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    2019 YZ250FX yellow plastics

    I've been flirting with doing this for some time as well (I cut my moto teeth during the Bob Hannah era). My research correlates with yours wrt the rear fender part number as well as having to get them from down under. There is a caveat, though...I think. The '19 FX comes with the electronics cover the '16 WRs and FXs didn't have. That cover has mounting points on the rear fender I'm assuming the 60th anniversary yellow plastics don't have. So, I believe that one would have to ditch the electronics cover and/or replace with an aftermarket one (P3, etc.), or engineer/kludge some way to mount it to run the factory yellow plastic. Oddly enough, my '17 FX has these mounts. I'm assuming that the 01 version in the parts diagram for the '17 FX ("2GB-21610-01-00 (replaces part #2GB-21610-00-00)") is the change to the electronics cover compatible fender. Everything else looks to be 2016 YZF 60th Anniversary stuff for the FX which seems to be orderable (see OEM Parts on Rocky Mtn ATV or Motosport or etc.), though don't know if they can really be had. Prepare yourself for sticker shock, though, because the radiator shrouds with the proper graphics on them ain't cheap -- about $300 for the set. I figure to do all this with plastic and seat cover will be about $600 (gulp!). As much as I'd love to walk into my garage and see a yellow/black YZ (a properly colored YZ IMO), I haven't been able to justify spending that much money on my bike that doesn't improve the performance of it in some way. Can't seem to find an aftermarket rear fender in yellow -- looks like a company called Racetech made a kit, but it isn't available anywhere I can find. It looks like it'd have the same electronics cover mount issue and you'd be short the graphics still. All the aftermarket graphics kits I've been able to find don't look right and are quite hideous. And the factory graphics kit? Yeah, $300+...
  2. Fogerson

    Riding after knee replacement

    I am at the point where the doc/pt is at the end of the line (all I gotta do is call and they'll spin up the process). I'm in bubble gum, bailing wire, and duct tape mode trying to put it off awhile longer. The left knee started hurting pretty bad under power on the bicycle -- so I went to the PT and learned how to unload tape my knee (knee braces just won't work on a bicycle for me) ... doing all I can to keep from these damn knees slowing me down until TKR can and has to happen. You are right, I'll go full-ass in rehab. Even if I wasn't "that type", the one thing you can take away from reading everybody's story about TKR is the PT/Rehab is *everything*. Half-ass it, you will get a half-ass result. My concerns aren't so much with being able to ride -- I have no doubt with brandy new knees it will be glorious compared to what I'm experiencing now. My concerns are when something goes wrong, what are the risks. If the prosthetic gets damaged in a crash, what is the likelihood of something catastrophic happening? What about fractures above or below the prosthetic? e.g. damage to the attach points/supporting structure to where the prosthetic/surrounding tissue/bone can't be repaired sufficiently to avoid "disability". Boiling it down, I guess the question I'd like to find an answer to is: In the event of injury, is the likelihood of a debilitating permanent injury with TKR significantly worse than for those without them? Alas, probably not an answer I'll ever get whether it be data-backed or an authoritative opinion. So to your point, when I can't go any further and get the knew knees I'll just have to take a deep breath and decide whether to ride or not. And if the answer is ride, do I screw the gas back to reduce the risk of a hard crash or not (historically I have had problems screwing the gas back). I love riding...I should've never stopped years ago as it was a huge part of who I was. But I also want to do the best I can to keep an active lifestyle until my kids plant me.
  3. Fogerson

    Riding after knee replacement

    There are quite a few threads on this forum similar to this, albeit a few are getting a bit long in tooth. I stopped riding in my teens because of my knees (thanks MX and youthful lack of self preservation) - was actually diagnosed with post traumatic OA in my left knee at the wee age of 19. At 53, I had a mid-life crisis (or post-divorce rebirth?) and started riding again despite three decades of knee pain and only being able to ride a bicycle (I haven't been able to actually run since my teens). It didn't take too long for the knees to raise hell with that. It wasn't so much pain when I was riding as my legs would be stiff as boards for a few weeks after (severe OA in both knees now -- and I've gotten pretty knock knee'd over the years). Hyaluronic acid shots did absolutely nothing. A cortico-steroid shot helped, but only lasted a whopping 3 1/2 weeks. I now have a set of Donjoy OA Defiance Unloading Braces (legs are crooked enough OTS braces don't fit). Those, staying in shape, and ice packs on the knees right after I take off the braces after riding, is making it survivable...but every month they do seem to be getting worse. Not only on the moto, but everything else (biking and just everyday life). The clock is running down... Doc says dual TKR whenever I say "go". We both wish I could make it a little farther down the line age-wise, life makes surgery/recovery tough until mid-next year, but like @BabywolfI've also been concerned with riding afterwards. It is a pretty frustrating place to be. If you spend time reading forums, such as this, and googling about it'll run the gamut from "yeah it's fine" to "horrific things can happen". When I poke the doc on it, I get things like "I know of no guidance, studies, or otherwise that indicate you couldn't". That doesn't help as to me that amounts to nothing more than "I don't know, man". It is hard to understand the risk of riding with TKR to make an informed decision whether or not to do it. @DrMark Here in 2018, in the context of current state of the art methods and plastic/metal, would it be possible to enumerate what you currently see as the key risks of riding with TKR are? Is there anything out there now that might help quantify those risks? @Babywolf Sorry to inject a slight diversion to your thread, but I can tell you I've been reading threads like this for most of this year and I can't say they have helped me get comfortable with riding post-TKR.
  4. Fogerson

    250FX elecronics guard neccessary?

    Yep. Don’t have the diagram handy... Screw at the top of the guard Insert for the lower mount point for the fender hole Bolt for said lower mount Spring nut for for said bolt I was swapping fenders when I installed. Don’t know how easy it is to install with the fender I place. I did have to lift the fuel tank out to get the top screw in there. Looks good. I hope I never have reason to remove it out on the trail though. I had a p3 carbon one on it and that was really easy to remove; I didn’t like the carbon look and preferred the clean look of the factory part...such things come at a price
  5. Fogerson

    250FX elecronics guard neccessary?

    Hey Madatter, I just put one on my 17 fx. Stock fender had the hole and mount points. Just needed the cover and mounting hardware.
  6. Hey Gang, I have a '17 YZ250FX and I've noticed one behavior in using the starter knob that seems like could be normal and not so sure about a second... I typically pull the knob and start the bike as I'm getting the rest of my gear on. If that takes me too long to get geared up, the bike will eventually shut off. It isn't overheating, etc., just shuts down. This seems like it is probably normal behavior as eventually the ECU/injectors can't keep the thing running with the additional air from having the knob out. Normal, yes? I then pop the knob in, hit the starter and away we go... Last weekend, I pushed the knob in and hit the starter button after this happened. Nothing. It was as if it were it was in gear or battery was gone. Pulled the clutch in. Nada. No fault blinks on the check engine light. Zip. Tried a few more times. Nope. Started the roll the bike into position to put her back in the truck and hit the starter one last time. Fired up and away we went. Has been fine ever since. I'd guess that maybe a minute or so passed from the time it shut down until it decided to start again. My guesses for 2 are: - The ECU got in a funky state and when the timer shut it down, it reset and all was happy. - When the bike shuts down after a period with the knob pulled, some delay to restart is as designed in ... and I have gotten to the bike after that timeout previously. 'Just came to mind, I could test that... - A sticky start lockout switch? Seems odd that would be the case given the behavior. - Something loose somewhere? Checked over everything this week and nothing obvious...to me anyway. Any thoughts? If something is hosed, 'just want to try to get ahead of it (if something is wrong) before I find myself pushing the thing Thanks in advance. Tim
  7. Yeah. Looks like we are dealer bound later in the week. I’ll let you know the culprit.
  8. Some good news, your procedure worked to get the idle @ 2000 rpm. Some weirdness though... About the time the bike reached 190ish (I have a radiator cap with a temp indicator), 5-6 minutes in when I was about to shut it off, the engine died. I continued with the procedure and the idle was about at 1800 rpm, whereas yesterday, it was at 1300 rpm at that setting. Got it up to 2000 rpm with a few clicks. When I put it in gear, though, the idle still jumps from 2000 to 2400-2450 rpm. And I noticed some lean pops as I'd let off the throttle (don't know how normal this is - new to the FI 4 stroke world).
  9. Thanks, I will give that a shot.
  10. I did. I misspoke. Never could get it to idle that high in neutral no matter where the knob was. And still had idle jump a lot when putting in gear.
  11. Hello All, Grabbed a new left over 2017 YZ250FX a few months back. I haven't ridden it yet, but finally got it out of the garage today. Pull the starter knob/idle adjuster, lit it up, let it warm up, pushed the knob in. All good. It was idling slow (1500-ish rpm), so I turned the knob until it was about 1900 rpm (which, btw, was about as fast as I could get the idle set--even all the way clockwise). Pulled the clutch, put it in gear, and the idle jumped to 2400 rpm!! Put back in neutral and it dropped back down to 1900 rpm. Rinse-lather-repeat. Messed around with it and found similar behavior when it cooled down (sub 150 degrees), but the idle would only jump about 200 rpm. Sometimes the idle would jump immediately upon putting it in gear. Sometimes it'd take a few seconds. The check engine light only came on after messing with it for awhile and that was when it was clearly getting a too hot. Let it cool down a little and it never came back. It is a bit of a schlep to the dealer, so that probably won't happen until next weekend...'thought I'd toss it out here and see if anyone may know what is lurking in this new scoot. Thanks in advance. Tim
  12. I sure it will be great. In my youth I lived on YZs. Yeah I’ve turned prep up to “11”. I’ve never skimped on safety gear, no matter what I’ve done, and this is no exception. I’ve also been hitting the gym hard. Knee injuries put me out of it before and a mtb injury put me off the pedal bikes for 11 years (been riding bicycles again for about 10 years though). My body certainly has the scars of a “active” youth and I still hurt everyday. But I gotta do this. So I’m doing all I can, body and equipment, to give me the best shot at keeping myself up and running on these things.
  13. Thanks gang. I’ll crack open the maps and plan my break in and maiden voyage.
  14. Hello all, After 35 years of not racing (MX), 30 years not riding a dirt bike, and hell, 20 years not even riding a road bike, my 50's and divorce dictated that I do a big-harry-ass thing, so I grabbed a YZ250FX and have been tweaking and twiddling it for the last month ('cause that's what you do) to prepare it for riding and some XC/GP racing in 2018. 'Been also hitting the gym hard to make sure my old body can keep itself together So, at some point in the next month I'd like to get the YZ out for a light break in run, then hit some easy trails to start getting the rust blown off. The YZ has a spark arrestor (and a bunch of other tweaks I probably don't really need), ATV tag, and I have my safety card, so it's good-to-go. I'm looking for suggestions of where to ride in the Portland area to stick my toe back into the water with. I've got a bead on all the OHV areas around, so for those looking for easy loops to break the Z, and myself, in. It is going to be an interesting first set of rides with 30+ years of advances in the scoot and 30 years of capability regression in me Thanks in advance for your help! Regards, Tim
  15. Fogerson

    60th Anniversary Yellow Plastic

    How the heck did I miss this? Awesome. Less than 230 bucks all in.