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  1. Hi guys! I need some help recognize carburator model, and see if it fits DR250 1984. The carbs im uploading are 33mm. Thanks!!
  2. 95+ Sent from my Redmi Note 4X using ThumperTalk mobile app
  3. I had the same problem with DRZ400 and it was from the carb... (fcr)
  4. Hi guys. I own dr350s 1998 (from Israel) and i bought a used wiring harness from ebay (the electric start model). My problem is that i connected everything as it shold be but i still staying with CDI plug not connect. Ive allready read the wiring diagram in the Suzuki owners manual but the colors not maching to my CDI... (all the other connections from the CDI are matching perfectly) The 2 pictures are from the CDI, not from the wiring harness Please help me guys, im working for hours to find solution....
  5. Good point. Thanks ill go with the cable
  6. I have dr91' l-m, my friend gave me a new throttle cable with grip. The throttle cale is 2 cables like the newer model of the dr. Im looking to replace one part in my carb and i cant find it in the whole net. the part is shaft assy of the N-P model. Part number 13550-14e00. Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks. Can u send me link for repair kit? Did u notice that the throttle cable is one wire and not two? Thanks
  8. Hi guys. I own dr350s 98 e-start and i dont really know which type of carb kit fits my carb. Im posting some pictures i took. I saw so many carb kits on Ebay but i dont really know what fits my carb. Link will be great, Thanks a lot