and keeping a proper maintenance log after this rebuild. I was wondering what you guys use to do your rebuilds? I've come across these three brands on and form the reviews they seem to be good companies, but I wanna know what your input is. Basically, just looking for a complete rebuild kit to replace everything that needs replaced. Need something that'll last as well. I typically ride woods and desert, but every now and then I'll take it to the track for a few hours. I'm a very aggressive rider too (don't know if that's too vague). Any positive input is greatly appreciated. First time doing an engine rebuild so go easy on me. Thanks!
  13. It's cheaper, but would my business do better in SC or NC, that's the real question and depending on the state, what are some prime locations. I know putting it in a city area would be a good idea, but I was leaning towards a more populated town that is found of motocross. I was intending on Florida originally, but NC is also only a 5.5 hour drive from home and depending on where in NC it's only a 3-4 hour drive to OBX. I've got time to figure it out, but wanted to see what y'all fellow TT-ers could input.
  14. Sweet! I'll have to look those up. Ya I was thinking about a more populated area for a shop, but not really a city. More of a decent populated town.