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  1. Yes super lean I'm pretty sure. Threw a fmf fatty and shorty on it right before this happened. And never touched jetting. I've ordered brand new Athena cylinder, cylinder head and gaskets and kept it pretty cheap, also got wiesco piston. Only concern is if this was caused by an air leak. I replaced water pump seal so case gasket was replaced. Did a new oem gasket. Also installed carbon reeds and a new air filter right before the piston failure so could've been reed cage or filter for some reason might have not sealed good or air box. Going to 100% check over everything this weekend when all the parts come in. Also ordered correct jets for the fatty.
  2. Well I thru fmf fatty and shorty with stock jetting. I've heard that can make super lean issues like this. And first couple rides with it was in deep sand. Figured that's what caused it. Hopefully not air leak somewhere!! Like a gasket air leak??
  3. Cow pasture hours* never touched a track
  4. Yeah 100% original. Sat in a shop for 13 years. Cleanest early 2000 yz I'd ever seen. I'll probably just buy a complete one rather than re plating if it is trash. Kinda thinking about a 144 anyway to see what all the talk is about.
  5. That I don't know. It's all original oem. 2003 yz125 and already left the house I'll try to get those pics tomorrow
  6. I just use wd40 and work it thru it good by pumping clutch. Spray it in the tube where the cable is moving. Butters mine up pretty nice.
  7. Inside is super smooth it's just the chipping at the top is only damage
  8. Inside is super smooth it's just the chipping at the top
  9. Fried this Sunday. Top end kit already here just trying to get some advice on the damage to this cylinder. Can't find much about it on the internet so what do y'all think?? Would you re use this? Or too dangerous? The walls are fine just the top of cylinder where it's chipped/pitted. It also did it to the head, you can see it if you zoom in on the pics. Crank is perfect and in spec. And would like to keep it that way. Don't want to burn another piston like this. You can see a crack on skirt that almost broke off. Super close call. Thanks and every bit of advice helps!
  10. And one more thing I forgot to mention Fenmore the rebuild has about 7 hours on it after initial break in. The previous motor oem that blew had 70 hours
  11. Is there any particular order that you'd start checking things Fenmore from what I know at this point? Just to save me time in the garage. Would rather be riding than turning wrenches all day trying things in a random order
  12. I've changed oil 3 times in the 6 hours I've put on it and no coolant appears to be in oil. And coolant level has stayed the same level since rebuild. Yes I was aware it was cheap stuff just didn't think this bad. I plan on replacing head gasket and inspecting rings while I have it off. Hoping it's not anything in crank. I'm no professional mechanic so 4 stoke top end work like this will take me a couple days. As far as water pump circulating that is a good question, have not checked into that will put it on my list Fenmore
  13. Gotcha. Will have to check into this. The cylinder was oem and rebuild kit was wrench rabbit. No idea if it was checked when put in. If that's the case hopefully it hasn't cause any serious damage. Really appreciate the input xMUDKINGx
  14. xMUDKINGx when you say "decked" what exactly is that process
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