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  1. PigPenKLX450

    helmet cameras? whats everyone using?

    I havent had any time yet to get mine up I will this weekend cuz Im going riding but in the mean time check out the site www.vholdr.com under the comunity section there is video taken with the vholdr on there.
  2. PigPenKLX450

    helmet cameras? whats everyone using?

    this is the one I got and after this weekend I will be posting a test vid from mine but its a great cam it takes great vid and it doesnt have to be hooked up to a camcorder. heres the site www.vholdr.com
  3. PigPenKLX450

    Which Helmet Cam?????

    check out this one its so awsome I already ordered one. www.vholdr.com
  4. PigPenKLX450


    its called get a loan......my bikes finnal price came out to $8,550.00 and I got a loan and my payments are $145 a month I dont have a car payment so I can afford the bike payment no prob.
  5. I dont know why you guys cant walk in your boots mine are very comfy and I have walked a long way in mine im talking like 2 to 3 miles and felt fine I wear Thor Quadrants they are comfy and no I wasnt stranded I was hikeing because we couldnt ride past a certain point and we wanted to go to this oasis thing
  6. ok here is what I carry...... a co2/ hand tire pump, a delta shockproof water proof lighter thats will work in 80 mph winds since I ride the desert.a camel bak hydration system/backpack. some rope for tow. a survival knife. a multitool. a bunch of zip tyes. a monocular. a small mirror. and my cell phone just in case.
  7. PigPenKLX450

    Jawbone Checkpoint

    no we all just need to be a little more conciderate of one another and think before we act thats all im saying. ok you guys take everything out of contexr I have seen some shitty things happen to good riders because of dumb people and I just think that if there was less people doing stupid stuff it would help thats all. if you wanna do insane tricks or do dumb stuff do it away from everyone else so you dont endanger those around you. I have been almost hit by stupid people 3 times and 2 of the times the stupid person got caught by the rangers cuz the rangers saw them cut me off or what ever they did. so we all just need to realize that there are other people out there riding in the same areas and we need to be carfull ok is that ok or is that too harsh for everyone.
  8. PigPenKLX450

    Jawbone Checkpoint

    you know what you guys take it way out of context. if crusty deamons want to kill themselfs then thats fine but what i am saying is that everyone needs to be a little more carefull and not be dumb. I hate when people go blowing by me doing a wheelie cuz I have had someone hit me before doing that and if you want to do that do it away from everyone else is all im saying. geez U guys dont get it.
  9. PigPenKLX450

    Jawbone Checkpoint

    you know what the main point im getting at is that we all need to stop doing stupid things because yes its shortining all of our life spans with drinking and riding or doing wheelies as you pass people or cutting people off on the trail or doing any stupid thing you have seen people do. it all puts the rest of us riders at risk and some people need to think before they act so how about you come off ur high horse all I said was not smart and not being a roll model there are kids that are 16 or younger on this site and they read this and say oh well its ok to drink and ride they dont look at numbers or how much they drank they just see some other biker doing something they think is cool so they go do it too and then bad things happen thats all im saying.
  10. PigPenKLX450

    Jawbone Checkpoint

    dude you can have 1 1/2 beers an hr and still not blow over the limit but any more then that and your impairing your ability to drive and ur taking ur chances of blowing over the limit. and no matter you shouldnt drink a beer and drive right away. yes if you have 2 beers and wait 2 hrs or so and drive then yeah you will be fine but if you have 2 beers and drive right after your driving is going to be a little impaired. so no matter how many he had its still not good and stupid crap like that is why bad things happen im not trying to say that he is a total retard I just dont think that that is a very smart Idea period camp isnt that far away get the drinks and go back to camp and enjoy them.
  11. PigPenKLX450

    Jawbone Checkpoint

    wow all I got to say is not smart. :D I hope you dont have any kids cuz that is not being a good role model. if you want to have a drink, buy it from the store and then ride back to ur campsite and park your bike for the night and then drink it. I am so sick and tired of hearing about crap like this happening and people think its no big deal. Well I think its terrible because lets say a guy hit a friend of urs and ur friend died and come to find out after the accident that the guy that hit ur friend had a couple of beers before he went riding. wouldnt you be absolutly pissed:mad: off that he did that. I would. so lets all be smart and stop this shit man. I love to ride as much as the next person and I love to drink a nice cold refreshing beer after a ride also but after I drink that beer I dont go ride. Im sorry for the rant but I would like to continue with this sport I love so much untill Im so old I cant ride no more I think everyone would like it that way. But with all the people out there doing stupid shit when they shouldnt or drinking and riding or whatever if it continues not only are our riding areas going to be shut down but shit I think my life span just got shorter because my chances of getting hit by someone doing something stupid just skyrocketed. So people please think before you do something stupid next time. please cuz I want to live a long life and I would like to ride most of my life also.
  12. PigPenKLX450

    SnowTrax for Dirtbikes

    Ya I have seen that before but I only saw the track system setup in a photo but seeing the video its even cooler If I were you and had the money I would get it it looks like so much fun.
  13. PigPenKLX450

    Cabo or Bust

    Get the KLX450R let me tell you I got to ride a friend of mines KX450R and it is an awsome mx bike and then I went and bought a klx450R in june of last yr and let me tell you I love this bike. its just like the KX450R just it has a light and an electric start. so imho I would go with the klx450R deffinatly a bulletproof bike.
  14. PigPenKLX450

    Dirt Rider Mag Febuary 2008 Issue

    Yeah I noticed that too I was all how did they do that??? I heard that ims was going to come out with a tank that u can use the stock klx450r shrouds tho so maybe they have it out already I dont know.
  15. PigPenKLX450

    Santa tarted up my bike!

    cool man but I think you need a new back tire that thing is looking bald lol