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  1. SuprXnTxn

    Dual Sport in Arizona

    +1 i'm curious myself.
  2. SuprXnTxn

    Dual Sport in Arizona

    I'm probably gonna do some on-road riding this weekend and if i can find any dirt roads that lead to interesting places......
  3. SuprXnTxn

    My Toys....

    thanks! yeah, i was lookin for dual-sport, but also wanted a bike i could tour on. the KLR fits the bill nicely.
  4. SuprXnTxn

    Exhaust help needed...

    i have the FMF Powercore IV on my warrior....i LOVE the exhaust, gave me TONS on top end. it is however quite loud, as i dont have the "Q" insert.
  5. SuprXnTxn

    leaks gas straight out the carb?

    +1 more than likely your float is stuck and its causing the bowl to fill and then drain outa the drain tube.
  6. SuprXnTxn

    Terlingua, TX

    we go about twice a year out to the Terlingua Ranch. theres about 1800 miles of primative roads and whatnot. its a blast! http://home.ripway.com/2003-7/15091/Other%20Stuff/oldmarathonroadPS.jpg http://home.ripway.com/2003-7/15091/Other%20Stuff2/backs.jpg
  7. SuprXnTxn

    My Toys....

    2003 KLR650 2001 Yamaha Warrior
  8. SuprXnTxn

    Calling All Arizona Riders!!!

    Thanks Jack!
  9. SuprXnTxn

    Desert Wells Rec. Area (Arizona)

    any of you guys ever ridden out there?? mainly dunes? anyone have directions on how to get there, i'm not even sure what area of AZ its in. Thanks
  10. SuprXnTxn

    Klr650 Kawaski

    i piped my KLR, there wasnt a significant diff, but the throttle response was a little better and the low end was improved slightly. other than that....its true, it just ISNT a performance machine...but i'm still in love w/ mine...i'll never get rid of it!
  11. SuprXnTxn

    Dual Sport in Arizona

    i just moved in from Texas....is there anything i need to do or can i run my TX plate on the bike till it expires? same for inspection, etc?
  12. SuprXnTxn

    Calling All Arizona Riders!!!

    i'm new to TT and new to AZ, lookin for any of you guys out there that ride near Sierra Vista or surrounding areas!! lets hear from ya!!!
  13. SuprXnTxn

    Where are you from??

    i'm orig. from South Texas, but currently living in Southern Arizona