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  1. bikesandcars

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    Bring your mud tires! Its gonna be a slippery mess Wish I could but other commitments
  2. bikesandcars

    Can't decide '18 Xtrainer or '19 300RR

    Maybe garbage is a little dramatic high-value I don't think it is. I'm sure there are tuners that can make it work well but when I step back and realize what I got for not that much less than a full RR and the quality of components I'm not that happy with it. does it work? of course. is it better than a CRF 230? Of course but it's not high quality stuff and it has very limited potential. I was messing around with it when I had some free time but then I realized why am I messing around when I can just ride a better bike and not mess around. I rode my KTM 200 on 20 miles of singletrack loop today that I had been previously two times with the X trainer. It was raining heavy before today too. The xtrainer has a great engine but I low sided several times on the xtrainer before and today was just an enjoyable ride no drama...maybe my setup sucked. Maybe I'm getting better...maybe a M59 front is that much better than Goldentyre..Maybe... My opinion is when pushing on rocky rooty stuff the xtrainer just doesn't track that well when pushed. I'm sure help is available through tuners, maybe I'm sorry I didn't go down that road but I didn't feel I needed to bother. It was so much more to still have substandard components. My XT is in a better place and so am I. Don't make me think too much about it cuz if I did I'd be pretty pissed I spent 7200 plus on a bike that I can easily beat with a $2,500 bike with one grand in suspension upgrades
  3. bikesandcars

    Beta 2019 Predictions and Wish List

    If you want a stripped down MX Beta why not just buy a very affordable race edition and strip the extras? Certainly a garage mechanic can do that....a stripped version saves very little weight and money, that's why they don't. The reason Beta is successful in Enduro and more affordable is that they don't blow money in a MX series and they don't have to make all their linup based on a MX bike. Certainly you guys see that all the MX bikes have a certain shape..skinny, tall, big suspension..In part it's the MX designs compromising the Enduro designs that gave Beta their market...ala KTM...in their persuit of MX and one frame their bikes changed. I have no issue with Beta releasing a stripped RE for club guys that want to MX and save $300, but I'd hate to see them change as a company to chase MX dreams.
  4. bikesandcars

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    Us too, we like a good ride but nothing too crazy. it's been a month since we rode. Some sections are rocky / challenging.
  5. bikesandcars

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    Hard as I can..... You saying I don't ride hard??!! We just ride for fun, low C pace, occasional stops. Gonna ride the orange enduro loop, haven't ridden it since the spring.
  6. bikesandcars

    Can't decide '18 Xtrainer or '19 300RR

    Been riding over 20 years, my own dirt bike 13 but got serious into single track a couple years ago. Had the XT over a year, just sold it. Bought it because my previous bike was beating me up with too much power, not enough low end, and weight. I sold it more due to life issues than because it was a bad bike. I did get tired of fiddling with suspension. I liked the size, ergos, electric start, smooth power, brakes....pretty much everything except handling. I do enjoy my current KTMs and they handle better to me. What happened was I got a KTM 200 as a spare bike and it did everything I needed, had the suspension tuned and I enjoy it more, though the XT had a better motor. For my relatively low skill and how little I ride a 200 is a lot of fun. It is light and racy and makes me smile. Sounds strange, but I should have bought a 16' 250rr leftover, I'm sure I'd still have it and not the ktms. I'd like another Beta.
  7. bikesandcars

    Can't decide '18 Xtrainer or '19 300RR

    Where / how hard do you ride? 300 RR is what you want unless you are small or doing extreme stuff. The xtrainer K9 kit is garbage. The bike is fun but if you ride rocks fast like to push or want to run enduros the 300rr or another full size enduro bike with proper suspension is what you want. I sold my XT, I loved it at first but over time I couldn't gel with it on rocky singletrack. I rarely ride extreme gnarly stuff. The small size and smooth power we're great. The bike isn't as stable and doesn't track as well as everything else I've ridden. Folks say with suspension swaps the XT is good, but that's not the best value. Just my opinion.
  8. bikesandcars

    Is The Beta 300 Race Edition Right For Me?

    Forget electric start on a 125 or 200, they are easy to kick. It's very nice on 250 and larger bikes when stalled on a hill. I rode my cousin's stuff and had ATVs growing up. My first dirt bike was a 98' KTM 300 in 05'. I still have that bike but it's hugly outdated except the motor is very powerful and the conventional wp50's are pretty good. I just learned to manage the power but mostly rode the farm. I prefer more modern smaller bikes for singletrack ... So it's really who you are and how and where you ride that governs what bike is ideal....oh yeah...there is NO ideal bike. Just get one that covers most bases and that you will keep a while. Not sure what you want? Get a used KTM 200 or 250 for 2500-4500 and save the huge depreciation on a new Beta. I prefer older 2009 ish KTMs to the new ones, I like the older frames, shorter more like a Beta but good quality and aftermarket. I paid north of 1k for fork and shock rebuilds on ktms but it included springs, a box of worn out components, updated components and a shim shuffle...best mod I've ever done, well worth it.
  9. bikesandcars

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    Wed Darkwater 9 am with a buddy if anyone wants to join.
  10. bikesandcars

    Boano H2O pump upgrade

    Try calling them?
  11. bikesandcars

    Is The Beta 300 Race Edition Right For Me?

    I agree. IMI it's better to buy a Beta RE with great potential for a good price and learn to ride it. Lower it an inch and have the suspension tuned and you would be really happy...at least you have that option. The XT is a great bike but the RR is a better value
  12. bikesandcars

    Random pics.

  13. bikesandcars

    Tips for removing steering stem bearing

    Either way works, it depends what you are set up for. Last time I used my press it took me 15 minutes to clear stuff out of the way and find the right setup and 1 minute to press.
  14. bikesandcars

    Rekluse RadiusX FPG and Clake ProLever

    Fpg is set in neutral, so what's the issue with the brake? You think the brake is too stiff? Ive set fpg by holding light pressure with no band, have you tried it?
  15. bikesandcars

    Stock Gas Tank, what the hell do you do with it?

    Gas tanks would make a better urinal if you could figure out a water spray inside. Just insert part A into fill hole B and go for it, No splash back!