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  1. sandking11

    '17 300XC front brake problem

    I had this recently on a ktm 125. Brake would work fine but would slowly lock up when it got hot. Causes are usually damaged lever that's been badly adjusted, too much fluid or pinched cable but that wasn't the case. On stripping the caliper down I found part of the seal in the orifice behind the piston. Blew caliper out, new seals and the problem went away
  2. Time Left: 16 days and 4 hours

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    Gasgas dep pipe, rekluse, hand rear brake I know it's a ktm forum but I have some aftermarket gasgas parts from a 2012 model but will fit lots of years. Only 20 hours use on all these parts Rekluse z start clutch. Comes with box and instructions £250 Rekluse clutch cover £100 Rear hand brake. £100 DEP end can . £65 PayPal is fine for payment and posting no problem either. Based in UK but can post worldwide


    Immingham , Lincs

  3. sandking11

    KTM 250 XC Piston chunked

    Biggest plus in this is you found the issue. So many people seize a bike, spend a load of cash only for it to seize again without finding the initial problem. I think you've been very unlucky. Although I'd personally replace a piston at 80-100 hours I've met plenty of people who run 150 hours + with no issues.
  4. sandking11

    Hydraulic Clutch

    Those ktm 85 seem prone to poor clutch master seals. I've just done one yesterday. I've had several of them and majority have needed a rebuild. The 2013 onwards seem worse than the earlier ones too
  5. Great test mog. I'm very surprised to see those results. I thought as others did there would have been a good improvement.
  6. sandking11

    300 xcw vs. 500 xcw

    I'd say there's a couple of things going on here. Firstly a 300 natural habitat is doing more technical enduro terrain . Your also comparing it to a 500 4 stroke which they have a amazing amount of low end torque. Even making a 450 mx feel weak low down. The 300 is a amazing bike, and the reason why is you can make it into anything you want with a bit of know how. When I first got mine I thought it was a bike mistake. Too soft, too weak and just disappointed me. This was changed with red powervalve spring and a high compression cylinder head. You can take it much further (which I have done) with a pipe, STIC, keihin carb and a change in port timing. If you go this route you'll be wondering why you previously thought a 500 4 stroke was fast. When I do jump on a standard 300 I can still appreciate just how easy they are to ride and you can ride one all day without feeling tired. So don't give up. Do a bit more research and make your 300 right for you. The 300 is a absolute weapon when sharpened
  7. sandking11

    Why Xplor but not AER

    The official line is ktm thought enduro riders wouldn't trust air forks not collapsing in the middle of nowhere. I personally think it's more to do with saving a few quid. The xplor is pretty good for normal riding. I even did mx on mine but had to be a little more careful on landing correctly. You wouldn't want to land accidentaly on the front or over jump something on them. I find the air fork with some valving work really great and can just up the psi for higher speed stuff. If you don't like the xplor I suggest just sell them and buy the airfork. They are both worth similar price used.
  8. sandking11

    Stupid question about oil color.....

    Me and a friend both have 2017 bikes. Both kept next to each other so get the same amount of light. Bothe very similar running time. I run mx9 oil which is blue and use 99 octane fuel. He uses whatever oil and fuel is cheapest lol. His tank is a milky light tan brown. Mine is as clear as the day I bought it
  9. sandking11

    2012 vs 2014 KTM 300 exc

    Whichever is best condition. The 14 has slightly different plastics which you can buy for the 12 too
  10. sandking11

    VIDEO - Do u know why the bike make that noise?

    Try the same settings as your friends bike including the needle. Make sure your running the same slide too
  11. sandking11

    Best STIC Keihin carb size for TX300

    I haven't tried it in a 36mm carb but have a STIC in a 38mm keihin. Yes it's true. It does rip . Even though my keihin was set up beautifully it made the bike run smoother, revved faster . Especially up top and increased higher rpm and power. All this has caused a few niggles. Not necessarily the STIC fault . Firstly it makes so much power on top I almost never get to rev it out. I've found the last quarter of the throttle never gets used. Secondly in low traction places it can be a hindrance. Simply can't get the power down. On a dry , open motocross track it would be brilliant. You just need more restraint with the right hand for enduro riding.
  12. sandking11

    First ride.

    If you want a great mx set up and enduro try the air fork. I mostly ride enduro stuff and with a mx set up it just deflects off everything. Fitted ohlins rear revalved for enduro and a set of air forks also revalved for enduro. Straight away on a mx track you can tell they are too soft but being able to go a few psi more (I went 8psi) and tighten up the clickers it was very good. In fact i rode faster and jumped futher than ever before. Even on enduro settings the ohlins was amazingly controlled. I've used the xplor for motocross before and you are right they certainly are squishy although I was just more careful with the front. It can do it and run in expert group and keep up no problem, it's just a set of airfork will give you best of both worlds.
  13. sandking11

    Are the husky subframes junk ?

    I've seen ktm suffer the same thing. The only thing it had in common (which this husky has) is a rear light fitted. The rear light once bolted to the fender makes it strong . The weak link is the back of the subframes . Maybe a solution would be to slot the rear light/plate hanger so on impact this snaps straight away and saves the subframe
  14. sandking11

    Husky body conversion?

    I've just ordered some CMT carbon side panel guards. Yes they are £40 which is a lot but I had issues the the bottom of the right mount panel cracking off. You'll be able to transfer them from panel to panel and will make the plastics last much longer. Regarding the newer shaped husqvarna I think it will be very do able. You'll need a lot of parts. Tank, seat , subframe ,plastics and weld some new tabs for the rad scoops. If you can find a second hand tank and subframe I don't think it will cost much either. Personally I don't like the new shape but each to their own. From the reviews I've seen the 19 bikes have been a step backwards in handling and a even more restrictive airbox.
  15. sandking11

    36mm Keihin On 2018 TX300

    I use thickest gasket but don't stack. Stacking is a great way of pulling more top end power but you do lose bottom end. For a motocross engine which will be reving out more it's ideal. Using lower port timing tends to make more bottom end. It's all a compromise. Decide where you want the power and machine the cylinder head to suit. My 14 300 was lifted over 2mm . My current 300 is 0.75.