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  1. I mount mine right on the front of the mouth guard of my helmet, as where I ride, there are many a low tree branches that like to knock them off the top of my helmet It took a little fiddling with different mounts, but works good, and I can see it to turn it on and off easier.
  2. Same here in Kentucky, but I like to run full knobbies on the AJP, and run Shinko 244's on the XT250 as I commute on it some if I plate the AJP, I have to pay insurance and taxes on it every year... (I'm a Cheap SOB)
  3. I like mine a lot, it's a great little dualsport !
  4. If you show up here, you can definitely take mine for a ride.....I'd have to try to keep up with you on my XT250
  5. I think the listed dry weight of the PR4 is 229 pounds, but it "Feels" much lighter, with the under seat fuel tank, and the lower seat height, it carries it weight really low, and further back, is a LOT easier to pick up then my previous CRF250X, or even my old should definitely see if you can find one you can test out...
  6. So far, I've had no problem, the brake pads are available from other bikes (EBC#'s) the air filter is the same a Husaburg 500 (I think that right, I have the numbers somewhere) and nothing else has been an issue, the Zongshen motor has many place to get parts from, the dealer I got it from says he can get any part for them, but I'm sure would have some shipping wait on some items.....The linkage bearing require maintenance regularly, but are easy to pull and re-grease (30 minute job) the stock wheel bearing were pretty crappy, but use standard sizes, so I replaced them with quality bearings early on. It's a prefect tight trail bike, it's definitely not super powerful, but everyone I ride with are on bigger faster 2-t bikes (Betas and GasGas) and I'm never the "Slow Guy" on the rides.
  7. I think you'd like the PR4 Exteme....... I'm still loving my PR4 Enduro, I added a pipe, which seemed to free up some more power, and sound much better to boot, without being overly loud.
  8. It is something like an Expansion Chamber on a 2-Stroke, on the 4-Stroke it "Tunes the Exhaust pulses to smooth out the exhaust flow (This is how I understand it)
  9. As they were on my 87 well as the fork boots
  10. So just released pics of the prototype AJP P310
  11. MMMm...Squirrel and dumplins.........
  12. Looks like a 87 DR200 set up my friend used to ride back in the day....
  13. That's not an issue, as we don't have them plated, so they are hauled when on pavement ...With all them on the same trailer, they all run the same speed on the pavement hehe....I've ridden their Beta's, and they probably have at least twice the power of my PR4, but it's not that helpful in the really tight stuff.......I like the old saying, "It more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow"
  14. My main riding buddies ride A Beta X-Trainer, a Beta 300RR, and a GasGas 250 , and I ride a AJP PR4, and I am never the one slowing us up, The PR4 isn't a "Fast" bike, but is a very capable off road bike....the tighter the trail, the better it likes it.
  15. Congrats!!