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  1. VanH

    KTM 450 EXC-R Race Tech Suspension

    I just had Race Tech put the new generation of Gold Valves, .48 fork springs and a progressive rear spring on my 09 450XCW. Wow, what a difference over stock. The front end doesnt nose dive anymore and it handles great. I'm very happy with the results.
  2. VanH

    09 400 XC-W jetting

    Do the JD jet kit and your problems will go away.
  3. VanH

    My 09 250sx??

    That's strange. Have you consulted your dealer? If it happens on a continues basis, I would have to say your stator is on the blink.
  4. VanH

    Converting a 250 sx for woods/HS?

    I'm riding an 08 250SX in the woods and it is way better then my 07 250XC. The xc was a good bike, but the SX is lighter, has better power and in my opinion is a better woods bike the the XC. It just depends on what you are looking for. To make a SX woods ready, you don't have to do much.
  5. I have a 08 250SX and ride Cross Country with it and it rocks. Plenty of usable power everywhere I want it. I had a 250XC last year and I prefer the SX. Either way you won't go wrong.
  6. VanH

    Stock pipe for KTM 2 stroke

    I put a FMF factory Fatty on on 07 250XC and was not happy with it. It hung down lower then the stock pipe and caught every rock around and it made the bike all top end. I ended up spending the money and getting another stock piep from the dealer. If you need to get your stock pipe fixed Pacific Crest Pipe repair does great work.
  7. VanH

    Ktm Background question?

    Powersport Grafx makes a great product. You can get standard prints or they can make something custom for you. Great people to deal with and the prices are resonable. www.ridepg.com
  8. VanH

    Endurocross on TV?

    Promoters of the Maxxis EnduroCross have announced today that the event will air on Speed Channel in January of 2007. "This is great news for the event and the sport of Off-Road racing," Explained Tim Clark, co-promoter of the Maxxis EnduroCross. "With the show being sold out two weeks in advance, there are a lot of people who are going to miss out. But now that it will be aired on SPEED it provides an even larger opportunity to introduce EnduroCross to the public." There will be two telecasts of the Maxxis EnduroCross. The first showing is scheduled for Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 7:00pm Eastern. The program will be repeated on Sunday, January 14, 2007 at 11:00am Eastern (Note: Times are subject to change) The Maxxis EnduroCross takes place in Las Vegas, inside the Orleans Arena on November 18 and is the only Indoor Off-Road race of its kind in America. This "Invitation Only" event boasts a $20,000 purse with $10,000 going to first place. The top Off-Road racers in the world are invited to attend... these riders will compete against the top ten finishers from the Qualifier round the day before. The 2006 Maxxis EnduroCross is an AMA sanctioned event. Sponsors include: Maxxis Tires, Monster Energy Drink, Moose Racing, FMF Racing, Ride Now Powersports, Alpinestars, ThumperTalk.com, IMS Products, Motorcycle USA, Elka Suspension, American Crew, Christini Technologies, Motorex USA, KTM, Scott USA, Yamaha, TAG, Kawasaki, Division 7, Polaris Industries, Rekluse and DirtRider. The Maxxis EnduroCross is a Pro-Motion Motorsports, LLC production. EnduroCross is a trademarked name.
  9. VanH

    Results from Endurocross?

    That was no loop out, he launched it.
  10. VanH

    Results from Endurocross?

    Knight acted like a fool and should be embarrassed or his actions. He launched his bike over the tires without knowing who or what was on the other side because he lost. Boo Hoo! He could have seriously hurt or killed someone by that childish move. Knight is supposed to be a champion and he should act like one even when he gets beat. Taddy outrode Knight and earned that win. I watched every lap and Knight took a bad line and Taddy got him. Hopefully the AMA will step in and penalize Knight. Great job by Taddy!
  11. VanH

    KTM parts

    Motosport outlet now has KTM parts. They are great to deal, prices are good and fast shipping.
  12. VanH

    gas oil ratio

    40:1 Maxima K2. No spooge, plugs look great and the bike rips. Get your jetting squared dialed in and the spooge should go away.
  13. VanH

    250exc - do you love yours?

    I have a 07 250XC and absolutly love it! The bike has more then enough power, handles well and is light enought to flick it around in the woods. I wouldn't trade it for any thumper.
  14. VanH


    What kind of oil are you using and what Ratio? 40:1 is a good place to start. Sounds like you kmight need to do a little jetting work also.