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  1. N.dica

    Colorado High Country Conditions

    Do you know if that was winched up from the dropoff on the left or if he was fortunate and rolled to a stop before going over? If that stopped there and didnt go over the drop he's one lucky SOB
  2. Did a top end today on a 250 xcw tpi. I cleaned the cylinder with carb cleaner before reassembling. The powervalve wasn't dirty at all to begin with so I didnt tear it apart apart from getting access to the bolt under the cover. I did spray a bunch of carb cleaner on it though, and on the other side where the other cylinder bolt is located. I threw some oil on everything when reassembling but now the clawed powervalve assembly unit is kinda stuck in the raised position. I need to lower it so I can reattatch the powervalve ball joint and close it up. Did I screw something up or do I need to finesse it to move up and down freely. I didnt mess with anything in there aside from carb cleaner spray. Also- the indexing pins are not letting the newly purchased Slavens S3 mule head seat completely on the cylinder. They are properly indexed but not seating flush. Is it a machining issue with the head, or should I just cinch it down with the head bolts? Maybe the piston is too high, but it looks just about flush with the top of the sleeve. EDIT- there is a rubber o-ring in between the head insert and the inside of the head. Im thinking im assembling this right so maybe the oring just needs to be smushed down.....or maybe i have the oring in the wrong spot, thus raising the head off the cylinder 1.5mm
  3. N.dica

    Dirt bike handgun holster

    Thanks for the rec. Ill take a look. Off the bike Im always chambered. On the bike I consider chambered a liability and unnecessary.
  4. N.dica

    Dirt bike handgun holster

    I open carry my Glock 20 when I ride in Colorado. Its perfect at 3 o'clock position on the hip. Usually loaded with either flat nose or cast 185-220 grain Underwood hot ammo with heavier recoil spring- just fine for any four legged problem in our mountains. Easy mag swap to the hollow points for any 2 legged problem that might arise. I have a surefire light mounted to it now and need a holster that can accommodate the light as well as have a retention strap so it doesn't jostle loose during a ride or mild crash. I keep it unchambered while Im operating the bike to prevent any negligent discharge. Any rec's for this type of setup? Edit- Just realized I got a Klim fanny pack and that that will obstruct that method of carry. Dont want to bother with a thigh rig, but that might be the way to go.
  5. I dont want to derail from my own topic and questions, but i'll indulge this a bit. I align with your sentiment. If I'm to speak in a matter-of-fact way without being hyperbolic or emotional I will say this: I understand masses of population are the big problem above all other metrics, and that this is something I haven't the power to alter. I know that in spite of rising masses of people, there are alway secret and less traveled trails that will satisfy every desire. Its kind of like travelling- You can go to the main tourist hotspots in peak summer and force yourself to have some sort of good experience as you slog your way through the crowds, overpay for accommodation, and deal with lot of crowd related logistical issues, or you can go to some out of the way Carpathian mountain region in the shoulder season and have a fantastic time with nary another tourist in sight. The great thing about the horde, is that they always go to the same places with the rest of the horde, and as such, they can be easy to avoid with minimal due-diligence. Its a bummer when those places are fantastic ones that you used to enjoy before they were made difficult by the crowds, but such is life. I get it. At this post, the High Rockies and even Western Colorado are getting too big for their britches. Its great the economies are growing, but it comes at a decisive cost to the style of living once enjoyed by the native population. The front range is fortunately where the horde is congregated so avoiding that mess is a heplful big step. My problem is that the state is swinging far-left now. Not just libertarian-left in the Colorado style of "do what you want but everyone minds their own business", but Left in that policy and legislation is forcing authoritarianism with a progressive agenda. I dont need any more threats to my gun-rights, or toll-road funded expansions that we already pay taxes to build and maintain, or eco-nazi open space closures, or any of the retard legislative and cultural circle-jerk that is coming out of Denver/Boulder. Sometimes, I just dont recognize my own home. Its not that change isnt inevitable, it's the breakneck pace of change in 5 year increments that boggles my mind. I want a place that is still on the sunny side of change. A place that is solidly a Red State that adheres to the Constitution much more directly. A place where land and housing doesn't yet quite cost an arm and a leg and the naming rights of your firstborn child. A place I can work the land, have a view of the mountains, be an asset to likeminded neighbors. I know Colorado has many pockets where this is still possible, but the state as a whole is really headed in a bad direction. So, I consider Idaho.
  6. Colorado native here. Ive got a few weeks from 9/10 to 10/4 to explore new trail systems through CO and UT...possibly even ID. Im from Colorado Springs and generally ride Rampart/ Tarryall/ 4Mile/ Salida Monarch area/ CB Taylor Park area/ Sargents/ Ouray, Telluride, Alpine Loop areas. Time to branch out. Im thinking of heading through a few of these places on my way to UT/ID but Im keen to find some new ST/FS trail systems. In Utah, Ive done the typical Moab stuff- Slickrock, Fins n Things, Top of the World, 3D, but havent much deep exploration of that area or of the La Sal Mtns- Nor further north toward Park City or elsewhere in the state. I hear St George is sweet but a bit farther southwest than Id want to go. Route would generally be COS up 50 and over through Montrose before the Paradox route to Moab then turning northward through the Utah mountains......beyond that maybe even Idaho if there are any good suggestions. I know the times and distances of the roads so Im not bothered by a 7-hour travel day especially after being sore from a prior day's ride. It would be ideal, however, to get a good general basecamp location from which to explore surrounding trail systems and not waste time setting up a new camp every other day. Ill have H20, tools, fuel and supplies so adjacent civilization isnt critical. My riding ability is intermediate/advanced and Ive slogged Carnage Canyon and many double-diamond rated singletrack on my topo maps. Any hidden gems anyone might want to DM me or post publicly would be appreciated! (Side note- Considering a move to ID since my home state is becoming irreparably ruined by the usual lot. Any heads up on that front would also be appreciated)
  7. I think they are goading you into getting a higher wattage aftermarket stator with a leak proof grommet so you can have heated grips and a heated seat on your way to get your Starbucks..... Ooops- thought I was in the BMW section. My bad.
  8. Is the implication that after all the hours on our bikes since 2017, we now need to replace the master cylinder? Thought it was all cleared up after a Brembo slave. Its time for a fluid flush anyway- Ill check mine out
  9. standard 15 clicks compression/rebound comfort 18 sport 12 2018 xcw tpi that should have the same forks unless you know if theyve been modded for 2020
  10. N.dica

    Colorado High Country Conditions

    Funny bumping into you here after a couple messages with you on IG last night- hahah. Rockymountainenduro
  11. HAHAHAHAHA- ain't that the truth!
  12. For sure, man- I love the power on the 450 all tuned up, especially with a sumo setup for the road, but it's more power than Ill ever need on the dirt. Should have gone with a 350 in retrospect. I got caught up in the Hp chase in the past, but now I just want useable power. Hell, I have a blast on my 4t 250 now that its been dialed in. You can really manhandle it. Whether or not the Slavens setup gives an extra 6 Hp to the 2t is irrelevant to me, personally. I just want smooth and finessable power delivery with a little more bottom end grunt and good throttle response without it being cracked wide open. The 250 2t already has the power for any gnarly thing Ive ridden, its the delivery that matters.