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  1. Motorius

    XR650L Issues... Help!

    Potentially a flaky kill switch. My bike has that problem now. Misses occasionally, and completely died mid ride one time. Flip that kill switch back and forth a few times and see if it helps.
  2. Motorius

    What kind of RPM’s can I turn for long distance

    15/42 for freeway has me doing over 75mph no issues. As others here have suggested, I’ll get a 14T front and swapping it for the 15T will take me back to ‘stock’ gearing when I’m not freeway bombing.
  3. Motorius

    BRP w/a Sherpax Trailer

    How long did you spend on that ride?
  4. Motorius

    BRP w/a Sherpax Trailer

    I like the Procycle folk. Good service. Also good luck with the Rocky Mountain ADV people and Revzilla.
  5. So the spousal unit is going on a bicycle trip somewhere in Europe next year (I think Italy) and while she has not told me the cost, I think is more than my whole XR650L build to date! She’s on the wrong bike! 🤣
  6. Figured out my tires are TKC 80’s
  7. Motorius

    BRP w/a Sherpax Trailer

    Always thought that applied to the R and the L. Hmmmmm....
  8. Year — 2008 XR650L Carb — stock with unknown jetting by prior owner Exhaust — stock (want to use rear subframe braces; never want to be the fall guy for backcountry Fire) Air Filter — foamy thing (green/white) w/snorkel remover, desmogged, and oil canister retained Tires — I forget but pretty generic road/dirt things (twinduros?) I bought as takeoffs from a dirt rider Suspension—Procycle heaviest front spring kit, 15kg rear spring, gold valves all around Other—Sutton oil cooler, skid plate, ADVmonster 60 lights, Moose expedition rack, Eastern Beaver 3cs aux power switching, Motech side racks, unknown windscreen, USBx2 power plug, Garmin 660 (used;inbound), unknown bar risers, hand guards, JNS light holder, Clarke 4.7 gal tank 15T/42T sprocket set Some stuff came with the bike, some bought used, some bought new. Some shop labor, some my labor.
  9. Motorius

    Eastern Beaver 3cs switched power question

    Just an update here that the EB switched 3 circuit works flawlessly. I did trigger it off the tail light. Use it for a dual USB plug, auxiliary front lights, and will add a cig lighter port or just wire directly to a GPS.
  10. Motorius

    BRP w/a Sherpax Trailer

    Yeah, the writing part was excellent! I may be wrong here but I believe if AZ recognizes it this way it should not need anything to operate the bike/trailer in CA. And thanks for the calculator. Playing around tells me I could go to a 14T front and be back at ‘stock’ gearing again. So the answer may be to keep a 14T around. OTOH the new 15T went on nice and snug so I’m guessing I need a gear puller to change out sprockets.
  11. Motorius

    BRP w/a Sherpax Trailer

    Also have a beefier front sprocket (not Fritzco as got it b4 I knew of them). With the smaller rear, if I go smaller front don’t I get overall higher gearing?
  12. Motorius

    BRP w/a Sherpax Trailer

    Plated in AZ & they say no tags needed! [emoji122] I have a few ADVmonster 60 lites on a JNS light plate. These have flip up covers on them in yellow. Seriously bright but usable during the days. I try not to ride at night.
  13. Motorius

    BRP w/a Sherpax Trailer

    This has been my build this summer, with the goal of riding Baja next year. Stock motor, jetted carb, opened airbox, Motech side racks, stock exhaust, beefed up subframe supports, new battery, new chain, ADVmonster lights up front, Eastern Beaver switched 3 circuit power, USBx2 in the side of the headlight assembly, new chain, trying 15/42 for now but prolly too high for dirt buts it’s great on the highway! Also beefed up front & rear suspension to heaviest I could get. Now riding and stopping doesn’t feel like I’m on a hobby horse. But the cooled add is the Sherpax! You literally don’t even know its back there! Carries plenty too! Desert camping this fall — here I come!
  14. Motorius

    Eastern Beaver 3cs switched power question

    Primary is all off the battery! Control now off the taillight. It’ll be a bit before I get it all back together to really test it as I’m adding racks, big tank, etc.