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  1. Learn2turn

    water in oil???

    There are 3 total drains: Frame, Crankcase AND Oil filter galley.
  2. Learn2turn

    turbo project: redux

    What model turbo are you going to use?
  3. Learn2turn

    Gearing changes and their effects

    They are exactly the same. NO DIFFERENCE. The gear ratio is the only factor. You WERE NOT on track. Now you are.
  4. We reccomend against K+N here in our talcum air enviorment. I use the TWINAIR w/ great results. We find fine grit in carbs when K+Ns are used. I work for MOTORSPORT in ABQ. (NOT SO FLAT HERE!) Used to work for R+S West. check out: NEWMEXICORIDER.COM I'm "JESUS TAKE THE GRIPS" on there.
  5. Learn2turn

    DRZ in Baja

    What gearing did you use for the trip?
  6. Learn2turn

    Raising the 400S Gear Shift Lever?

    you have to cut and weld or replace the lever.
  7. Learn2turn

    Strange humming/wailing noise...

    Yup that's my vote.
  8. Learn2turn

    Electrical Symptoms, Quick Questions.

    Yep, will bumpstart and run for 20-30 miles no problem, Bike STILL will crank like a champ... Will not fire on Estart, pulled plug and grounded it, no spark on Estart. I will pull the stator cover in an hour, if they (starter clutch bolts) back out what is the relevant result? spark only while running not cranking? Thanks Eddie.
  9. Quick bumpstart Q's that is... I have searched and am currently still searching while holding service manual in hand. I have no spark with E start. I have good peak voltage at pickup coil. I will check signal coil peak at lunch. I'm thinking stator, techs are thinking cdi. I know there is more testing to be done today (thanx Noble for your previous posts)... First a few Q's, while I stew til lunch. 1. Will an S bumpstart and run with a "fail to deliver spark while cranking" cdi? 2. Will an S bumpstart and run with a bad stator? 3. Your hypothesis?
  10. Learn2turn

    07 DRZ400S Break In

    There will always be those.
  11. Learn2turn

    MXA 2008 450 shootout

    To a degree, it's easier to turbocharge.
  12. Learn2turn

    first oil change

    Trust. They are LESS than optimal. You can never get ALL of the SH*T out. AND if you can, it aint filterin' nuthin'. Period That's why you throw a filter away and don't just spray it out.
  13. Learn2turn

    Wheelie Oil starvation?

    There he is doing it in this vid!!!!
  14. Learn2turn

    2008 RMZ450 Ride Impression

    I think we're all waiting for the "holy mother of god" rev pipe and box that yanks HARD through the top end.
  15. Learn2turn

    TWMX 450 shootout all bikes

    I think that's funny as SH**,... and I work for Honda of Albuquerque.