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  1. JDBKTM350exc

    Seized rocker shaft. Help!

    Hi guys, my rocker shaft seized to the rocker due to the crankcase oil strainer clogging up with clutch material and lack of oil to the head. I need to figure out a way to "extract" the shaft. Throw any ideas you have a me. It's soaking in penetrating oil atm and I have tried using a slide hammer with a thread on the end with no success. Cheers!
  2. JDBKTM350exc

    2009 Fe450 randomly shut off. Pls help

    Bought a 2009 fe450 a few days ago. Got the berg all ready to go- new oil and filter, made sure coolant was topped up. Made sure everything was right. Took off and the bike ran beautifully until after 10kms of crusing at 90kph at low revs the bike suddenly bogged down hard and stopped. Now it will not start tried jump starting aswell. Don't really know How to attack it, any help is much appreciated, cheers
  3. JDBKTM350exc

    Clutch slipping issue. Please help

    Gave the steel plates a rub back with Emory cloth and good as new. Just had a slippery glaze on the disks. Ordered a new clutch set anyways just to be safe as the friction plate thicknesses were at the minimal they could be according to the user manual.
  4. JDBKTM350exc

    Clutch slipping issue. Please help

    Yeah probably. The bike still rides fine if I'm not pinning it everywhere. I have a big ride on tomorrow, will it do any damage doing one more ride on it? Just been looking forward to it for a while now and don't want to miss out. Thanks heaps for your help!­čśŐ
  5. JDBKTM350exc

    Clutch slipping issue. Please help

    Thanks mate, but what caused the slipping in the first place?
  6. JDBKTM350exc

    Clutch slipping issue. Please help

    Hey guys, just picked up a 2009 Husaberg fe450 with 150 hours and am having trouble with the clutch slipping. If I'm in a high gear at low revs and suddenly give throttle the bikes revs to the moon without transferring the power to the ground. Pulled off the clutch cover and the half the steel plates and blue/purple in colour but they are NOT warped. Is this the cause of the slipping? Do I need a new clutch kit or is there a way to fix this? Thanks­čĹî
  7. JDBKTM350exc

    Valve cover gasket (Half moon) popping out

    Thanks for that, ill have a good look when I get home tonight.
  8. changed the oil and went for a 10min ride noticed wind blowing on my leg, half moon had popped out. Took valve cover off and reinstalled it, popped out again after 2mins. I thought I would ask the pros before attacking it myself. the bike is an 08 wr450f. Could it be a blocked breather hose or is it because there's no silicone on the gasket?
  9. JDBKTM350exc

    Rebuilt wr300 still lacking power

    Thanks for your help mate im just thinking of selling the bike as is and buying something reliable
  10. JDBKTM350exc

    Rebuilt wr300 still lacking power

    im realy hoping that its not a shot crank seal :(, yesterday when i rode it for the first time after rebuild i put 800cc oil in than after 2 hours of riding 710cc came out . I put 800cc back in and today 750cc came out so it seems to be losing a slight amount of oil somehow. How will i know if its a crank seal?? And if i keep topping the oil up is it safe to ride it like that for a few weeks until i have enough money to strip her down again? How will i know if its the left side seal or right side seal? Thanks guys. Oh and today i changed the air screw from 2 turns out to 1.5 turns out and it seems to be quicker, than changed to 1 turn and felt equal to 2 turns so its now set back at 1.5
  11. JDBKTM350exc

    Rebuilt wr300 still lacking power

    What was the top speed on your 2013?
  12. JDBKTM350exc

    Rebuilt wr300 still lacking power

    This is my first ever 2 stroke so im not sure if it smokes more than it should. It smokes a fair bit until its warm and than it doesnt smoke much. Ill take the pv cover off and have a look, thanks mate. Yeah i was thinking it could be, what jetting should i be running or do i need a jetting kit and fiddle around? Yeah im going to buy a 14t or maybe even 15t, thanks for your offer but i live in Au
  13. Hi guys i picked up a bike a little while ago that had issues. The bike didnt have the power that people say 300s have. i stripped it down as it was due for a top end and found a hairline crack in the piston which was quite worn. I just finished the rebuild, i replaced- Piston and rings (pro-x), carbon fibre reed petals, gaskets, orings, new clutch plates, cleaned powervalve, cylinder diamond honed. The bike now has better compression than before, starts easier and runs better and obviously has more power, but struggles to reach over 85 kph which seems ridiculous and still doesnt have that power that they are supposed to. im stuck with what to do next. Ive allready played with the air screw etc. The gearing im running is 47t 13t. I wish this bike had a 6th gear!!!!
  14. JDBKTM350exc

    Chip in V-Force 3 reed, Help, Urgent!

    Thanks so much for your input and help bro i really appreciate it! I'm thinking of taking a credit card or similar just in case Ill let you know how it goes