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  1. Garmin Oregon with TopoUSA loaded on an sd card. Shows most of the trails and shows terrain in pretty good detail. I also use Maps 3D Pro on my iPhone which is also excellent for detail. It is necessary to download maps for the area of interest before leaving cell or WiFi coverage.
  2. Yes, I should have added I haven’t ridden those trails for several years. Better check with the Forest Svc or San Juan Trail Riders to be sure the trails are open & rideable.
  3. We were at Taylor Park 7/13-7/20. Rode the Dr Park, Matchless, Flagg Crk, Bear Crk, part of Cement Mtn, Reno Ridge and Hunters Trail. They were all in great shape. We did attempt the Doubletop from the north end and were stopped by snow. Daytime temps were 75-85, it was surprisingly warm even at 12k’
  4. We stay at the Circle K ranch which is about halfway between Dolores and Rico. They are motorcycle friendly as long as you show proper respect & etiquette. Great people. The single track trails nearby include Priest Gulch, Calico, Stoner Mesa, Bear Creek and Morrison. They’re all good trails but there may still be snow on the upper Calico and Stoner Mesa.
  5. I bought one for my 450EXC and one for my daughter’s XR230R. They were both small so they had to be stretched pretty far to fit over the filter frame. I’ve had no other problems with either but not sure I’d buy them again because of the fit.
  6. If it’s going lean due to the o-ring not applying enough sealing force as I experienced with my 450, it could definitely cause run on.
  7. My 05 450EXC would backfire on deceleration. I fought with it for quite a while until I figured out it was a bad o-ring between the slide and the slide plate (#22 on the drawing). This o-ring maintains positive pressure between the plate and the carb body. If the o-ring goes bad or gets deformed, it allows air to bypass the carb throat on deceleration resulting in a lean condition and backfiring. This o-ring is available from Rocky Mountain ATV Seriously doubt it’s bad gas.
  8. Not enough energy stored in that capacitor. Won’t do anything.
  9. I’ve been riding my 05 450EXC (RFS) for about 10yrs. It has been absolutely trouble free. I am diligent about keep the oil clean and have only ever run full synthetic in it. I look at the new machines and salivate at how great they look but then I remind myself how much I like my 05 and it does everything I need it to do and does it well. I ride open desert in AZ at 1000-5000’ elevation and single track in CO from 9000-12000’. Yeah there are times I wish it was lighter but other than that, this thing is powerful, reliable and really not bad looking. It’s getting old but so am I.
  10. Thanks exIT, I’ll do just that[emoji1303]
  11. Thanks Gotwheels, apparently I’ve been misinformed. Still need to locate some.
  12. Thanks for the inputs. I don’t want earlier (lower RPM) engagement, I just want quicker engagement once it begins to engage. From what I understand, I need more balls in the clutch to do that. Pressure plate spring tension controls the point of engagement (RPM) and # of balls controls how quickly or abruptly it engages. It’s been a while since I’ve had the clutch apart to replace the fiber plates but I recall that there were slots for more balls to be installed. I understand the original Revloc balls are titanium although I have no way to confirm that.
  13. Anyone have any ideas where I might find the titanium balls used in the Revloc auto-clutch? I have an 05 450EXC with a PO installed Revloc. I love the clutch, it has been trouble free but I’d like to tighten it up so it clamps a little quicker. I realize I may be out of luck but thought I’d at least ask. I tried Slavens Racing. Thanks
  14. I’m guessing your throttle pump is lagging the slide a little causing an instantaneous lean condition when you wick it open. Try adjusting it so the spray starts simultaneously with the slide raising. Fairly easy to do with the carb off the bike and looking into the back (air filter side) of the throat.
  15. Thanks guys, I’ve checked his battery and ground connections for tightness but have not checked the subframe or engine bolts. We both run the same jetting and his fuel is fresh so I don’t think it’s carburetion. I will try the direct ground to the starter, good idea.
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