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  1. rmzbeast

    Chinese Bike chain jumping troubles

    Hi All I have just purchase an Atomik Blitz 250. I am having trouble with bad chain noises to the point where it feels like it is going to come off... When i have it on a lift stand and start the bike and put it into gear every so often on a revolution it will jump and sound like it is going to come off..I have checked the frame and it is not hitting anywhere and i am really stuck on this one..I have been building bike for 20 years and have not had a problem like this before...Can anyone suggest(besides binning the whole thing) anything i may look into. :excuseme:
  2. rmzbeast

    Vavle answers every KX250F owner should read

    dont they come out stock with titaniam valves??????
  3. rmzbeast

    does any one make stainless valves?????

    any one from australia???????
  4. can any one tell me if they know of a company that makes stainless valves for the rmzs 250 04
  5. rmzbeast

    Not for the weak hearted...seriously

    looks like a mother in law coyote
  6. rmzbeast

    Big bore Kit

    why bother leave it stock and reliable
  7. rmzbeast

    2004 RMZ250 Problems!!!!! Help

    all the things you are buying are a waste of time and money except the water pump cover come to australia we will show you chap how to ride properley
  8. rmzbeast

    Dumped my CR125 in water

    if the motor choked it can cause back pressure inwhich you may of sucked water into the barrel get some dirt in between the rings and piston you may of done some damage it has happened before cant hirt to check if you take the she'l be right approach like so many others this is when the unexpected happens when you really want to go on that ride
  9. rmzbeast

    Do you oil your o-ring chain

    back in the day i would use these blocks of grease and put them in a frying pan and let it cook why did they stop this product
  10. and rka means rmzs kick arse
  11. rmzbeast

    bike making some strange noises

    sounds like the valve is not seating properly a common problem and it may be piston slap
  12. rmzbeast

    05 KX250F vs. 05 CRF250R

    seenyou are a beginer dont get a kxf or rmz because you willnot hang on to the sheer power of these babies having raced a crf on road and off the crf is so much milder than the rmzs in all aspects so what it comes down to is you can putt around on a crf and constantly be romoving cob webs off you or you could be laying comfortable in hospital with 3rd degree wind burns to 99% of you body from a rmz i know what i would choose
  13. rmzbeast

    2004 rmz 250 and it constantly pukes out rad fluid out of overflow

    its the head gasket i just had the same problem changed it problem solved