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  1. The Storm

    i dont even know what to say

    Maybe you'll understand later in life...for now its best that you remain innocent.
  2. The Storm

    01 650r clutch problem

    ...nevermind, I pulled it apart and figured it out. She was definately siezed up.
  3. The Storm

    01 650r clutch problem

    I have the same exact problem. I got an '01 and the clutch wont dissengage at all. What does the clutch bushing look like?
  4. The Storm

    CRF Mystery Problem

    The chain and CCT are all go...I have no idea what is going on.
  5. The Storm

    CRF Mystery Problem

    I've tried bump starting...everything is spinning free. It just doesnt want to fire, it doesnt have any even signs of life.
  6. The Storm

    CRF Mystery Problem

    On my last ride my 250R started to get harder to start towards then end of the day so when I brought it home I checked the valves and they were a little out of spec. I shimmed them up, timed the motor and put her together and it wouldnt start. So I went back in and looked at everything at least 6 times, everything looks fine, I replaced the spark plug, cleaned the carburetor, made sure I was getting air, fuel, and spark...everything looks good but the thing wont run. It doesnt even try to, I'm not getting any pops or anything and I'm out of ideas, any thoughts as to what is going on?
  7. The Storm

    '78 XL250 Oil Capacity

    Thanks for the help!
  8. The Storm

    '78 XL250 Oil Capacity

    I just bought an old '78 Honda XL250. The thing is a blast to ride around! I need to change the oil but I dont have a manual or anything and I was wonder how much it takes. Any help is very appreciated!
  9. The Storm

    New Tires

    Cool, thanks. I actually would prefer that it be all black.
  10. I'm getting some new Cooper ST All Terrains for my truck. I'm gonna go with 265-75-16's, but when I was checking out some websites I noticed you could either get the 265-75-16's or the 265-75-16WL's which were slightly more expensive, but I dont know what the difference is. Does anyone know what WL means?
  11. The Storm

    Lamson on his 125

    LONG LIVE LAMMY! You can count on me cheering him on this Sunday!
  12. The Storm

    Chick flip

    Cool pics...it would be wild to be one of TP's buddies!
  13. The Storm

    How a 125 is meant to be rode!!!

    Seriously, the guy is pretty fast. But he needs to learn how to jump, everytime he gets in the air he gets all out of control and the back of the bike goes whippin' out.
  14. The Storm

    CRF Muffler only

    I think $45 bucks would be a pretty fair price to put on it. I wouldnt go any higher myself.
  15. The Storm

    To big for me?

    You'll be fine, once you get used to the thumper you'll fall in love with it!