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  1. antonyp

    Canadian Winter Pricing

    We used to have quite a few of those on the Island (Cyprus) back in the late 90's. Awesome bikes for the time! They were very popular with Bike Rental shops and for an air-cooled bike in a country where the summer is at least 6 months long that should mean something [emoji16].
  2. Yes, the nipple on the caliper. This way you recirculate the whole system. I hear you on brake cleaner being bad for rubber. Actually, it's probably bad for anything other than the rotors and the brake pads but you can always take the rubber seals out use brake cleaner and pressurized air to clean everything and then reassemble. No harm, no foul [emoji6] Ideally, it would be good to rebuild the master cylinder at the same time, or if you are positive the MC seals are in really good condition and that rebuilding is unnecessary you can carefully dissasemble it (don't damage those seals), clean with brake cleaner, blow dry and reassemble. Dirt and moisture trapped between MC seals cannot be flushed via normal bleeding of the system and can cause corrosion in the "compression tube" of the MC in the long run.
  3. Yes, it's more than enough if you get the bleeding done correctly without wasting it. One thing I like to do is connect a length of the appropriate size hose on the bleeding nipple and use it as a return line pumping brake fluid back into the reservoir. Once the "circuit" is full keep pumping for a while recirculating the brake fluid. This will get rid of any "micro bubbles" that might be lingering in the system. Of course this implies that you have already cleaned your whole brake system thoroughly. Otherwise, you just be pumping dirt and moisture back into your brake pump [emoji12].
  4. antonyp

    DRZ400S Timing Question

    OMG - That's hilarious ! Can anyone really be that stupid ??? [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]
  5. antonyp

    Oil box repair...Will it work?

    Looks more like an improvement than just a temp fix - I would use epoxy rather than silicone and keep it like that [emoji16]
  6. antonyp

    DRZ400S Timing Question

    Thanks for all the info guys [emoji106]
  7. antonyp

    DRZ400S Timing Question

    How about impact on performance or fuel consumption ?
  8. antonyp

    DRZ400S Timing Question

    Tippex Marks on the Flywheel - Probably from the PO. Haven't checked the cam chain that closely but I don't think it's corrosion. I hope not anyway 😬
  9. antonyp

    DRZ400S Timing Question

    Thanks for that. The bike only shows 12K Miles on it but it looks as if it's done a lot more. I forgot to mention that it already has the MCCT installed but I noticed it was adjusted way too tight. Probably that in itself has worn the chain ??? As far as performance is concerned the bike starts/idles/runs fine but severely lacks top end power. It has a Pro Circuit T4 but no idea of the jetting just yet. I thought to check timing and valves first and then continue with the carb. It seems it was a good idea after all. Any other thoughts and/or suggestions before I start shopping around for a new chain would be great [emoji16].
  10. antonyp

    DRZ400S Timing Question

    Hey Guys, I recently bought a 2003 DRZ400S and thought it would be a good idea to check the valves clearance etc . I timed the engine on TDC with the magneto mark aligned as per the manual but I find the cam timing slightly odd. The arrows pointing upward are on the 1st and 15th pin as they should but with the magneto timing mark aligned they are not perfectly straight. Same goes for the arrows that should be parallel to the cylinder head casing. Is this normal or should they be absolutely perfect ?
  11. antonyp

    08 WR250f Bogs when throttle is punched

    I know it's an old thread but... Knobbysidedown, what happened in the end ? Was your problem completely resolved ? I have an '08 sitting in my garage that has the same problem - It belongs to a friend who uses the bike on tarmac quite a bit where the bog is much more annoying so I am trying to help him tune it a bit.