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  1. Bella 2009

    craigslist find: like new XR650R

    Looks nice, cant believe the low miles, wow, I had 155 miles on my bike the first week I owned it.
  2. Bella 2009

    New Design XR650L Front Sprocket

    I bought the 14 tooth, very happy with it , fit like a glove, nice product.
  3. You are in Tennessee what part? 'Im moving there soon. I have a place by Clarksville.

    1. jproaster


      Hello Bella

      I'm just north of Chattanooga in Dayton.

      I'll be in the Clarksville area in Sept to do the Land Between the Lakes 200.


    2. Bella 2009

      Bella 2009

      My cabin is 20 minutes from LBL, I'm moving up there sept. 2nd. give me a shout if you want to meet up. thanks Matt.

    3. jproaster
  4. Mine is an 04 , so you think yellow was stock more than likely in 04 .

    1. Bella 2009

      Bella 2009

      yes all the older XR's I see always have a yellow shock, newer bikes don't

  5. Bella 2009

    any help lowering a xr 650 l

    My pig is a 2016 Honda stopped painting the spring yellow a few years ago, I live in the Keys but will be moving to Tennessee soon.
  6. Bella 2009

    any help lowering a xr 650 l

    I bought the Kouba link and it dropped the bike at least 1.5 inches, my mistake was buying the kenda tire that is a taller profile tire, so next tire I get will be a lower profile tire and my bike will lower even more, I can almost flat foot the bike now.
  7. You bought your bike new, I was wondering if your bike came with a tool kit, I just bought my bike new and it did not have one.
  8. Bella 2009

    I need to lower my pig

    Thanks for the info, I just ordered the Kouba lowering link. I think I'm going to shave some off the seat just watched a youtube vid. on it. and going to put on a lower profile tire when this one wears down, taking my bike up to the hollers of TN in a couple of weeks I should have all this work done by then.
  9. Bella 2009

    I need to lower my pig

    I just put on a new back tire Kenda 5.10, and it seems like my seat height went up two inches, I'm 6' tall but have a 30'' inseam, yes i'm deformed. I was doing great with the old tire but the bike is way too tall now, any andvice on lowering links,seats, etc will be appreciated.
  10. Bella 2009

    Difference between Fritzcoinc sprocket and XR650R sprocket

    My pig has the original front sprocket but learned from another thread that the 650r sprocket was hard to install.
  11. Bella 2009

    Difference between Fritzcoinc sprocket and XR650R sprocket

    I just ordered a 14 tooth, I like the way its centered instead of off-set, plus I heard they go on easily, and you don't have to pound them on with a hammer.
  12. Bella 2009

    Police pulled me over XRL650l

    No ticket.
  13. I have not been pulled over in 19 years and have driven 400k-500k miles, my friend told me since I just bought the brand new xr650 I would get pulled over for sure, it took me 700 miles and pulled over, The cop was to busy asking me questions about the bike before he told my why I was stopped another patrol car came and same thing he seemed to like the bike, after a min. went buy he said I ran a red light but it was yellow. seems maybe he just liked the bike and pulled me over. has anyone else thought they were pulled over because of the "cool'' factor of the bike and not so much of a violation?
  14. fl keys but will be moving to Tennessee soon I hope, lol