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  1. joemanyzf250

    2005 YZ250F Rear Arm Linkage

    i just replaced mine on my 05 the beginning of ths season. use the store on here.
  2. joemanyzf250

    What did you do to your WR/YZ today?

    on the 05 - new linkage bearings, new rear tire, new graphics kit, new chain rollers, air filter, and oil change. on the oh10 - red asv's, light speed skid plate, boyesen quick shot 2, renthal 47t rear sprocket, hour meter, twin air power flow kit, radiator braces, red timing plugs, red res. covers
  3. joemanyzf250

    Dr. D Exhaust Fitment Help

    mine did not come with a spark arrestor. and i took the spark arrestor out of my fmf on my new bike prior to ride as well....for that matter i put the exhaust on new bike before i even rode it stock sorry bud cant help ya. but glad to hear you dont have any issues
  4. joemanyzf250

    A BUNCH OF QUESTIONS help me!!!

    be careful who you get your hubs and wheels powdercoated by. if they dontknow what they are doing and over cook em' they will turn to puddy....happened to my 05. spend the money to get the anodized, of if you are going to be seriously racing just buy a second set of complete wheels. now you have 2 different tire sets for different conditions...
  5. joemanyzf250

    Dr. D Exhaust Fitment Help

    thats how mine looks on my 05. be sure the head pipe is snug in the head. start her up, if its stupid loud or has scorch marks around the head/head pipe area its not in all the way
  6. joemanyzf250

    Gearing for MX caught between 3rd and 4th.

    just go faster
  7. joemanyzf250

    Oil Screen - do I need it?

    they put it in there for a reason. i would prolly keep it there....
  8. joemanyzf250

    can this even happen?

    right click on image, go to properties, copy image url, go to your reply text box on here, click on insert image, paste the url link in the box that pops up, and hit ok, now post...
  9. joemanyzf250

    Best Mods.

    aftermarket airfilter (twin air, uni, etc) asv levers aftermarket exhaust (slip on or full) i reccomend keeping a fresh supply of new grips, tires, clutch cables, sprockets, chains, tubes, oils(engine and air filter), and brake pads
  10. joemanyzf250

    can this even happen?

    wash your bike dude
  11. joemanyzf250

    So 2010 YZ250F Owners

    give me about a month and i can let you know how it is on the track
  12. joemanyzf250

    So 2010 YZ250F Owners

    i got mine in feb and was only able to ride for 2 weeks while i was home for R&R. but here is what i can tell you. my last bike is an 05 yzf 250. first off i wouldnt say the motor is "weak" it sure has a lot of pull from bottom to mid. but it does fall pretty flat on top. i ordered 1 tooth smaller sprocket, havent ridden it since but should give it some more on top. when i got to ride the only mod i had on the bike was an FMF TI Powercore, with TI Powerbomb. I had also ordered a Quick Shot 2 and a Twin Air Power Kit for a little more oomph. comming off of the 2005 to this bike it felt to me like a 125. sure corners like one as well. the suspension in stock form felt a little spongy, however was still plush and resisted bottoming. (i weigh 165) depending on how fast you are and how much you weigh you might think about some stiffer springs. i rode at an indoor facility which was more supercross than motocross, so i cant really tell you much about how it handles in rough outdoor conditions. i did however go on a few hour trail ride through tight - tree cluttered trails, rock gardens, streem crossings, and anything you can find out in the woods and she took it all pretty well. hope this helps, any other questions let me know ill try to help you out.
  13. i got a TI powercore on my yzf, wasnt too much money even with the TI powerbomb header. 520 all together. pretty good deal if you ask me
  14. joemanyzf250

    2005 vs. 2006 and newer

    i went from an 05 to a oh-10 yzf. the new bikes feels like a 125 weight wise....i sugguset gettin an alum framed yzf
  15. joemanyzf250

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

    2010 YZF 250 -FMF Power Core 4.1 -FMF Power Bomb -Boyesen Quick Shot 2 -Twin Air Power Flow -Hardline Hour Meter -Renthal Black 48t -Red ASV's -Full Diamond Grips -Works Connection Rad. Braces -Light Speed Glide Plate w/ Case Guards -Factory Effex Pre Prints -X-Pro Graphics 2005 YZF 250 -DR D Race Exhaust -Ride Engineering Fuel Screw -UNI 2 Stage Filter -Wiseco High Comp Piston -I Cat Spark Enhancer -Factory Connection Sprung/Valved Suspension -Light Speed Glide Plate -Light Speed Frame Guards -Light Speed Ignition Cover -One Industries Alpha Grapics -Factory Effex Pre Prints -Full Diamond Grips -Pro Taper Countour CR Hi Bend -Black ASV's -Moose Foot Pegs -Tag 48t Sprocket -DID X Ring -Shit Ton of Powder Coating