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  1. ghrocketman, please don't take this the wrong way. I somewhat agree with your logic, but for example, what do you think of the teenage riots in Greece? They are about to shut that place down because mom and pop won't keep the kids under control. The riots by the "kids" have crippled that place in just a matter of a few days. Where's all the mom's and pop's and their parenting? I do agree that as a "responsible" parent, I should have ALL control over how I raise my kid and what I decide to let him do. When individual/parental responsibility goes out the window, law jumps in it. Unfortunate, but true.
  2. You all realize what's driving this? Mostly underinsured, and some insured, showing up at the emergency room after a bad get-off or injury from stupidity. Bean counters start looking at the numbers and the "data" makes its way to lawmakers. The fact that the media plasters everything today doesn't help the cause. Just this past week 2 adults were injured on ATV's, a civil servant as well as NBA star Rodney Rogers....and that was here in NC. Everytime I take my son to any ER for a bike related injury, I always get a questionaire form the Rawlings Corporation asking all kinds of questions about what caused the injury and why. Nothing but fodder for some law office. If you folks in Virginia do what a lot of us here in NC did, you may wind up with something you can at least tolerate. The first draft of any Bill is always very one sided (for the government). Get active and voice your concern to your lawmakers. Then go
  3. This is actually law here in NC...has been for some time. No popo on closed course activities. Public riding areas like state parks...yes. Private land......I ain't seen a popo brave enough yet....and I'm a popo!
  4. sealusion

    Heat wrapping the header???

    Look at this. These may give you another option. http://flatlandracing.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=FR&Category_Code=Universal
  5. sealusion

    Honda Superhawk.......

    Just bought my son a '98 in perfect condition. It does love the gas if you constantly wick it. It has a power delivery that is very useable. Pipes do make it sound better. Since this was his first street bike, I figured it provided plenty of style, decent cost and one of the most wicked sounds form a sport bike. Looks like a in-line 4 but sounds like a Harley on 'roids. Weird sight/sound combo!
  6. sealusion

    How do you fix gout attacks?

    I have had gout on and off for a few years now. For me, orange juice, red meat, dry beans and shrimp seem to set it off. I have taken Endocin (sp) as a rescue med and it does good for me. When I feel it starting, I start my med and by the end of the day, I'm all good.
  7. sealusion

    Got some Q's id like A'd =]

    Nothing to it. My son had his left one done in January of 2007 and his right one done in March of 2007. Full recovery from both although he did have a labrum tear that had to be pinned down during the right shoulder proceedure. He's doing fine now, but does have some discomfort with extreme changes in weather. Nothing a couple of tylenol won't fix. My sons had gotten so bad before surgery, he could prop himself on his elbows on the bed and both would pop out. Good idea to get it done as a young man. Tough for a couple of months, but you will be glad you did it when it's over. If you need any other info from our experience, PM me. Phillip
  8. sealusion

    Greetings from Honduras.... (DonO)

    DonO, give me a PM about your trip. A group of us were to fly into Teguz but with the crash last week the airport is closed indefinitely. Need to pick your brain. Thanks, Phillip
  9. sealusion

    New track tool!

    My local track owner uses one of these. Absolutely the best at grooming the track. The rotating blades in the rear leave the soil flat and loamy. http://www.unverferth.com/ustper.php
  10. sealusion

    Is this piston good?

    Does anyone else see a stud that is higher than the rest? The new looking one does look like it is not level with or below the deck. Not familiar with the 2stk and this may be normal. 2stk guys, if this did not let the mating parts seal well, would it cause a lean condition and seize it? I don't know....just helping the guy look for answers before he puts it back together.
  11. sealusion

    Surgery with Dr Mark today.

    Hey Mike! This is Phillip. Glad everything came out well with Sam's surgery. Hope she recovers quickly and gets back on the bike. Tyler had both shoulders done and is doing very well, but he has stayed off the bike for the most part. He has ridden a few times and feels great, but he turned 16, got his license, got a steady chick, looking for a job, yada yada......I wish he would get back with it! Drop me a PM and let me know how everything is going, and tell Sam I said "hi".
  12. sealusion

    My exhaust.

    Simply...path of least resistance. If both holes were the same, one can would expel more exhaust gases than the other. The larger tip opening is on the "added" can allowing exhaust to exit "equal". If it were a 2 cylinder motor, both pipes would be identical, but since it is a "y" pipe from one cylinder, the "added pipe/can" had to be larger.
  13. sealusion

    Menieres disease?

    My mom has had it since 2001, she was 55. She suffers daily. She has not driven since the day of onset. Her balance is poor, even when it is one of her good days. She has tried numerous drugs that treat the symptoms, but only to create more issues to deal with. She is classified as totally disabled because it affects every aspect of her life. Her best days would be pi$$ poor days for me. I resort to research every once in a while and I have discovered info on this guy who has developed a positional chair device that has had great results. It looks like a carnival ride...like a gyro chair that goes through predetermined rotations and spins. It is supposed to "reset the cillia (sp)" in the inner ear. Under licensing at this time from what I can gather. If anyone finds a cure.......my mom and many others may possibly get their life back.
  14. sealusion

    anyone get headaches/migrane after races

    Focus on your breathing. Not breathing properly will cause lower oxygen saturation levels, thus the headaches. For instant migraine relief, try this. http://www.maxalt.com/rizatriptan_benzoate/maxalt/consumer/maxalt_mlt/index.jsp My son has been using this as a rescue drug and it is a miracle! :thumbsup: The secret with this drug is you have to get it in you at the first sign of an attack. Like his neuro told him..."kill the monster when it's a baby". On a side note, while my son was recovering from bilateral plications of the shoulders, he didn't have any migraines. Heat, stress, dehydration and other things play a part, but focus on controlled breathing. Good luck to ya'!!
  15. sealusion

    Where does this go

    Silver as in chromed? If so it could be a head stud washer, but I don't think you could get your thumb inside of it..