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    Riding my hog and dirt bike, kayaking, camping
  1. harley crf250l

    will I keep my warranty ?

    Bought my new 2015 did my own oil changes but got them to adjust the valves at 600 miles only because of warranty. It's bullshit that you buy a brand new bike and have to pay for valve adjustment when bike is only a week old.
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    Got oldfaithful in 2009 have put 44000 kms on her and she has never let me down. Longest ride 1740 kms in 21 hrs, will keep this bike until I drop.
  3. harley crf250l

    Honda CRF250L 2015

    Bought it new this spring and really enjoy it
  4. harley crf250l

    Honda CRF250L (2015)


    Bought it new this spring and really enjoy it
  5. harley crf250l

    Chain and sprokets ?

    Can anybody tell me where to buy 13 and 42 sprockets for 2015 Crf250l in Canada?