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  1. Try a new spark plug. If you reassembly with a lot of oil, it may be fouled
  2. Im not a pro and I ride a 250 2 stroke.But I can tell the difference between a non o or x ring chain and a normal one. I feel that the bike rev way faster in exit of a corner. Samething for a steel sprocket vs aluminium sprocket. I feel like my bike has like 1.5 more hp at the wheel. And it's the case in reality. The big diffference between o-ring chain and normal chain for track guy is not nesceserly the braking hp, but it's when you jump. Due to the fact that the o-ring chain is harder to spin, when you launch the jump, the rear wheel slow down rotation and it make the nose of the bike go down.
  3. Mx52? Tell us some feedback please
  4. If you take care of your chain, it was suppose to last a year but that's depend of you riding style and how many hours you do on the seat. When you wash you bike, sometime remove the chain and put it in solvent. Clean it well, you will be impress how much dirt they come off the chain. Lube it well with good stuff. No motomaster lube! And it should last, dont panic about the chain adjustement, it's better loose than too tight. Check your chain slider and roller!
  5. The rev limiter is the only thing that sound nice about 4 stroke. The more time you hit it, the better it is.
  6. Not sure it's the same guy, I saw one (presume it's ronnie) that ride a husky 250 2 stroke at toronto. But he was totaly not a his place, he roll all jump, never make the finish. We never heard him bike sing because he never it the powerband. This time you talk about a yz250, pretty sure it's not the same guy.
  7. Try to bleed your system properly, if your not able to, it's time to rebuilt your master and caliper.
  8. Exact same thing for me, friend are not always avalaible for riding and sometime, they just want to drink beer and relax and dont wanna ride, so let's go ride alone, at the track, you were never alone, they always have somebody to help you if you crash hard, in the wood it's another thing.
  9. Very nice bike you have there, take it care. It have exactly the look I like[emoji106]. Is that to personal to ask you how much you paid for this beauty?
  10. Some mecanic I know told me to do a couple of heat cycle, and after that go on the street in 5th gear and make it torque from bottom to top rev( no over rev) x10. For the good break in, it need to get full Compression in the cilynder, because remember how a ring seat on the cylinder wall, the compression goes in the piston groove( for the ring) and push the ring again the cylinder, that what make the ring seal. Im always septic with this method, but I did it on most of my top end rebuilt with succes. I think that the most of the break in period is all made in the heat cycle.
  11. I have a vf3 too on my cr250 and I've seen a good improvement in throttle response and in bottom rev power, better torque.
  12. Good bike you have there, maintain it well and pass you front brake line in the inside of the fork, like it was now, it can be snap if you fall on something.
  13. The 2 cable you see is actuated by a electrical servo motor mount in the frame, if you check in your rad shroud of if you remove the gaz tank, you will take a good look at it. The servo motor is commanded by the signal that the cdi send when it the engine past 8000rpm ( if I remember well) to open the powervalve. That's very simple. Now what you have to know is how to adjust the cable for that system work properly, fisrt check the condition of the cable, if they are kink, or have cut wire, or if they are hard to move, replace them. It's pretty cheap. After this, adjust both cable for they dont have slack, but do not over tight them, the valve is suppose to open and close freely. There some link that you can check to help. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PqJt_rZ7mac. http://motocrossactionmag.com/news/ask-the-mxperts-how-do-you-adjust-hondas-electric-power-valve-on-the-old-school-cr250s
  14. That oil come frome the oil you mix with your gaz