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  1. michdave

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Oh. My bad...I’ll search the entire TnTT forum and gather some information from others before I post about my generator and A/C. I take back what I said...it didn’t run it at all....[emoji102]. I guess I didn’t realize that was a requirement before posting on an entirely different forum about trailers. Sorry if I offended anyone by suggesting the Honda or Yamaha! Good looking out!
  2. michdave

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    For what it’s worth... I picked up a Honda EU2200i during the winter when Northern Tool had their $200 back when you spent over a $1000 deal. I picked up the Companion model because it had the 30amp plug. My original intentions were to get a second one and run them in parallel to power my Toy Hauler with a 13,500 BTU rooftop A/C. It warmed up last weekend I decided to de-winterize the trailer and test out the Honda. Low and behold, the single EU2200i powers the A/C (even on high) and the rest of the trailer. The only hold back was that I couldn’t run and A/C and the microwave at the same time; only one at a time. I know the Honda and Yamaha gen-sets cost a little more but, there’s a little cult-following with generators and these guys post hundreds of videos testing them out. Those two brands were the only ones who offered a clean enough sine-wave to power modern electronics without harming them. With that, they were the only ones who were putting out their actual rated output. I know the Champions, and other brands have some decent stuff for a much more attractive price, but their power output isn’t always consistent. If you’re going to buy a gen-set that you plan on keeping awhile, and the little extra money is there...you may want to consider the Honda/Yamaha. Yamaha actually just re-vamped their 2200 inverter/generator to make it more R/V friendly. If they had done that before I bought the Honda, I wouldn’t have gone that route because if the added features.
  3. Nice man! Although I’m a Michigan native, I’m actually stationed down in D.C. I picked this one up at a dealer in Fredericksburg, VA.
  4. Thanks! It’s a 2017 KTM 250XC-W. They gave me a heck of deal at the end of the year when the 2018 TPIs were coming out. I was originally hunting for the 300, but couldn’t pass the deal up. Plus with the TPIs coming out, a lot of dealers were off loading the 300 big bore kit from KTM Hard Parts at 40% off retail; so I snagged a kit and threw it on the shelf for later. Build Sheet looks like: Tusk Dual sport mirror Enduro Plate break-away plate mount Trail Tech fan and radiator braces Motion Pro Catch Can Carbon Pipe Guard Aluminum Skid Front/Rear disk guards IMS tank MidWest Mountain Engineering Levers Rear brake Res extender New springs EE spark arrestor Fastwey Footpegs KTM Freeride Left control switch Cyclops LED Bulb Wired for high/low beam Horn Exhaust Flange brace Axle pulls Front/rear lift straps Lectron Carburetor GL handlebar bag And a few other trinkets. Now all I need is more time to ride. Anyone know where I can get some of that? Lol
  5. The van for day trips or to places where we stay in cabins. And then the wife and I picked up the toy hauler for future trips.
  6. Forgot to mention that they are completely aluminum; frame, walls, flooring, cabinets, etc. I don’t have many great pictures because I wrapped it up for winter soon after picking it up but, here a few I snapped. It does have a full bath with a stand alone shower.
  7. I tried digging through this entire thread on my phone, so I apologize if someone has already mentioned the Livin Lite Quicksilver VRV. They make multiple sizes but I settled on the 7x20 because it’s weight and overall size. New they’re around $27-30K. I found a very clean used 2015 for $18. The caveat to that is that “very clean” used RV’s or Trailer seem to be rare, and I had to drive from DC to Tampa and back. [emoji51]. Luckily, I had family in Florida so I picked it up and checked off a family visit for the year. If you’re considering one, do some digging. I found that Livin Lite started cutting some corners on the newer ones for what I can only guess is cost savings. For instance, my 2015 cabinets are all wider and deeper than the 2018 models. The shelves inside he kitchen cabinets of mine are also full depth where they shortened them in the new ones. All of my molding is aluminum and the new ones are all black plastic. My folding bed/couch combo is 72” and the new ones only come with a 60”. In my opinion, the used model was a better trailer than the new ones. The claimed weight is 3400lbs empty, and 3780lb with the dual LP tanks, battery, etc. I pulled with with my Transit (3.5L EcoBoost) and it pulls great.
  8. michdave

    R my riding days over??

    Sorry to hear about the pain and suffering. I had a slightly different issue about 8 years back. Now, I have to disclose that I'm a bit younger (currently 35). But, back in 2009 I shattered my knee and top 6 inches of my tibia in a motocross accident. I have since had to have 5 more surgeries on the same knee because of meniscus tears and some of the hardware backing out. I still have 13 screws and 3 bars/plates in the leg. The doc's told me that I have about 30% of the meniscus left and arthritis of a 75 year old. (Not sure how this can be proven?) After all of that, the doctors gave me the expected doctor speeches; You can't ride anymore, Stay away from bikes, etc. So, I did stay away from bikes for 7 years until I decided that I could at least ride a street bike. Well, a street bike turned into a Hypermotard, then an Adventure bike and before you knew it...I was trailering my adventure bike so that I could ride off road. I decided if my knee was holding up to that 500lb animal, I could handle a lighter dirt bike...I'd just steer clear of motocross (obviously I wasn't that good at it anyways. Ha-ha). I picked up a KTM 350EXC-F and started trail riding again and found the love I had back 7 years ago. I decided to sell the adventure bike and the purchaser offered a partial trade on a KTM Freeride. I had saw them around the shop, but they were different and not a "full size" dirt bike, so I couldn't see replacing the 350 with one. But, since I wouldn't have to buy this one, I figured, what the heck?! I have absolutely fallen in love with the thing! So much so, that the 350 just sits in the garage. The bike weighs somewhere around 205lbs ready to ride and the torquey little power-valveless engine is confidence inspiring. But the biggest thing here, is how light the darn thing is! It weighs about the same as my wife's TTR125L but with a real engine that it awesome in single track trails. When it falls, it's so light that picking it up isn't an issue for me or anyone else I've let ride it. My wife has even taken it recently and now she is interested in getting one. Being that she's only 5'4", I could easily slap on a set of the SX85 wheels (direct fit for them) and it would lower it even more for her. Being that you're used to the YZ250, the engine and power shouldn't be an issue for you. (The engine is pure low end grunt-not much up top). Other have already mentioned the Beta xTrainer and I think that would be another awesome option. It has more motor but very similar size and ergo's from what I have been told. I have yet to ride one. Like I mentioned above, the Freeride is a riot in single-track and will climb anything you can throw at it. I think that it or the xTrainer would be a much more suitable fit than a chunky and slow trail bike. The KLX140's are still very slow (my wife had one of those), the CRF150Fs aren't much faster, the CRF230 and TTR230 are waaaay to heavy for what they are and all of them would be such a step down in the power department that I think you would easily get bored with it. Not to mention....the suspension on all of them is very limited. After getting used to the forks on the YZ, the "trail bike" conventional forks will seem all over the place. I notice them every time I ride my wife's TTR and we've even stiffened and braced hers. Just my two cents. I'm not trying to insult anyone or their bikes. The only thing I didn't like about my Freeride was the brakes. They utilize the SX85 brakes (to save weight according to KTM). But with that, they simply aren't powerful enough if you plan on riding at a "faster" pace. I solved this by swapping the axle clamp on the left side so that I could run the full-size brakes. In the rear, companies sell a new brake caliper mount that will allow the larger big bike brakes. After that quick little mod, the bike is near perfect in my eyes. I just thought it may be worth mentioning, because if the Beta has better brakes from the factory, that could have swayed me if I was buying one. Good luck in your choice!