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  1. eliasxr400

    How much to ask?

    My bike is mint. It is a "Garage Princess" lol. I have other off road toys. Bought it to start out on the street before I got my big bike, 2008 Kawasaki Z1000. The kawi is a beast! The DR went woods riding a few times and all I did was follow my 8 and 9yr. old sons around. All the stock parts are still in my garage. There is only 400 miles on all the aftermarket parts.
  2. eliasxr400

    How much to ask?

    I have a 2005 DR-Z400S Title in hand. It only has 2000 miles. I bought it with 660 miles on it. Upgrades include Mirrors $25, Moose bark busters & guards $60, IMS 3.2gal. blue tank $240, Yoshi RS-2 Complete exhaust $450, K&N Air Filter $52, JD jet kit $72, KoubaLink 1.25" lowering link $70, .57 racetech rear spring $100, Rear racetech gold valve $130, .50 factory connection front springs $100, Racetech Fork Gold Valves $130, DMP turn signals $54, and Baja design tail light $58. I have receipts for suspension work and parts. Also have 2 sets of DOT tires, dirt & street (stock). The reason I’m selling this great bike is because I bought a 1000cc street bike so I don’t ride the DR much anymore. I know you only get pennies on the dollar for upgrades but would like to get around $3800. Do you think I am asking to much?
  3. eliasxr400

    Super power upgrades for a CRF230L?

    My wife has a crf230l with bbr bb kit and bbr pipe. It is a great begginer bike. As stated already, you dont want it for highway driving. It will do 75mph but that is topped out. It is a very easy bike to ride even in the woods. My wife does fine and she has only ridden a few times on a bike with clutch. If you did get one and you wanted to upgrade, it should be easy to sell or trade the crf or any other dualsport. We also looked at and test rode a klx250 and wr250. Both of them felt to tall to her to start out on. Its easier to start out small and work your way up. You will not find a bike out there that will worked great for both a beginner and experienced rider. JMO
  4. eliasxr400

    Harley D**K Head ruined my ride

    "ruined your ride " was just a dramatic title. Seems like I got a few post. In no way did it ruin my ride. Its also not a rip on harley riders post. We are all out there in the same danger from on comming traffic, especially in this hell hole they call New Jersey. No need to give another rider the bird. I dont wave to every bike and do not expect a wave back.
  5. eliasxr400

    Harley D**K Head ruined my ride

  6. eliasxr400

    Harley D**K Head ruined my ride

    If I would have gotten my panties bunched up in my crack I would have turned around when it happened. I thought this forum was to tell others about your experiences on your bike? I may be wrong tho.
  7. eliasxr400

    Harley D**K Head ruined my ride

    Hello Fastgun! lol
  8. eliasxr400

    Harley D**K Head ruined my ride

    It was 92 today in Jersey so I decided to take the wifey for a ride down to the shore on my 05' DRZ400S. We rode to Stone Harbor and then up Ocean Drive to Ocean City, stopping for a short ride on the beach at Corsens Inlet. We did about 100 miles. It was a great ride except for some guy on his Fatboy. I waved to the A Hole and he gave me the finger! What are these guys thinking! It was all I could do not to turn around, run him down, pull him over and shove his finger you know where! It would not have mattered that much if the mother of my children was not on the back. I know that the majority of harley riders are not like this, but some of them think that there $15000 piece of crap bikes make them tough. I think he is just upset that my bike will make it on the beach and be able to get off. I've always wanted a Harlery but guys like this make me not want to be part of that "club".
  9. eliasxr400

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Got and installed DRZ2 Kouba lowering link. Great product and it got to me in less than 3 days! These links look and fit great. The instructions where right on, even had the torque specs. They lower the bike by 1.25". I also lowered the front by 1/2 in. After I re worked my suspension and installed an IMS tank the bike seemed really tall. This brought it down to were i can touch 1 foot flat and the other on my toes. It rode better at all speeds after lowering it.
  10. eliasxr400

    Picked up a CRF230L!

    Had the CRF out today for the first real street ride. 75mph is MAX. It just would not go any faster. This is OK by me. This thing is a blast to just fling around! It seems like 6th gear really wont give me anymore than 5th. Im gonna play with some different sprocket combos to see it will rev out a little more.
  11. eliasxr400

    Picked up a CRF230L!

    It does 75mph but I dont think I would ride it on the freeway often. Here in NJ if you cant go 80mph you will get ran of the road! I dont even like to take my DRZ400S on the freeway. This weekend I will take the CRF on the freeway to see how it makes out. I would love to compare this to a stock CRF230L if there is anyone in South Jersey with one that wants to swap for a short ride.
  12. eliasxr400

    Picked up a CRF230L!

    I got it with the Big Bore Kit so I cant compare it to stock. I'm 220lb. and have only had bigger bore bikes-XR400, Trx400ex, and my current DRZ400S. One thing I can say is this little bike has some power! It may not have the power of my other bikes but I was very surprised. It comes up with just a little tug in 3rd gear. Today I 75mph in 6th gear and was not reved to the max. I think it is also geared down a tooth or 2 in the front. I havent checked the air filter but was told it was a uni. I aslo assume it was re-jetted. It also sounds great and revs quickly with little hesitation. There is no baffle in the pipe. I would like to compare it to a stock CRF230L. Recently I test rode a KLX250S that was bone stock. The CRF feels much stronger. My wife liked the CRF better because it was a lot lower, the last owner had it lowered. The last owner put about $1800 of BBR parts and labor into it, he gave me all reciepts. It should be a great bike for my wife to learn on if she can keep me out of the woods with it:ride: It has only been ours for about 6 hrs. As I get a better feel of it I will post more.
  13. My wife and I have been looking for a bike for her to learn on for a while. I found an add on craigs list for a 2008 CRF230L with BBR big bore kit, BBR D2 exhuast, stiffer springs, and 5900 miles. I traded my 2005 TRX400EX with many mods I wanted to get rid of it anyway because of a lack of ridding area in my area. I feel it was a good trade but will miss my quad. I have a DRZ400S for myself now. Is there anything I need to know about the 230? How about the big bore set up? This thing has good power and is already lowered for the wifey.
  14. eliasxr400

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Union laborer-LIUNA Local 172. General Forman in bridge construction. Unions Build America! Also try to do as many trips as I can on Commercial fishing boats.
  15. eliasxr400

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Racers Edge in Bridgeton, NJ. Alan, the mechanic was recomended and has a good reputation. I hope it comes out good. I usually send out my quad stuff to get it valved and re sprung but decided to try a local shop for more setup input.