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  1. Razor ray

    Powervalve broken YZ250? Solution

    Apparently jet ski's have same issue. I fix 2 of these a month. I'm expecting more cause of off season. Good time to pull the engine. Thanks.
  2. I'm a little new to this so bare with me. Notice your powervalve is broken. Question is how long was is broke. Valve still works when topper comes off, problem is steel on aluminum doesn't hold up. I've been reading posts on how to fix and came up with my own way. Not sure if image is visible??? Solution, remove steel pin. Drill and tap down centre of shaft. Screw in bolt. Drill bolt in place and drill same size as pin. Install bolt with loctite. Instal steel pin. Good as new. Bolt head is same dia. as stem. Powervalve in pic is pretty smashed on top. To fix I machined .030 off top and added that to stack up. Foot is .060 thick. Bolt head is turned on lathe to .090 thick. Works perfect. I'm licences machinist. I used M7x1.0 bolt 12mm length. Low head socket head bolt. Bolt grade 8. Hope that's clear as mud. Hope this can be useful to someone.
  3. My problem is studs clipping the chain. I came up with a homemade guard that works great for my rmz. Works awsome.
  4. Razor ray

    Moto Hawaii Pics

    did you get a response about Maui? I'm going in a few months. hoping to find someone that will rent there personal bike for a ride.