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  1. dirtkid

    pro's bike setup

    my guess is.. barkbusters, a flywheel, revalved suspension, maybe cut or shorter bars, larger rear sprocket, 3.9 gal clarke tank (i bought one and its magical).. i used to race harescrambles and thats what i found was necisary.
  2. dirtkid

    engine clatter

    Golden Spectra.. did i win?
  3. show us some pics of your track man.. ide love some inspiration
  4. a step on, step off table.... like a single onto the table, and then hop off the table onto the next single.. or go single table table single.. like the SX races have.. where you see em hoping from table to table..
  5. dirtkid

    What do you take

    dang guys.. yall carrying your knives and stuff.. someone is gonna say.. i bring along military rations incase the viatkong jump out of the bushes and capture me.. Me personally, the most ill take is a wrench and spark plug... other than that, its the gear that covers my body.. i do have all those little goodies like camel packs, knives, tubes, tools, and pouches,, just never found myself to ever strap all that on for an enjoyable ride..
  6. dirtkid

    quick Q about District racing

    no, im not exactly a new racer.. just new to the district.. but thanks a ton..
  7. im racing in D13.. i dont know if it works the same for all the districts.. but what time do i need to be there to be able to ride saturday practice.. it says on the website of the track "practice 9-3am" does that mean i can be there anytime between 9 and 3 and practice with my class? or does it mean i need to be there before 9, signed up, and ready to go at 9 and at the starting gate to practice.. thanks for any info..
  8. dirtkid

    Track Building

    ^^^ get all kinds of junk you can... 50 gal drums, couches, beds, anything big.. line it all up.. and poor dirt all over it.. either that, or buy a huge concrete pipe and poor dirt over it..
  9. dirtkid

    My nailed piston

    thats not that bad really.. nothen you cant buff out..
  10. dirtkid

    Bridge Jump!!

    you crazy punkass kids.. haha.. j/k..
  11. dirtkid

    please help

    the same thing happend to me.. yet to fix it tho.. thanks for the info ^^^
  12. dirtkid

    jumps with minimal dirt ignore

    logs.. cut down a tree.. stack all the logs.. then throw dirt all over it .. walah, a half way unsafe sketchy jump.. or make wooden ramps.. use your enviroment.. start digging a nice rut up the side of a hill.. and hit in 4th.. so many other methods.
  13. dirtkid

    magnetic drain plug for yz250

    i hate em.. wont run them anymore... they are hollow.. and after a few months of torquing, they will bend/twist and snap.. ive gone through 2.. im tired of it..