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  1. Tigger800xc

    Acerbis Vision handguards.......Anyone using them.

    I have standard brush guards so I don't know how good the type you're talking about are, if visibility is more concern than lighting up the road then maybe eagle eyes or mirror mounted lights are a possibility,see images of what I mean. The eagle eyes can be mounted through the headlight shroud. Hope this is of interest, I have used aliexpress.com as a supplier, cheap as chips as long as you don't mind waiting for them to arrive Good luck
  2. Tigger800xc

    Appropriate technique for removing grips

    Hi, I used wd40 on mine and they slid off a treat, the throttle body has little barb type extrusions on and is more difficult but they were supprisingly quick and easy to remove intact. I washed my bar ends with dish wash soap to degrease. I fitted Oxford Adventure heated grips which were easy to fit but needed thought and care. Use a grip glue to finish. Hope this helps.
  3. Tigger800xc

    CRF250L Single Track at Lost Creek Pt. 2

    Nice fun trail
  4. Tigger800xc

    ATF from cylinder head? Pics

    You haven't used acf50 on the bike have you, have you checked the smell and feel of it between your finger and thumb,. Wipe it off spotlessly and see if it returns
  5. Tigger800xc

    Exhaust question

    Not sure if it would suit your situation but my yam cruiser exhaust has a collar on the silencer which is a slippy graphite type material, I would think you could get one and modify it or maybe buy it in roll or sheet form
  6. Tigger800xc

    2003 ktm 300exc mechanical help

    You say it's a rotor bolt that's done it, I'm not sure that's possible unless one has come loose now or at some time in the past, but like everyone says a total strip down of the rear end is well over due. With a lot of patience and time it can be sorted, more routine inspection and maintenance required going forward from here on. A good inspection is required now. I'm sure this is not the only issue, check suspension linkages, wheel and swing arm bearings. Good luck
  7. Tigger800xc

    folding shift lever?

    What about a piece of aluminium made into some kind of triangular shape to form a ramp for collisions which sticks out enough to protect from tip overs. Perhaps bolted/riveted onto strong sump guard ( or something like that, I'd have to take a look to come up with an idea [emoji41]
  8. Tigger800xc

    folding shift lever?

    As far as I can gather the OEM rally lever was made with the intention of being bendy, the original 250 lever was so strong it was bending selector shafts, obviously much more work and expense. Maybe some sort of guard / protector in that area is the answer
  9. Tigger800xc

    folding shift lever?

    My honda genuine folder fitted nice and snug, made for the bike.
  10. Tigger800xc

    Weight Reduction or Shaving the Pork...

    Weight watchers, lighter life and slimming world could shave 4 stone (56 pounds) off my bodywork
  11. Tigger800xc

    What do you do for a living?

    Ex BT & Openreach, 36 years, now retired and riding when ever I get the chance, living the dream.
  12. Tigger800xc

    What do you recommend to get this off?

    Slightly off topic but I had one vibrate out where my fear of over tightening it had left it not tight enough, my boot, trouser leg and the left side of my bike was sprayed with oil, (On an 1100 yam and £48 for a replacement)
  13. Tigger800xc

    folding shift lever?

    Just for info, The 2017 folding tip gear shift lever from Thailand honda fits perfect and sits exactly the same as my 2016 original non folder
  14. Tigger800xc

    Forma adventure boots - Brown = Amazing!

    I've had a pair a while now and am very happy, bought cheap in the sales too
  15. Tigger800xc

    folding shift lever?

    The 2017 CRF250l Rally has a steel folding lever as standard and are available for about £18 delivered from Thailand, hope the following is useful Honda Manufacturer Part Number:24700-KZZ-J00 / BOLT 95701-06020-00 taken from there Advert... ASIA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION HONDA MOTOR CO.,LTD GENUINE PARTS. GEAR CHANGE PEDAL FOLDING 'NEW REVISED PART' FLANGE BOLT INCLUDED CRF250L CRF250M YEARS 2012/13/14/15/16/17 CRF250RL RALLY 'NEW' 2017 Help save bending your gear selector spline (all parts for CRF250L/M/RL available please message me for a quote) WORLDWIDE PRIORITY AIRMAIL DELIVERY. ORDERS WILL BE DISPATCHED USUALLY WITHIN 1 to 2 WORKING DAYS PRIORITY BY AIR MAIL. MOST ITEMS ARE RECEIVED IN 7 TO 14 DAYS OF DISPATCH. I ALSO HAVE STOCK OF OTHER PARTS FOR CRF250L/M THAT ARE NOT LISTED YET. PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU NEED A PRICE FOR OTHER PARTS.I WILL GET BACK TO YOU AS SOON AS I CAN. THANK YOU