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  1. RDTH

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    Agree, though it now looks like I will have to travel for work on Sunday so that day is out for me. I can probably get out mid week next week if you are interested. As of now next Thursday is supposed to be 56 degrees and sunny.
  2. RDTH

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    I’d be up for a mellow ride, were you thinking Saturday or Sunday?
  3. RDTH

    Tell me about the Greenbriar enduro?

    Glad to hear you guys had fun. Even if you didn't finish it sounds like you gave it a good shot and had a great time. Looks like my next opportunity for a "closed course" enduro might be the Broad Mountain in May, though it does not yet seem to be a confirmed "close course" event at this point.
  4. RDTH

    Tell me about the Greenbriar enduro?

    Jim and ClintMD - thank you so much for your words. By far the toughest decision I have ever had to make. They say it is the “ultimate act of kindess”, but it sure felt like anything but at the time. We just miss him so much. So, how did the Greenbriar go fellas? Anyone care to post a review?
  5. RDTH

    Tell me about the Greenbriar enduro?

    Appreciate the update Pat. I think as a first timer I would actually like the two loop format. That way if I find I am in over my head I can just bail after the first loop and get out of everyone's way! Unfortunately though I don't think I am going to make this one. We are dealing with a sick dog at home, and might have to make a tough decision in the next few days...he is 15 yrs old and has been a part of our family for what seems like forever. This is what sucks about owning and loving a dog...
  6. RDTH

    Tell me about the Greenbriar enduro?

    Great info, thanks fellas! And appreciate the invite skinny-j, I think I might just give this a shot.
  7. RDTH

    Tell me about the Greenbriar enduro?

    Oh, good to know Pat, thanks and I'll be sure to verify it's on before I send a check.
  8. http://www.teamhammer.org/Enduro.htm I've been thinking of trying an enduro for some time. Never entered one before. I am 48 yrs old and ride a CRF250x. Most of my experience is at FRO/AOAA. My bike is not street legal or plated so I am restricted to a closed course event, and there aren't too many of those around. I would say I am still in the beginner-intermediate riding level. I would enter as a C rider for sure. Would the Greenbriar be a good "beginner" enduro? From the videos I have seen online, it looks like mostly flat terrain and single track? Is that true? Any comments from those who have experience with Greenbriar would be appreciated! thank you
  9. RDTH

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    I think I have been to that shooting area off of Burma - all that color on the ground isn’t confetti!
  10. RDTH

    300 XCW Odometer accuracy?

    Maybe he's advertising it wrong. Is that really 562, or 56.2? 562 would sure make a whole lot more sense if the 32 hours is accurate.
  11. RDTH

    300 XCW Odometer accuracy?

    Good to know. So of the two (Hours/Odometer), it be safe to presume the hours are generally going to be more accurate than the odometer?
  12. I saw a 2016 KTM 300 XCW for sale on Craigslist that I am interested in, but I noticed it has 32 hours and 52 miles showing on the odometer. How is that possible? That's an average speed of about 1.6 MPH? https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/mcy/d/biglerville-2016-ktm-300-xcw-six-days/6813564331.html
  13. Really? A 10 year old “New” bike? Like a time capsule!
  14. Hi all My 2009 Honda CRF250x has served me well for the past few years, but I would like to upgrade to something newer, lighter and more modern. The CRF250x has been a fun trail bike but I find it really top heavy and clunky in the woods. There are some good deals on leftover new bikes this time of year, I just priced a 2018 Husqvarna FE250 that is discounted but it is still $8500 out the door. That's just too much for me, my budget is squarely in the sub $6k range. So, I am thinking something like a 2015 or newer KTM, Husky or Beta? Four stroke preferred because that's all I have really ridden but I'm not opposed to a two stroke. The 250 size seems to be a good fit for me in terms of my riding style and capability. But I would not be opposed to something larger or even smaller if it made sense. I'd like it at minimum to be eligible for a plate in PA, and would really like it to be capable of actually being street legal so I can participate in some of the NJ rides I have been reading about. My mechanical abilities are just average so I would prefer something that is not a project, and has not been heavily modified from stock. So how about it, is anyone upgrading their ride this year and looking to sell? Shoot me a message if so. I am in the Reading PA area and usually ride at FRO or AOAA. Thanks! Rich
  15. RDTH

    Rauschcreek Off-road Park

    Yes, trails are similar but as pat said you can have a yearly campsite on premises. So it's like a camping neighborhood. Also I don't think they have the rule about being 12 years old like fro. As far as aoaa I believe they have a bit more property although I'm not totally sure..I never joined as the price was too steep for me. So in a perfect world you would step off the trail and into your luxury RV for a hot shower, then kick back in front of the campfire with your friends and a few adult beverages. I could get into that! But probably not so fun with my tent...