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  1. i've searched the forums and did'nt find what i wanted to know. so.....what are the bare requirements in alabama to make a wr250f street legal???? when all of the requirements are met what would be the next step to take. a wr is titled as an offroad bike, so what do i need to do to get them to accept that i have met the "onroad" requirements???? thanx jeff
  2. you guys really know how to amuse a guy with all your smells!!! thought i'd add my 4 strokes worth. 93 octane with VP cotton candy additive. otherwise known as the carnival of great times. jeff
  3. somebody please list the advantages and disadvantages to having an on the fly adjustable fuel screw. all the riding i do is some serious trail riding with friends. i have all the free mods done and it rips something furious. everyone i talk to with 250s tell me i need it and it would help me. but i can't see where it would help. please any and all help would be appreciated!!! thanx jeff
  4. don't take the throttle screw completely out!! it could possibly hang up at full throttle. either get a yzf throttle stop screw or have a machinist to machine your stock screw down. you can easily do a search on here to find the exact length. i think its .975" but don't cut it at that length till you know for sure. i hope that helps. jeff
  5. why not get some 1/8 inch aluminum "PLATE" not diamond plate. it's a different type of aluminum that is strong heck and as light as normal aluminum. with a little heat from a torch and of course some heliarc instant bash plate. 20 bucks max. got one on my wz with scars!!
  6. march 31, i lost one of my riding buddies to a drunk driver. 22 years old with a four year old and a 2 month old baby. it has been hard going to ride and hear an old XR start up and not looking to see if it is Alan coming back from the "bushes". them danged old burrittos! LOL!! he always made me laugh with them crazy facial expressions he made under his helmet. he always said that if he had to die he would rather it be on his bike and i would tell him yea me too. so i payed tribute to alan by running his name on my number plate. so if you ever see me and my bike stop me and ask for a funny story about him. thanks for reading and/or repling its taken me this long to actually talk about him. R. I. P. ALAN HURST
  7. just got this months dirt rider in the mail and i saw where they tested the IRC trials tire on a wr 250. sounds like my kind of tire, to better suit my style of riding. now my question is, how will my traction be affected on a mx track that is somewhat hard packed and somewhat loose soil. i don't race hard core on a track, just an occasional romp around it to hit the jumps and do i need to run the mate on the front or leave the OEM knobby. i trail ride 95% of the time and like i said before i ride the tracks just to hit the jumps. if you have experience with this tire or any other trials tire please let me know. thanx!!!!!!!!!
  8. i know to move the carb vents and the valve cover breather tube. but my question is could i route the tube up under the tank and have it vent between the tank and the steering head without the fear of problems. cause all the pics i have seen have either been cut shorter or routed out towards the back of the bike above the swingarm and the mud holes that i ride in tend to be a little deeper than the posted pics. thanks!!!
  9. my 05 wr has all the freebies and is very quick and nimble on the track as well as in the woods. i took the 75 foot table top at my local track with no problem, might i add for the first time and now i need a new seat cause of the clinched butt cheeks. and in the woods it can be flicked in and around trees with the agility of a squirrel on crack. so in other words......find out if it has any mods done to it and stay the hell away from the two smokers, they are like a dinosaur a dying breed.
  10. ok, now with the throttle stop to a yzf, also the pipe, and the grey wire cut but the air box is stock would it be safe to say that a 05 wr can be jetted to the same specs as a 05 yzf?? i have been to three world fairs and seen cows jump over the moon but carbs still baffle me to no end. thanks!!!!
  11. i have an 05 wr250 that has had the throttle stop replaced, grey wire cut, and a yzf pipe put on it. my question is....what spec do i need to jet it to? i am not very carb smart. i live in northeast alabama and ride at an elevation of 1000' - 1200'. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. i know...i know....i would search for the answer but i use my ex-wifes computer and she don't like me on it very much but....... i have an 05 wr250 with the throttle stop changed, the grey wire cut, and a yzf pipe on it. i have had no probs with it as it stands but does it need to be jetted different? it back fires now that the pipe is on there but so does every other yzf i have rode with. i appreciate all the help even though i am sure this has been covered only ONCE OR TWICE in here. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW i live in alabama and the elevation is approx. 1200ft
  13. gmoss, not to say that a wise man as yourself is wrong, but i put an 05 yzf pipe on my 05 wr and the only thing that i had to change was the gasket and the clamp, but the bolt, washer and bushing you mentioned, i didn't have to replace. i haven't had any problems with mine being loose or rattling and i have even cased a jump and tasted handle bar. thought i'd put my .02 cents worth in.
  14. only a dam yankee and only in michigan, and i can say that, I USED to live there
  15. here in bama, it has been really cold this past week and last weekend. the highs have been in the low to mid fortys and this weekend the highs are gonna be in the low to mid thirtys. now my question..............i have this really bad black mark in my living room where i was trying to heat the tire up for traction. i was on my way to jump the couch i had layed up on my bookcase. i tore my garden tub up to jump over for some excitement and had the recliner to land on. thank god i have a vaulted ceiling or i would be doing some head planting. ok so i am sick and tired of cold weather and i want the summer to get here so i can ride. just thought i would be stupid for a laugh so i would stop crying. everyone ride safe and have a good day.
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