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  1. Fbabs

    Anaheim RD1 streaming

    Hey sorry for delay ski day yesterday!!! (I live near castlegar) i totally missed that it was round two doh!!! why do they do that??? You think the 70$ a month would cover a few mx races a year but who am I?? If I go to the pub I’ll be alone.....not many of us out there but some kind soul posted the 250 & 450 mains on YouTube so all good!!! Very exciting racing!!!
  2. Fbabs

    Anaheim RD1 streaming

    Thanks fellow BC'er!! Thing that sucks is it doesn't make much sense to pay for a sub I can only watch on my small laptop. BUT!!! I just found something on my Telus feed channel 135 KINGDT lists Monster energy sx Sunday 1PM I set to record, just have to stay off of my TT and I'll be fine!!!
  3. Fbabs

    Anaheim RD1 streaming

    Sorry, I searched for this, but is there a way to watch AMA SX streaming live? Or maybe the day after?? I'm in Canada and don't sub to sports channels so that's out. I found the link below but it prompts me for CC so I doubt it's free. http://watchlivehd.com/supercross-tv/ Thanks all!
  4. Aluminium it has some kind of coating on the inside but I’ve kept fuel in it for a year and so far it’s fine.
  5. These work perfect!!!
  6. Just wondering if there is anyone heading to Niarada for the IOTMX in May. It will be my first event and would love to chat with someone who has been and / or / is going, thanks.
  7. So I have a couple. Both a fairly long time ago, say mid 90's. I was alone exploring on my trusty CR500, not going all that fast I was riding on a road at the top of a field. I was searching for a place to drop off into the field so my attention was focused away from the high bank above me. For whatever reason I re-positioned myself on my seat to speed up and continue farther down the road. Something caught my eye, I guess at that exact second a big black bear jumped off the bank and was running beside me at the exact pace that I was going. No lie, it took a good 3 or so seconds for my brain to even process what was happening. I can still remember the breathing and the wind from it inches away. Well, all I could think of was to down a gear, wide open, slip of the clutch and the old big bore took off.....and I didn't let off for a mile!! Another time a buddy and I were searching for a mountain pass at the end of a draw. I had looked it up on google and knew the approximate location, but when we got there it was spur road city and we just kept trying each road. After about 10 dead ends we were about to give up when I spotted one that was not well traveled. I figured this could be it. I was first as we wound our way through some thick brush, about a mile in it got better and better. All a sudden it opened up, and I seen the biggest outdoor grow op ever. I'm talking potted plants with black irrigation, timers, solar, all the works. Ya, we pinned it out of there!!!
  8. Did you put some oil in the bore and ring when assembling? I've seen 2t not run because of this. Did you check ring end gap? Is there a head gasket in it? Is it the right thickness? Maybe the head is cracked? Where was the coolant going?? Is your compression gauge right? Did you check the squish? Could be the wrong piston. That's all I got for now...
  9. Doc I can tell you why, price. MX bikes are plentiful and cheap where I live. OP, I felt the same way. I rode up until age 32, riding a CR500 for 12 years. I then switched to quad (Raptor 660) for a number of years because we could easily take the kids in the bush (my wife has a quad as well). Two years ago at 46, I put my 7 year old son on a CRF80, and knew I had to get a bike and get off the quad. Knowing I had all the power in the world for many years, I naturally bought a 2013 YZ450F. Now, I bought this bike, with 15 hours, with recluse clutch, levers, bark busters, seat cover, bigger tank, hammer head shifter, lowering link, and more I'm sure for $5500 Canadian. Cheap??? I think so. Last year I put 16 hours on the bike, mostly single track and love it. So last fall I did go to small local private sand track. I found that I wasn't using all that power, I even whiskey throttled it a couple of times. I tried a guys 250F and found that I could ride it faster and with more confidence. It seemed lighter and smaller, but I didn't have mine there to direct compare. What to do???? Trust me I struggled with this.......after many hours of debating, I bought a new 250F. I feel like a bike hog LOL. What really sucked was I knew having both would be an option and wanted to do it within a budget, but I couldn't find anything that I felt was in decent shape that was under 20 hours. Thought about a used cr250 or yz250 and they were worth a lot more. So I got a demo 2017 250f with 50 minutes for $6500 cnd, which I thought was a good deal. The nubs were still on the tires. Such is life. Perfect?? Not sure. We'll see. I have a theory. In time I'm sure that I'll grow out of the 250 and race the 450. It's all good though, because my son can take over the 250 when he's ready. Cheers
  10. Fbabs

    CRF 80 XR 80 Suspension Rear Shock Fix

    Hey all, I just wanted to let you know how I approached this. I filled in the hole with a wire feed welder, just use something copper as a backing. Grind flush and redrill. Then you don’t have to look for parts. I also cheated the hole towards the body so that I could maximize the seat drop.
  11. Fbabs

    Where is 4th gear?!

    What is kinda scary is if the gear is sitting there without being engaged in the fork, it could move over while you're in another gear. This wouldn't be good. Check the drum and go from there. Fyi when I assemble any transmission, bike, car, truck, lawnmower, I always hold the output shaft to simulate load. The reason is the oil friction alone will spin the countershaft, and fool you if the gears aren't meshed properly.
  12. Fbabs

    I'm stumped

    You notice that it revs in neutral? Not sure, you should use a timing light on if before you buy anything. Did you change the plug, cap, and plug wire? if you have a mechanic friend, a lot of the better vom devices can read spark energy.
  13. Fbabs

    I'm stumped

    No Compression is realive to blow by. If it was that bad it wouldn’t start. If it has excess liquid in the oil, it’s possible that the needle and seat are letting fuel through when the bike sits. Get if running and shut the fuel off, see if the bike picks up. Thats why I suggested the choke.
  14. Fbabs

    I'm stumped

    Ok, kinda a long shot, what I would try.... Try the choke when it cuts out, this will add fuel, better or worse? Somehow having a timing light on it when it quits will tell you if its dropping spark. Borrow an old one (non inductive) most old timers own one. Tape it to the bars. Common causes of weak spark are trigger coil weak or clearance to large. Change the spark plug and cap, check the plug wire. Check every wire for wear through to ground (very common). Change fuel if it's not recent. Remove plug, remove stator cover, make sure motor turns easy by hand. Check for cracked carb boot. While looking check the reeds and gaskets. Check and make sure exhaust is clear, rodents can move in. That's all I have, keep at it!
  15. Fbabs

    Where is 4th gear?!

    During assembly did you check them? I usually make sure it goes into each gear and I can feel each shift. If you didn't check it, possibly the shift fork isn't engaged in the drum? I would say the gear is not being moved. You need to pull the clutch cover and make sure the shift drum is operating correctly (pay attention to the pawl) Then you know if it's internal or not.