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  1. Doghound

    2008 Starvation Ridge 24 hour race photos!

    Blaine, Fantastic pics! I, I mean all of us would love to see the rest of the shots you took out there. Come on dude, post'em up! Jay
  2. Doghound

    25 in 2009!!!

    Count me in! When does signup open?????? Jay Checkmate Motorsports
  3. Big thanks to Scott and Deb, and the sweepers. The race was awesome! Since we won the beginner class last year, we choose to run open am this year.......Wow! some of you are screaming fast! It was good to be pushed a little out there to help keep our speeds up. In all, it was a fantastic race and we cant wait for next year. Kudos to the riders that moved over when overtaken by me, I yelled "thank you" to them every time and that also goes for the sweeps as well. Had no issues with them at all....good job. J-boat Checkmate Motorsports
  4. 930 am and we are on our way! See ya all up there! Jay
  5. Your right! It does feel like Christmas eve when I was a young pup. Bike is already up there, tools are packed, gear is ready and so am I !!!!! Stop by pit 35 and say hi! Jay Checkmate Motorsports
  6. Doghound

    24hr riders needed--10/25-26

    I am so ready for that race!!!!!! I cannot say enough about this race. I was on the same team as Joe last year and this race was way more fun than it was work. If you have never raced this.......do yourself a favor, Buy a light and come out and race the night! J-boat
  7. Doghound

    Otbg Thanks The Jones Creek Trail Riders!!

    Thats gonna be a problem......You're always twisted! :excuseme: Glad your home buddy! Jay
  8. Doghound

    Otbg Thanks The Jones Creek Trail Riders!!

    Hey Ya'll, My name is Jay and I think some of you may know me. I was one of the sweepers during that race on Saturday. Here's a little of what happened: Somewhere around halfway around the course at 6 PM I ran into Joe. I have seen him many times on the side of the trails taking a break when we ride but this time I knew he f*#@! his leg up good. In the little ditch part of the course (the one after the first drop off I kept jumping by mistake) He got a little crossed up and got his toe dug into the side of the bank, and this turned his leg around backwards. He broke it in a few places just above his ankle and also the smaller bone just below his knee. I got him to the hospital by 7PM at Goldendale and then drove him to SW Washington med center by 12:30 Sunday morning. Rebound is taking good care of him as we speak. He had some plates and screws installed and I would expect him to start getting a little restless by next spring. I'll keep you posted as he progresses. On a lighter note: I would like to thank OTBG for having us out to help during the race. I feel bad that some of us couldnt complete the work but I think we will find a way to make it up to Scott and Debbie. I would also like to thank the Ironman racer ( I didnt catch his number ) who stayed with Joe until we could get to him. I would like to thank you personally someday. If you are racing the 24, You can prolly catch Joe keeping us motivated at the Checkmate Racing pits #35. Come by and say Hi! Jay
  9. Doghound

    2008 24 hrs of Starvation Ridge Info!

    I have a buddy fron Bend that rode the poker run with us at Jones Creek and wants to race the 24 hrs at Starvation Ridge but both of our teams filled up . He has a couple guys from Bend that may do it but we need a few more peeps to make it cost effective and not too hard on the bodies..........Anyone interested? The plan is to run beginner since none of them have ever raced before. email me at: jay@tripleateam.com or PM me. Jay
  10. Doghound

    Found some bikes

    And I thought he was one of the Beach Boys! Jay
  11. Doghound

    2008 24 hrs of Starvation Ridge Info!

    Scott, Think big this year! I think a 50 mile loop would be perfect!!!!! Jay Checkmate Racing
  12. Doghound

    Washougal 27 July 08

    453 K. Kuest Airway Heights, WA Honda CRF450R
  13. Doghound

    Oil Type

    Rotella T 15w-40 in the gearbox and Dumonde tech in the gas! J-boat