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  1. obliviousramper

    290 or 280??

    I broke a valve not too long ago and messed up my entire motor. Instead of buying a new cylinder I was thinking of going with a big bore. Anyone use a 280 or 290?? Any complaints?? I heard that the 290 uses a steel sleeve instead of nikisil plating..does this create problems?? Also I have heard when boring out to 280 the cylinder walls become skinny and cause the water pump seals to go out and the cylinder to sometimes crack?? Anyone know how reliable these big bores would be or any other info I should consider before going with one?? Thanks Alot
  2. obliviousramper

    250f complete engines??

    Well i need a 250f engine for my bike.....not a 125
  3. obliviousramper

    250f complete engines??

    Does yamaha sell complete yz 250f engines?? I know some people use them for carts but I cant find any information about them. Does anyone know if they sell them or where to find them?? Thanks
  4. obliviousramper

    Blown up 04 250f

    I'm not sure what happened but one night when I was riding the motor on my 250f just locked up. After taking it apart I realized one of the valves was embedded in the top of the piston. Just about everything has to be replaced in the motor. All the valves, cylinder, head, piston, cams, crank, etc. Does anyone have a recommendation on where I should get the parts/labor from? Or maybe what to start with? Maybe where I could find a complete motor? Thanks! Clint