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  1. I would look at Yamaha's wr450 or wr250 Or they Yamaha yz250fx
  2. Before your ride always make sure your chain is tight and lubed up make sure it's got plenty of oil and make sure you change your oil I like valvoline motorcycle oil 10w-40. Make sure your air filter is lubed and cleaned. Another thing I do before I ride is go around the bike and make sure everything is tightened and lubed.
  3. When I went to fill up my tires I noticed that there were two valve stems why does it have two and which one do I fill up
  4. Go on YouTube and look up dirt bike channel he compared both
  5. Big bore kit my kx250f has a 270 big bore kit in it and it adds a little punch or get a exhaust Carb tuning might help a bit bigger airbox
  6. Ok so When I did my first oil change on my kx250f i had to get a helicoil installed in the big drain bolt and ever since then there has been a slow oil leak out of it. I've bought a new crush washer, and tightened it down more is there anything else I can do to stop the leak I'm tire of having a oil pan under my bike.
  7. The smoking might be caused by oil getting by your rings
  8. Ok thank you very much this will come in handy
  9. I looked at the manual I just like to get a second opinion
  10. Ok
  11. What causes that
  12. Ok thanks
  13. I was wondering if these are signs of needing a new clutch pack 1. Doesn't go into neutral when stopped 2. When I pull in the clutch and shift into first it creepes forward and the engine Rpms go down. (I have adjusted it as far as it can go) 3. Slips neutral a lot.
  14. I've never rode a two stroke 250 I like my 4 strokes too I would go somewhere and try both out and see what you like
  15. It's got plenty of power to get over stuff I hop logs all the time and it will keep up with 450s it's really light too and corners awesome