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  1. The Professor

    2012 rmz 250 sprocket nuts stripped!

    If loctite red was used, heat is needed to soften the polymer. http://henkeladhesivesna.com/blog/how-to-remove-red-threadlocker/
  2. The Professor

    New Polisport update plastic?

    The Polisport radiator shrouds look a bit bulky. Also I'm not sure what graphics would fit properly. Are there any other good alternatives to modernize '02 CR250 plastics?
  3. The Professor

    New member 2018 Ktm 300xc problems 2.5hr

    Awesome bike choice. Change the oil again and see what you've got. You could drain the oil into a strainer to catch any potential big pieces for inspection. Soon there should be only the typical fine metal particles on the magnet sticking out like little hairs.
  4. The Professor

    Filter cleaner that removes grease? (Not gas)

    I agree No Toil is fantastic for most conditions, heavy dust is no problem. However if there is a LOT of water on the track I believe it can penetrate a No Toil lubed filer a little easier than petroleum. I had this issue last Sunday at Snowshoe. Despite the usual mud prep including air box taping, there were mud colored water spots in the boot Sorry for getting a little off topic from the OP.
  5. The Professor

    dirt rider tits up

    Dirt Rider has good coverage of GNCC and other off road racing. I read it online, never contributed $. They will continue on-line.