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  1. I recently purchased a 2007 CR125 and I love it. Now, to be fair, I have only ridden it once at the track and was sort of babying it a bit as I new the piston needed to be changed, etc. I have purchased many 4strokes as well and IMO, the maintenance between the 4stroke vs 2strokes is not even close. 2Strokes are so much easier, if you plan on doing it yourself. 2007 was the last year they made the bike, so that is what I was looking for...that last year in production. I am sure many here will provide better input on the exact year you should look for. Plus the one I purchased had minimal hours on just needs a good tear down, cleaning, re-greasing and assembly.
  2. Agree. Going to clean it up this weekend and get some mother’s on it. It should look like a brand new bike!!
  3. Tear down completed for cleaning, bearing inspection and re-greasing. Most bearing areas look really clean with some grease still intact. However, I am going clean and re-grease anyway. After I took this pic, I was thinking....should I go Powder coating?? Hmmmmm..... lol...
  4. Bump for input on the flywheel. I was thinking of just removing it a slight sanding with super fine sandpaper and reinstalling. Thoughts?
  5. Is it a 2010 or 2011?
  6. Where did you find them?
  7. Most likely you will need to buy extra ones if you need them. Going off memory from my sons bike, but it is located on the left side, upper frame towards the front fork/triple clamps area. Most likely you will have a green coupler installed.
  8. Yep! In Orlando area. Pure stock.
  9. Hello all, I have begun the tear down of my recently purchased 2007 CR125. It has been ridden once since I purchased it. The piston is about to go (approx 50 psi on compression test). I have already submitted a few questions on TT, but thought it would be easier to pull them all into one thread. Here are the most recent threads about the build and from here on out, I will just post questions and relay my progress here. The other day, my son removed the engine as we are going to replace the top end (still stock OEM, engine has never been opened). Naturally, I have to clean the entire bike now since the engine is out, but that is a bit later. While I am replacing the top end, I am going to go ahead and replace seals and all gaskets (minus splitting the engine). As I was starting to tear down the engine to look at the condition, I notice that the fly wheel has some rust on it, which is not good (see pic below). Question is, should I just try to remove the flywheel, clean it up really good and reinstall or replace it all together? It seems mostly surface rust. It looks like maybe some moisture got in through the cracks in the rubber wire cover around the case boot area (see pic). I need to address that as well, but it appears the only way to fix it is to get an entirely new wiring harness which is $400!!! Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I will be away from the bike for 10 days (Traveling to Ireland), but plan to put together a shopping list from RMATV and/or Partzilla during the long flight over so the parts will be waiting for me when I return. More progress to come!!
  10. I just found out where the seal goes, It is the outter seal on the rear brake lever
  11. Thanks! I will check it out. I am confident you nailed the expansion chamber item.
  12. I know these are more expensive, but worth every penny!
  13. Hey guys, My son did an amazing job tonight of taking out his first engine, on the 07 CR125! Its always a learning experience to remove your first engine. I am proud of him and what he accomplished. However, there are 2 items that were on the ground after he removed the engine, which I do not know what they are or where they go. They were laying on the ground, on the right side of the bike. Can you please help? One is a seal (rubber) of some sort and the other is a nut type of item. Thanks!!
  14. Great job on cleaning the frame. Regarding the solution you used...did you use straight simple green or cut it with water?
  15. Awesome!!